Instant Focus Technique

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hello I'm Jun Plotkin for peak athletes

performance calm and I'm here today to

talk to you about focus and how to go

into a state of deep focus where you are

really present in the moment where fear

really is not an issue and how you can

do so really really quickly with just

under under a minute or even under a

half a minute now something that a lot

of times I hear is athletes really want

to go into a focus state they really

want to get really want to clear their

mind be present to the moment and

unfortunately they don't know how to do

that and this is a really really

powerful trick that our body that

naturally puts our body into that mode

without a focus state that we're looking

for so what I invite you to do right now

and this is this exercise is called

expanded awareness what I invite you to

do is I invite you to right now choose a

point somewhere preferably above your

eye level and pour all of your attention

into that one point really focus your

eyes on that one point until it almost

feels like it's coming towards you so

notice the shades

notice the textures notice the colors

really really focus all of your

attention on that one point and while

you're keeping your attention on that

one point I want you to just soften your

gaze and really begin to recognize that

you could see things that are in your

peripheral vision see things that are

happening on your left side all the way

to your right side all the way to the

top and all the way to the bottom and

notice what it's like as you just stay

in this kind of state

notice that you could now move your eyes

to another another point or anywhere

else for that matter and still be able

to see the things that are in your

peripheral vision almost to the point

that you kind of could feel and notice

the space around you space all the way

behind you now while you're doing this

what I want you to start doing is start

breathing out twice as long as you're in

breaths so if you were reading in on the

count of three breathe out on the count

of six so

and take a few breaths 1 2 3 in 1 2 3 4

5 6 out and as you're doing this just

relax your tongue I know it's kind of

weird but there's a lot of tension I'd

be carrying our tongue and when we're

relaxed that it usually takes care of

any kind of inner dialogue and notice

what it's like to just operate from this

kind of estate notice how common relaxed

your body is and this is the same exact

state that samurais would go into right

before they go into battle and they feel

absolutely no fear just a heightened

sense of focus so when you're going out

and you really need to focus yourself

before a match really try using this

technique trying just picking a point

looking at it focusing all of your

attention and as you do start noticing

what's going on in the peripheral vision

bring all of your attention out start

slowing down your breathing so that the

out-breath is twice as long as the in

breath and relax your tongue and stay in

that state for just a little while just

to notice what it's like I really hope

you enjoy this I really hope you use

this and I really hope it makes a really

big difference in your focus for more

tips and for more information please

visit my website