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so today I'm going to talk about how to

not lose yourself in a relationship now

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was requested a while ago on how not to

lose yourself in a relationship so I

wanted to go ahead and do that for you

guys so jumping right into it the first

tip I have for you is to put your needs

first your sanity your stress yourself

love your everything you have to have to

have to to have a healthy relationship

is to put yourself first and a person

who understands this and is in a healthy

mindset as well will understand why you

have to put yourself first the only

person that will take care of you like

you is you so if you don't do anything

else you have to take care of yourself

make sure you're good make sure your

bills are paid make sure you know you're

grooming yourself you feel good you're

you're eating the right things if you

pour all this stuff into somebody else

you can't pour out of an empty cup right

so you cannot flourish somebody's life

or add value to somebody else's life if

you're not adding it to yourself first

so the first thing you do with anything

not to get lost in a relationship is to

make sure you take care of yourself your

needs first because you do that

everything else will fall into place

okay so the next thing I have is to

remember to be honest with your feelings

if something doesn't seem right it isn't

right that is my motto I don't need

proof I don't need anything I said this

and my five signs he's full of ish video

and that is on my channel so go check

that out if you're me

maybe a little sketchy like huh go check

that video out I will give you tips on

how to find that but if you cannot be

honest with that person if even if

you're wrong even if you can't say hey

babe you know this is Nyssa this is

going on that may be a sign so always

make sure that you are a hundred percent

honest with how you feel if you bury

your feelings if you mask your feelings

then your needs cannot be met you can't

be honest with how you feel every step

of the way then you might need to

reevaluate that relationship being able

to be open and honest with how you feel

just allows you again to put yourself

first put your needs out there where

there's honesty there's fluidity so

being able to be a hundred percent

honest with your feelings is key the

third tip on how to not lose yourself in

a relationship is do not be afraid to

lose that person do not be afraid if you

do tip number two and you're 100% honest

with yourself that that person is going

to leave or walk away if that person

leaves or walks away from you being

honest with how you feel or expressing

your insecurities or just explaining and

expressing yourself in a respectful way

then that person is not there for you so

never be afraid to lose anybody never be

afraid to let that person pack and I'm

not saying treat them as they're

disposable not at all don't you have to

be respectful to that other person just

like you want them to be respectful to

you but being afraid sometimes I'm

letting somebody walk away or being

afraid that you're gonna lose them

people walk on eggshells or they're not

honest with how they feel or they just

don't express certain things or they

just let stuff bury inside and then they

explode and that's what you want to

alleviate you want a healthy cut honest

communicative relationship right so

another thing like never be afraid for

them to walk away if they walk away from

you or the situation ends that's okay

they just weren't meant to be in your

life so never be afraid to let somebody

walk away or leave so another tip is to

set boundaries

if somebody's disrespecting you we're

talking to a certain weight or they have

certain actions that you just don't like

express that in a respectful way but if

you see that pattern continue then you

may need to re-evaluate the situation

sometimes people leave other

relationships so they have bad habits or

they don't know certain things or they

talk to their

X or another person a certain way if

that's not how you want to be talked to

you let them know uh-huh

you're not gonna talk to me like that or

I don't like it when you do this this

that and the third I always talk about

this book a great book for women to read

is act like a lady think like a man

it gives you tips on how to communicate

with men yelling cussing and all of that

is a bad communication skill on both

ends like that does not get your point

across in any way and you want to have a

healthy respectful relationship so

talking to somebody in a calm voice no

matter what the situation is look I

don't like when you did this I need

maybe try it this way if they respect

you they will understand they will

reevaluate their actions and they will

change if they're mature enough if not

and if they just want to do what they

want to do again you might need to

reevaluate that situation because that

might not be the situation you want to

be in a person who truly loves you and a

person who truly respects you will

understand it would want to change that

action because they want to make you

feel comfortable they want to be

respected so nobody should be putting

their hands on you nobody should be

talking to you crazy it should be a very

respectful relationship just like a

stranger would they should have the same

respect so sit that those boundaries

okay so the next tip is to know your

value know your worth and know that your

time is valuable if somebody does not

again respect you treat you with respect

they don't keep their hands to

themselves they're not honest with you

and you feel like you're catching them

in lies then you need to re-evaluate

that situation if you're a good person

if you're bringing the positivity to the

relationship if you're doing all these

things that are very very positive and

you're giving that person attention and

all this and they're not reciprocating

it then you might need to reevaluate

that situation that person should be

adding just as much value to you as you

are to them or just the situation in

general value and respect and everything

should be a two-way street and if that

person is not adding the same or

bringing the same to the table as far as

like emotions and maturity and respect

then put yourself first and exit stage

lift its spending time with yourself and

your family and your friends one thing

is you

ever know where that situations gonna go

you can be madly in love with that

person one year and hate their guts

another year believe me I don't care how

in love you think you may be at times

there may be a point in the future we

don't know that you may not like that

person anymore so don't put all your

eggs into that basket and I'm not saying

shop around or look or cheat or anything

like that but make sure you're spending

time with yourself make sure you're

spending time with your family and

friends yourself your family and friends

were we're there before the relationship

so make sure you still cultivate those

relationships make sure you still

talking to your homegirls and sometimes

it's come with comes with maturity

practice and time but sometimes you can

be so head-over-heels or so in love with

somebody or so enamored by them that you

lose track of everything else around you

via school I've done that jobs

everything and you never want to put all

your eggs into that person because

they're human they may make a mistake

they may break your heart they may do

something where or just the situation

might just happen to where you guys

aren't together anymore and you don't

want to burn all those bridges with your

family and friends and yourself and have

to rebuild all those things some friends

will leave if they feel like they're not

valued in their friendship and you never

want to do that you never want to make

your friends feel like they're worth

they're worthless until you're going

through something or until you have a

situation or problem you wanted meant to

them and I I'd advise you not to do that

because then they're gonna look at your

significant other is is crazy and you

don't want those issues you know to me

so make sure that you make time for your

family your friends put in your planner

like you do your homework like you do

your job assignments doing all that and

I'm not I'm probably talking to a

younger crowd and I talk about these

things but you'll be surprised there's a

lot of older people they'd do the same

thing so do not get lost in your

relationship the world like your

relationship should be a part of your

life not all of your life okay you're

living every day every minute for your

relationships then you might need to

re-evaluate some stuff because life is

so much bigger

don't forget God in the midst of it too

I did forget to mention that so I

apologize god but God is first and

everything so if you put your

relationship before him

and don't spend any time with God either

and then that can be a very bad thing so

you just want to make sure that you're

putting yourself your family your

well-being not putting them before your

relationship of course but making time

for those things in your relationship

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