THE ANTI-BOYFRIEND TAG | how to NOT care about guys!

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this video is nothing to back this is

not boy bashing please get that straight

right now I'm not boy bashing I love

voice I want to get married someday

hey guys itself welcome back to my

channel today I'm gonna be filming the

anti boyfriend tag yes you heard that

right I have never ever ever seen the

stone on YouTube I don't know about you

guys maybe you guys have stumbled across

these videos and that's why you're

watching this one but I have never in my

life watched an anti boyfriends act and

let me tell you that is exactly where I

am in my life right now I am completely

anti boyfriend I love boys I do but my

career is my boyfriend right now and I

could not be happier boys are overrated

am i right I just don't have to the time

for it like literally why I don't get

why girl invests so much when expression

relationships that like you're not being

treated right like I am all about girl

power and I don't understand what the

big whoop-de-doo is about boys right now

like do you girlfriend like so young

like just do you and like worry about

putting yourself so you can support

yourself and like worthiness another

Society we're the Venus society right

now that's like all about girl power so

come on jump in on it join me on this

like like Sophia Bush like oh my god

she's amazing like if you guys go look

her up like right now and watch her

videos on talking about girl power it's

amazing and it's so inspirational let's

show the boys what we got and what we

what we have to offer so much more to

offer and that is my message with this

video it's not boy bass you can let me

get that straight but I'm in a place in

my life where guys are my last priority

right now arere is my first priority so

I just thought that this fit really well

now if a guy comes along anytime like

then great that's great that's fine but

in my right now there there's no one and

I could not be happier because I am

happy with myself I am and that's what

you mean you need to love yourself first

in the happy with yourself before you

can move anyone need anyone and that I

came across this tag I was just like

searching tags on YouTube to do and I

saw this doesn't oh my god like I hope

you guys don't get the wrong impression

that I hate guys I also I also love my

career and I also love myself and

time to realize so the fact that the

fact of the matter is that I'm filming

this video to show you guys that it's

okay to be single um I feel like things

like I'm really sorry there's something

going on upstairs I'm filming in my

basement and you know I'm like eyes

girls like these days I feel like you

it's always like oh I want a boyfriend I

want a boyfriend or I need to be in a

relationship and like all of you to

receive boyfriend tags and whatever and

it's like god it's like come on what

about the people who don't have

boyfriends um so this is for those of

you girls who don't have boyfriends and

it's okay to be single it's okay to do

you because someone will come around

when you're least expecting it and when

you're not looking for it and when you

start to love yourself and be happy with

yourself and once you do that I promise

you God's plan will come into play and

everything will happen I don't know what

you guys believe but like I believe in

God okay and like I believe that he has

he has it all figured out up there so

like I'm going on a tangent I just hope

you guys enjoyed this video it's not boy

bashing again it's just showing you guys

and it's okay to be single it's it's

really Gucci you need a boyfriend just

to have a boyfriend throw yourself in

other ways really trying to educate

myself in like feminism and I think that

is like a huge huge part of who I am

going to an all-girls school or federal

girls high school I really like but

that's where I was first nurtured in it

and I want to take that out now that I'm

graduating from high school and I'm in

I'm in the real world and like told like

there's all this hype about feminism and

if it should be a thing in like if you

guys I'm gonna put a link right here of

Sophia Bush talking about feminism um

and she basically says um she doesn't

know what the big whoop-dee-doo like why

is it such a problem we wouldn't even be

talking about having being a feminist

because if it wasn't an issue it

wouldn't even be in the conversation is

what she says and I'm gonna quote Sophia

Bush she said that in the video and you

know I don't hate boys I like boys but I

want to be on the same level as

boys and this is where this video is

stemming from is this is where I am in

my low I wanted to make a funny video

relating to the subject so hope you guys

enjoyed this video and you take no

offense to it I do not mean to offend

anyone this is just where I am in my

life and I hope to inspire young girls

out there also to to love themselves so

out having a guy attached to their

reputation or to donate and being able

to sit down in film video and use my

mouth and use technology to spread this

message is amazing and I'm trying to use

my voice to do that that being said I'm

going to film the tag I hope you guys

enjoy this video and it's a fun video so

don't take it serious enjoy it I hope

you guys just enjoy the video because I

think it's gonna be fun to make I

haven't even looked at the the questions

yet so that's what I'm gonna do right

now okay question number one what is the

most important quality you look for in a

guy the most important quality that I

look for an I've thought about this a

lot actually because I've been single

for a while and I think the number one

quality is being humble you're

good-looking and you know it that is so

unattractive like being humble is

probably the most attractive quality I

could see in a guy the second thing is

like being really silly and like someone

I can just be silly with because I'm

probably weirdest person you will ever

come across I'm so weird I like to have

fun I like to do crazy things that not

like crazy bad things I just like to

have fun and be crazy and not take life

so seriously so someone who doesn't take

life so seriously

number two what quality is a turnip and

sorry I'm reading them off my laptop so

um what what quality is a turn-off um

okay so I guess the opposite of being

humble like being cocky I think that's a

turn-off too don't get me wrong I like

confident guys but there's a difference

between confident and cocky and if

you're confident that's great if you're

confident in what we have that is so

attractive but if you're cocky and you

put yourself above me in the

relationship that's not how our

relationship works and you best believe

I will be out um quality numbers

I mean quality number 30 question number

three what physical feature do you

notice first okay I'm gonna be straight

up here if a guy has a beer

I'm immediately attracted to them

describe your dream date okay my dream

date I guys I hate dates I will be

completely honest with you I don't like

dates I would rather not be taken out on

any dates

I think it's unnecessary anxiety

unnecessary stress and this is our first

conversation if you want to be in a

relationship with someone you should be

able to do the the do people do dumbest

stuff with and that is my idea of a date

it's like just like watching a movie or

if you really want to get crazy go on a

hike I'll go on a late night Joyride

those are like my ideas of like fun cute

date who would your celeb boyfriend be

Sam one what is the relationship

deal-breaker disrespect if you if you

can't respect me I don't ask for like

going I don't I would never ask to go on

expensive dates to go on any really

dates I just like chilling um but if you

disrespect me and my family um that

that's just an absolute no you're not do

not disrespect me what is a relationship

dealmaker um okay I think the

relationship dealmaker is the word

persistence if you're persistent with me

um that is attractive because I know

that I'm in a safe zone and that it's

okay to to be in that relationship

because I get really nervous to be in a

relationship like I get anxiety um just

because of past stuff that has happened

so if you're persistent with me to a

point then that is a dealmaker

what are your eye and hair color

preferences um I don't know I've only

been in two serious relationships and

they're both different so I think it's

just like being humble and being silly

and those qualities I look for thats

what i look for over like I'm gonna have

a specific type like I like the sports

you tie it on because I'm not sports you

so it's kind of with the

I said that's my that's kind of when I

go for but I'm not like sorry there's a

fuzzy but yeah I just go for the sporty

type he buys you a gift what would it be

don't buy me a gift like seriously I

don't like that attention I really don't

if it like the best gift you could give

me it is food and the best food that you

give me is cookie dough ice cream from

Ben & Jerry's um

pour like a coffee from Starbucks no I

don't need anything

puppy a puppy oh my god a puppy with

puppy but I want to share the puppy I

wouldn't want the puppy or myself would

you say you have a type it so what sport

sieve but like now it's like I just I'm

going for someone who like it's just

respectful has their stuff together I

don't know like diligence someone who's

very diligent and trustworthy and has

goals and dreams

no just shows me that like they could

benefit me in a different way than I

could benefit them so someone that's

opposite for me but also similar so yeah

those are it was only ten questions but

I don't know if you guys enjoyed this

video um it was a fun video to film and

again it's just because I'm in this spot

I don't have a boyfriend I'm happy I'm

single and I'm loving where I am in my

life and one day yes I do want to get


I love boys don't get me wrong but right

now I'm all Gucci I want to share that

with you guys

I just feel like if you're watching this

and you're you're in a relationship that

is isn't good or that you've been yours

you feel stuck in because you you're so

used to it or its familiar or you love

him so much like I've been in those kind

of situations and let me tell you it's

okay to leave it's okay to go it's okay

to be on your own it's okay to be

independent be independent be you and if

you are that that's all that matters and

I'm telling you when wonder closes

another door opens so just trust that

trust yourself trust your instincts and

that's why I'm making this video is to

it's to show you guys you know that in

itself so I hope you guys enjoy this

video and I know it was silly and funny

and weird but that's who I am and I hope

you guys enjoyed this thing

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leg I feel like this is gonna get

dislikes but like I just hope you guys

don't get the wrong message um of me

like boy bashing which is not what I'm

doing okay I'm out of breath I'm gonna

go eat because I'm hungry actually I'm

gonna go get Rita's because I won't read

us and my friend is gonna go to eat so I

will see you guys in my next video it'll

probably be a singing video so yeah

thank you so much for watching I love

y'all so much