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hi I'm Jack Canfield and today I'd like

to talk to you about how to limit

distractions and stay focused on your

goals and as a quick reminder make sure

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release new videos if your life is

anything like mine you are probably

constantly faced with distractions that

get in the way of your productivity so

today I want to give you 6 tips to limit

those distractions and stay focused on

achieving your goals and getting the

results you want and deserve ok let's

get started number one is to meditate if

you don't meditate I highly recommend

you start I meditate every morning it

keeps me grounded relaxed and focused

and many times my best ideas come in my

meditations in fact that's where I got

the title Chicken Soup for the Soul now

according to a study done at the

University of Washington after eight

weeks of mindfulness meditation the

participants in that study experienced

numerous benefits they were less

reactive to negative events allowing

them to respond to events more

intentionally their memory improved and

they were more efficient in everything

they did both at work and at home

now number two is to take technology

breaks now most of us spend way too much

time sitting in front of our computers

all day long I set my alarm on my iPhone

to go off every two hours to remind me

to get up and take a quick walk around

my property

without the alarm going off to remind me

I would probably not remember to do it

in the evenings I used to get out my

iPad or my phone and play words with

friends my evening technology it was fun

to play but I realized that playing this

game 40 minutes a night every night

added up to an eight hour day a week

that I was playing Words With Friends

now that's the equivalent of 52 days a

year or almost two months of lost

productivity not to mention it's not

good for your brain before bedtime it

can negatively affect your sleep

patterns which potentially creates less

productivity the next day because you're

tired so taking a technology break can

also mean no television no surfing the

internet and watching cute YouTube

videos of a squirrel and a cat play

together and for me when I detox from

the news for a month I find I'm less

judgmental I'm happier I'm more relaxed

and anything really happens it's

important someone will always tell me my

mentor W Clement stone told me when I

was in my 20s to cut out one hour of TV

a day as a result I would have 364 more

hours a year to be productive and that

amounts to more than 8 weeks of 40-hour

work weeks to be productive now number

three is this it's one I learned from

Dan Sullivan the founder and president

of the strategic coach program and it's

had a profound impact on my productivity

the tip is to schedule more focus days a

focus day is a day where you spend the

majority of your time working only on

activities that use your core genius and

contribute directly to your bottom-line

results which in most cases is increased

income now for me this is what I'm

speaking training coaching and rolling

people and high-end programs developing

a new product writing a book or

appearing on a podcast a radio TV

program anything like that and the goal

is to spend at least 80% of your focus

day staying focused on those activities

now it's a good idea to let everyone

know that you're not to be interrupted

during your focus days unless there's a

real emergency

now if you work at home you may want to

use a technique that I learned from my

friend alex mandossian whenever he is in

focus mode he wears a red baseball cap

which tells his family do not interrupt

me now focus days are part of the

install of his entrepreneurial time

system which includes two other kinds of

days as well buffer days and free days

and a buffer day is where you do all the

activities that you need to do but they

don't produce bottom-line results

necessarily these include training and

managing your staff delegating projects

answering emails learning these skills

running errands and things like that

and the idea is to group as many as

possible those activities into one day

so that you free up more time for your

focus in your free day so you're not

trying to integrate focus free and

buffer days it's not good to do that you

want to be really focused on your focus

days for at least 80% of the time not

doing buffer day activities now a free

day is a

from midnight to midnight with no

work-related activities the importance

of three days if they let you return to

work refreshed and ready to go now tip

number four is to schedule your

activities rather than just making to-do


now to-do lists are great for capturing

and prioritizing the things you need to

do but if you don't incorporate that

list into your calendar by scheduling

Pacific blocks of time to work on them

there's a good chance that they won't

happen now I schedule everything in my

life including simple tasks like getting

the windows cleaned every quarter but

when I'm going to answer emails or work

on a writing project call my kids

appreciate my staff work on a project

and so on now typically a to-do list

consists of a list list of tasks that

you want to accomplish during the day

now these can be things like take out

the garbage send emails to publishers or

clients and get coffee with your friend

but the problem with to-do lists is

they're not specific enough now by

scheduling your time more specifically

you'll actually see how important each

minute is and you'll become more

realistic about how much and where your

time is being spent and maybe you're

over planning and so on now the other

problem with the do list is that we

often start by doing easy things but

actually the less important things first

which often means we never get to the

really important high payoff activities

now number five is to have an

accountability partner an accountability

partner holds you to your goals and make

sure you carry out what you say you will

do so choose an accountability partner

on what your goals are and who will help

you best implement them and one thing I

don't recommend is having that person be

your spouse there's too much stuff that

goes on between you already you don't

want to muck it up with trying to hold

each other accountable get spra

frictionless not not good now when you

do choose a partner start by sharing

your goals and the action steps that

need to be accomplished to achieve those

goals with them and then commit to a

daily five-minute phone call Skype call

or zoom call with them preferably the

first thing in the morning share with

them your five most important activities

for the day the next day you have to

report on how many of those you

accomplished and this will keep you

accountable to someone an on track

this is an especially important tool for

anyone without a boss like an

entrepreneur or an independent

salesperson or solo entrepreneurs anyone

who works alone now number six is to

create a vision board that you've heard

me talk about vision boards before but

it's really important the vision board

will have the mental images of what you

want in life or in your business I want

you to dream big then find the pictures

the words and the phrases that represent

your dreams and goals and tape or glue

them onto a large poster board and place

it where you'll see it every day this

will keep your subconscious mind focused

on your goals and will accelerate the

speed at which you will reach them I'd

love to hear your thoughts after

watching this video what other tips do

you have that help you limit

distractions and if you feel inspired

share those please leave a comment below

with your answer we'd love to hear from

you and I love to read what you have to

say and if a bunch of you do it we can

all learn from each other so thanks for

watching and remember if you want

something in life to change for the

better you have to change for the better

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