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so focus on one thing making your

priority and stick with it no matter


and here's what I want to say to you for

those of you that have experienced some

hardships don't give up on your dream

all the big decisions in your life

I don't believe come from just making a

list and comparing but from going with

the one that feels right for you that is

coming from the heart that you have that

emotional attachment to there is no

difference between my humaneness

and your impotence the only thing is if

you're trying to get there we cannot

stop believing in any way no matter what

anybody says no matter what anybody

tells you you have to know it beyond

knowing it

so people want to know what you stand

for and that your values are aligned and

if they can understand that then they're

much more likely to buy some you

you will fail at some point in your life

accepted you will lose you will

embarrass yourself you will suck at


appreciate beauty to find the best in

others and to leave the world a bit

better whether by a healthy child or a

garden patch or redeemed social

condition to know that even one life has

breathed easier because you have lived

this is to have succeeded find yourself

something you're good at and do it to

perfection something you enjoy and if

you do that I can promise you as I have

over the past thirty some-odd years you

won't feel that you've gone to work a

day in your life


because there comes a time in your life

where you work and stressed and you try

to get there and you couldn't on your

own but you have a dream and that dream

has to take on the belief for you

because you can't do it by yourself


want to make sure that every single day

that you are alive that you make it

count and you take the sweeter choices

of life that God has given you because I

want to ask you right now if this was

your last thirty Seconds to breathe how

would you be remembered only because you

think you're here forever you can forget

about it it doesn't matter what you

think you think you come to the top you

think you're going up to go home you

think you're going to this place or that

place but as far as your body is

concerned it is walking straight to the


you can never ask people to forget but

they can forgive and move on and I think

you can always learn from the experience

try to understand what you know what

your purpose is and why that has

happened and of course always be



maybe you have doubt in your life maybe

you don't know for sure what's going to

be happening in the future it scares you

maybe about maybe a worried about what

people think of you what people say

about you


if you want to be truly successful you

must be able to see everything just the

way without distortions if you can see

everything just the way it is life

becomes a plane you can play joyfully

you can play well for sure if they can

do it I can do it and that's the

mentality if somebody else can do it you

can do it and I said to myself I will do

it and I will do it better that's the

mentality and I believe with the

mentality is 50% of the success in what

you're doing but I'll tell you there are

some times in life where you fall down

you feel like you don't have the

strength to get back up


don't ever think I want to be successful

just see how to make this being in your

full-fledged being people will say one

day oh he's successful he's a great

success you should not be as firing for

success it's a miserable way to

structure your life so if I want to to

become something that I think I can

become I have to train hard and that's

my mentality I would like to train hard

I mean you can have talent but talent

don't take you all the way

you see I will try 100 times to get up

and if I fail 100 times if I fail and I

give up do you think that I'm ever gonna

get up

no but if I fail I try again and again

and again for as long as I try is

where's that chance of getting up does

that make sense and it's not the end

until you've given up and just the fact

that you're here should persuade you

that you have another chance to get back



to do things you have to believe in it

if you don't believe if you think you

will fall down break your leg then don't

do it

if you have enough leverage and you

break someone fatter ahead of times and

you've got it will show up if you're

conscious you can create them your power

you take steps in this direction you

take steps in that direction sort of get

lost along the way and sometimes you

fall down I'm just being myself I'm not

pretending to be somebody I'm not I'm

not pretending to be perfect I'll do

mistakes I did mistakes I learned from

it but I would still repeat my mistakes

that as a human human life everybody

does the same thing and the one who

think is the most perfect guy he will he

will fall and he will fall very fast

is the ideas matter now people say of

course ideas matter what kind of stupid

life lesson is it that ideas matter

there are some things in life that are

out of your control that you can't

change and you're gonna live with fear

will get the worst of the best of us and

peddler's or influence count on that

don't be afraid to make a mistake

because you know what you can do if you

grab the wrong one drop it and pick up

another one it's okay

seeds the day the choice that we have

though is either to give up or keep on

going I want to ask you what are you

gonna believe are you gonna believe in

yourself you're gonna believe everybody

else's judgment on you are you gonna

believe people when they say that you're

a failure no one really likes you don't

really cares about you but unlike so

many other young people you have already

developed the resilience and the

maturity that you need to pick yourself

up and dust yourself off and keep moving

through the pain your leadership begins

to gain credibility because now you are

fleshing out for the people around you

and you are modeling for them things

that they want to see and you are

starting to produce it was so hard

because people put me down

and I started believing that I was not

good enough I started believing that I

was a failure but I'll never ever be

somebody who people would like or people

would accept let me tell you you you

should never ever be embarrassed by

those struggles you should never view

your challenges as a disadvantage

everyone in the world has a list of

things they think they should do I

should lose weight I should work out I

should spend more time with my kids I

should work harder I should make more

calls I should I should I should I

should in fact most people are lucky to

have one idea that really matters in

their whole life that's not a criticism

even if we crash and burn

and lose everything the experience will

have been worth 10 times the cost if

faith is cultivated it will achieve

mastery so you're always gonna be

seeking and looking and going and trying

to challenge yourself so without sitting

around thinking of that a lot

it drives you in it and it keeps you

trying to be fresh trying to be new

trying to call on yourself calling

yourself a little more you have to keep

growing you have to keep learning you

have to keep developing why very simply

if you're leading the pack you've got to

be able to give what you have and you

can't give what you don't have and so

therefore you've got to put a lot of

good stuff in so that you can pass it on

to others and share with them and and

add value to them thirdly if you want to

add value to people the only thing you

really have in your life is time if fear

is cultivated it will become stronger if

faith is cultivated it will achieve