10 Tips To NOT Screw Up Your Diet!

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congratulations seriously great job

you've decided to eat healthier and

clean up your diet summer it'll be here

before you know it and this year you're

bringing it strong

brenda who's that stud it's you

look out ladies because this year you're

back buff and better than ever but

in order to reach those beachbody goals

you can't screw the pooch on your diet

and so today i'm going over 10 tips to


[ __ ] up your diet i'm going to be going

over the 10 things that that little


in the back of your head will be saying

to you to totally sabotage

your success and i'm gonna give you some

tips to not listen to that little

bastard the number one thing that that

little voice

is telling you is i'm hungry there's

nothing to eat right now

prior planning prevents poor diet

performance you need to prepare

you need to plan make your meals in

advance because when you get all crazy

nuts savage hungry

all will power goes out the window at

least it does for me but if i know what

i'm eating and i have it with me

i'm pretty good number two i'm tired i

don't feel like cooking tonight

wrong because you've already executed

number one which is

prior planning prevents poor diet

performance cook your meals in advance

have them ready

in the refrigerator preparation is

critical and key for you succeeding in

any diet any weight loss any weight gain

for that matter because it takes you


having a plan without it you're doomed

number three

i can have just one it won't hurt when

have you ever had joe's one

anything that won't hurt chip fries

chocolates pieces of pizza

quarter pounders with cheese seriously

when i

k see here's the deal with me i don't

crave things until i have that first


and once i get a sampling of the

deliciousness that is stuff that isn't

really good for us or on our diet

i lose my mind one turns into ten number

four i paid for it

i don't wanna waste it that's money

they're starving kids in africa and

there will continue

to be starving kids in africa and you

not eating or throwing out something

that you paid for

is not gonna result in them being less


it's going to result in you being more

husky let's use

husky guys here's the deal um one of the

things that drives me crazy

is the excuse of well i've already got

it at home i don't want to throw it out

if it's in my house and i have easy

access to it i will eat it i don't have

the best willpower if it's staring me

right in the face

get that [ __ ] out of your place all

right here's the deal

you're not at your place you're

somewhere else number five

i don't want to be rude i might as well

just have some

gentlemen nobody hear me when i say

nobody not even your mama

cares what you eat somebody's cooking

you a meal or you're going over to

somebody's house for dinner and there

are a lot of people

you can be selective on what you have or

you can

try portion control i know it's crazy

have a glass of water beforehand

have a snack with you bring a protein

bar eat before you

go that is one of the best tips i can

give you if you're going somewhere where

you know

there's going to be just an ass ton

of temptation and food that you don't

want to be eating eat before you go

if you're not hungry you're not as

tempted number six

but i want to go out to eat it's a

special occasion great

go look at the menu ahead of time and


planning prevents poor diet decisions

you know what you're having ahead of

time don't even open the menu

because that's when things go all nuts

know what you're getting everything's


you can make those smart decisions

before you actually get to the place

you're going to eat at number seven i'm

just gonna have a cheat day

i've been good for six i'm gonna have

one day that i'm gonna eat 7 000


that is the biggest mistake a lot of

people make they think that oh i'm good

for this and if i have a day of this

i am a fan of cheat meals not days

because in my mind in my experience just

through when i used to do bodybuilding

and and really getting lean and trying

to lose body fat

is when you start really being

successful in your diet and things are

going well

it takes three four five days for your

system to really get cranking

and what happens is it's kind of like a

centrifuge it's going going going going

going and then you throw in a whole

day of like super bad food and calorie

salt and it slows it down

and it's got to pick up steam again when

you just have a cheap meal

it's like hey okay i'm digesting and

then it can pick up steaming that is the

worst analogy in the history of


but i hope you get the point meal not

day number eight

you hop on the scale look down up two


this happens fluctuation water weight

it happens to all of us true story when

i actually currently when i go out and

have like a meal that i'm not used to


um i eat pretty clean most the time

um you know once or twice a week i will

go out and have something a little bit

more indulgent

um the next day when i wake up i'll be

five pounds heavier did i

gain five pounds of fat no but it's the

water retention through

or by the amount of carbs the the the


all the water if i had any alcohol that

also sort of compounds the issue

um but in terms of alcohol a lot of you

guys are wondering like well can i drink

alcohol screws everything up and trust

the brother who's been there it is

incredibly difficult

to diet and drink um i know that a lot

of people are like yeah but if

it's it's clear liquor it's better brown

liquor is bad and if it's low cal

alcohol in general is is a tough one

because your body handles it differently

than it does regular food

you start a program you start seeing

results and then it kind of slows down a

little bit and you're like

the voice in your head is like it's your


nothing you can do you might as well

stop here's the thing that drives me

also almost equally as crazy as some of

the other stuff

is when people blame their age now it's


that as i've gotten older it becomes

more challenging when you're younger

like i could eat like a horse and i

would never gain any weight

not so when i hit 30 my metabolism gave

me the finger

when i hit 40 it was kind of the same as

30 and i was in better shape because i

quit drinking but

um you know the deal is yeah you might

not be able to do the things you used to

do when you were younger but this

doesn't mean that you can't still


you just need to figure out that formula

and last but

biggest mistake and excuse that i hear

that makes people

absolutely suck when it comes to losing

weight and that is

i'll start tomorrow why what's tomorrow

today when is the first time you thought

about starting a diet or exercise


was a week ago was it a month ago was it

a year say it was a year ago

right where would you be if you were

actually successful right now

you what think about it if you were

successful if you stuck with it if you

didn't make all the excuses and totally

sabotage your diet game where would you

be today

cut the [ __ ] you're talking to me you

can blow smoke up somebody else's ass or

even your own but not me i've heard it

i've gotten the t-shirt

here's the deal you you can do anything

you set your mind to

the only thing standing in your way

between success and failure

is you get out of your way stop making

excuses you're amazing

you're beautiful you can do it and

you're going to be so incredibly proud

of yourself after you succeed