7 Ways to Stay FOCUSED at Work - #7Ways

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what's that believe nation its Evan my

one word is believe I believe in you and

I want to see that awesomeness inside

you explode out into the world so you

can do something crazy special now to

help you on your journey today we're

going to talk about seven ways to stay

focused at work so one of the things

entrepreneurs have a really hard time

with is staying focused right we we love

dreaming we love come up with ideas we

love doing all sorts of different things

something comes into our head and we

want to go and chase that we love shiny

objects and then you're not doing the

thing that you're supposed to do and so

today I'm gonna talk about how do you

stay focused what are my seven ways to

help you stay focused at work so we

number one is have a schedule and goals

I find that really helpful to know

here's what I'm gonna do today here's

what's on my schedule here's here my

goals for the day here's what I want to

accomplish and every morning I load up

my calendar and I say okay today is

YouTube day I click on the note it

reminds me of what my goals are for that

day and my goals are in general like

here's what I wanna compliment if

channel next goal hit a million

subscribers how do I do that what are

the things I need to work on improve and

just a reminder of here's what I need to

do because I find that what helps is you

have days when you're creative and

thinking and brainstorming on how to

improve but most of your day should be

execution most view they should be doing

the work of what you planned and so I

plan all these sayings I don't

necessarily remember everything and so

having it in my calendar really helps I

look at that in the morning and then I

go and start executing against it now

you will have some days where you just

come up with this insanely great idea

and you're in the flow and you're in the

zone and you need to go off and do that

thing and I encourage it and I do it

myself and I'll throw everything else

aside to say this is what I'm doing

today when you're in the flow you have

to stay there because you can create

gold but most of the days you're not in

the flow most of days you wake up like

okay what am i doing today and I think

if you wake up with that mindset of I

don't know what I'm gonna do today that

may work for some people for me I find

that having a schedule having goals

knowing what I want to accomplish today

and having that kind of setup for me and

my calendar so I don't have to think

about it in

morning gives me a lot more focused work

say this is my YouTube day here's what I

got accomplished let's go let's get it



number two is start the day off right

this is a recurring theme in a lot of my

videos I think you need to have a

routine it sets you up for success every

single day so it's a matter of setting

goals and then following through on

those goals and what happens with a lot

of people is you wake up and what

happens the alarm goes off and a lot of

people hit this news button right you're

hitting the snooze button and so like

the first thing you've done is you've

set a goal to wake up at whatever 7

o'clock 8 o'clock

you said it going and wake up at 7

o'clock you hit the snooze button the

first thing you've done in the morning

is let yourself down you set a goal you

said it's okay if I don't hit that goal

I'll do it later so that's what you're

training yourself to do is the first

thing you do every day is you set a goal

and then you don't hit the goal and

that's okay so how's the rest your day

gonna go you think you're gonna stay

focused at work when the first thing you

do is let yourself down on a goal it's

even worse you hit the snooze and then

you hit the snooze again you get the

seems again it's like you've just

trained into yourself that this is great

like you set a goal it doesn't really

matter if you hit the goal nobody's

paying attention so I'll just coast

that's how most people start their day

right it's like get up do the thing that

you're supposed to do stop hitting the

snooze button and set a goal for


in the morning to build the routine

around what makes you come alive look if

you want to be focused then being around

things that make you feel focused like

what's on the wall what are you gonna

read in the morning what videos gonna

watch what helps you get into a focus

state and then do that every morning

if hugging your cat and and singing a

song makes you focused great like do

that every morning that's how you start

your day find the thing that that you've

had these moments of focus find out what

triggered it maybe you're watching a

video before maybe reading a book before

what was the thing that you were doing

maybe you're meditating or something

else like I'm not judging what you have

to do find that thing and then do that

in the morning everyday instead of

hitting the snooze button start your day

off focused you're much more likely to

be focused the rest of the day and if

you start your day off unfocused

number three's have deadlines it's

amazing how focused you can be when you

have deadlines for what you're supposed

to accomplish and especially if you can

commit to somebody else like I will get

this to you by the end of the day today

you commit to somebody else to do that

you're much more likely to follow

through and probably get that thing done

then if you commit to yourself because a

lot of times we'll let ourselves down

right you say like I'll get that done

and then you don't get it done and who's

gonna hold you accountable well it's

okay it's like hitting the snooze button

in the morning nobody's holding you

accountable and so you don't do it so

having a deadline to say this is what I

need done today you're much more likely

to get it done if Golda's today just

like if you think back to school when

you were studying for exams or having to

do a term paper most of the work happens

close to the end like I still got two

months I don't need to start doing it

now you do a little bit you do a little

bit you do a little bit but you don't

actually get really going until close to

the end I look at my next book as an

example I wanted to come out December 6

I decided when I was on my vacation that

December 6 I launched your one word last

year and my new book that I've been

slowly kind of strumming along making

some progress with side hustle project I

decided I wanted to come up December 6

as soon as I said that deadline

I had the hustle because it wasn't even

close to being ready and then I got all

of the things lined up so that we can be

ready for December 6 and there's still a

lot more work that has to get done but

setting deadlines for things and

especially making them public telling

your friends about it telling people who

follow you on social media telling your

friends on Facebook or committing to

somebody else say I will get this done

for you by this time makes you much more

likely to follow through be focused and

get that work done


number four don't respond to emails

first thing in the morning when you get

to work it's easy to fall into the trap

of coming to work opening up your email

checking your phone checking your

Facebook whatever tools do you use to

communicate with your work colleagues

and start to deal with their problems

the problem with that is if the first

thing you do is deal with other people's

problems that's how the whole date is

gonna go realistically most things that

people ask for your help in are not so

urgent that they can't wait two or three

hours and if you first in the morning

you focus on dealing with things you

have to do on dealing with your tasks

you're more capable mentally and more

prepared to help others but if you just

start to respond to emails and you start

to help others before you deal with your

own situations unfortunately you're

gonna live a lifestyle where you're

gonna be out work until 9:00 or 10:00

p.m. only simply because you're so

exhausted dealing with other people's

emergencies they didn't have time to

manage your own affairs you can't help

others until you help yourself so if you

focus on yourself

first you're gonna feel more empowered

to be able to help others and feel less

stressed at your work so carve out 30

minutes an hour in your schedule and set

that standard for all your work

colleagues book off your calendar and

say for this time I'm devoting it to

myself and if you do that you're gonna

find that your days become more

manageable and you stay more organized


way number five is eliminate other

distractions so Alex talked about not

answering email in the first couple

hours of getting into work that's a

massive distraction for a lot of people

I would also say look at the other

distractions social media the people

around you your cell phone notifications

flying off look at the things that are

preventing you from doing the work look

at these juicy carrots that are popping

up bright like a little diamond shut oh

I want to go and chase that thing ooh

ooh I want to go chase that thing right

like we have constant distractions but

it's also people in your work like

people coming up and say hey can I want

to ask you this question or hey how

about that game last night or this funny

joke that I want to tell you like if you

need to focus your efforts

then you need to focus your efforts like

you can't reach me during the day most

of the time I'm on Facebook Messenger

for my team that's how they reach me and

they know that I'm busy so like reach me

if there's an urgent message you can hit

me on Facebook otherwise send me an

email and within 24 hours I'll get back

to you otherwise there's no number I

don't the phone number you can't reach

me you know I have an answering machine

service so I only have the number

because for some things you sign up for

you need to have a phone number for them

to call but I don't have a phone number

I don't have a phone I will always call

people using my Google service online

there's no way to reach me there's no

way to distract me from the things that

I'm doing and I'm not perfect at it I

still get distracted by some things but

by thinking about the things that are

really distracting you the most like

what was the last project that you were

trying to work on you know you set aside

90 minutes to go work on this project

did you get the 90 minutes or did you

get 25 minutes and you got distracted by

this and the tract about that distracted

by that just paying attention to what is

causing those distractions and then

figuring out how do I eliminate these

things in my life or how do i schedule

them so that I have this block of time

to work uninterrupted on my project

especially you in creative work it's

really really hard when you get

distracted when I was working on writing

this book I went to Whole Foods I went

to a cafe and I spent the whole day

there and you couldn't reach me because

if I'm writing my book and I get

distracted by something and I let my

team know I let my wife know is like

unless is an absolute emergency on

Tuesdays when I'm writing my book don't

message me because I need to focus

because just responding to a message

puts me 40 minutes behind on my book cuz

I'm in the zone thinking about this

thing and I see this message even if I

don't answer the message what do they

want why is why is she calling why is

you know why is there why is that

popping up it distracts you and so you

don't do the work and then it's like

what was I writing over here I forgot

and you got to go back and you don't get

the work done and so especially for me

and for creative projects if I get

distracted I don't get my work done and

so I think it's really important to

eliminate the distractions that are

causing those headaches in your life way

number six is creating no crisis

business this is something that I

learned early on in my first business I

did not want to have crises happening I

didn't want to always have to be

responding to people immediately and

this this really comes from you training

the people around you but also bringing

in the people that you want to be around

and so I look at both my team and I look

at my customers my team I love mentoring

and guided my team but they also have to

be able to be independent and respect

boundaries if they can't then they're

not gonna be a good fit for my team if

you need constant supervision constant

like if you need me to be over your

shoulder to make something happen that's

the only way you work we're not gonna

work out well together I'm not gonna be

happy and you're not gonna be happy

because I don't like micromanaging

situations go work with a micromanager

and everybody will be happier for

customers some customers need need you

to be available 24/7 some customers

there's always a crisis is always a

problem they're just really needy people

and that's fine just not fine for me I

don't want to be around those kinds of

customers I'll turn away those kinds of

deals and you can often tell like

they're they're demanding they're pushy

they want things immediately and I love

giving good customer service but I also

need customers who respect the way that

I work and I'm gonna bring you insane

value for what I do and we have to trust

this process and if they can't get on

board with that then we don't work with

them as clients and it's fine because it

won't be a great experience for me or

them as well they won't get the results

that they're after either so let them go

work with somebody else who likes the

neediness and likes the the pain Holden


Street and so trying to adopt that

policy of running a no crisis business

has really really helped me in all the

businesses that I built and way number

seven is be around focused people you

know if you are around people who are

focus are hardworking are getting after

their thing you're much more likely to

do it as well right the environment

matters it's another consistent theme

that comes up in a lot of my videos the

people that you're around really matter

if you're around people who are always

joking always slacking up always trying

to find ways to cut corners I always

find ways to do the minimum possible

always just talking about movies and

sports and not actually doing work

you're gonna fall into that like part of

it's part of you is gonna be like that

and it's just really hard to shut that

thing off where if you're on people who

are focused productive trying to do big


accomplishing their mission getting work

done you're much more likely to go off

and be focused and productive as well

and so it's how do you find a space a

working environment that gives that to

you so if you're working from home maybe

you're working by yourself but maybe you

need a little bit of accompaniment so

maybe go to a coffee shop with these

people working maybe go to a co-working

space where there's other entrepreneurs

who are really hustling there trying to

get their business going even for me

watching the videos the top tens the the

mentor means all the videos I have on my

channel I see these people doing these

great things and as much of a focus hard

worker I am as much as I think I'm a you

know big thinker trying to do big things

for my you know businesses in my life I

look at some of these people these guys

are really focused really hard-working I

gotta I gotta up my game I got to

stretch my comfort zone I got to do more

I got to break some more limiting

beliefs and boundaries and go off and do

those things because those are the

people that I hang out with right Elon

Musk's and Steve Jobs and Zuckerberg and

those guys even if I'd never met them

and so paying really close attention to

the people that are around you and the

information you're consuming on a

regular consistent basis will have a

dramatic impact on your mindset on your

belief system and how focused you are at

work so thank you guys so much for


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