Train Your Brain To Make More Money - John Assaraf

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so many people ask me is it possible to

train your brain to help you make more

money and the answer is yes so maybe I

can share a story with you of how I

started to train my own brain to help me

make more money and it started with

setting some goals for the kind of

lifestyle that I wanted to live in my


Walter Schneider many years ago I was a

very very successful businessman and he

said in order to achieve your goals

he said first you have to have the

clarity of what they are so let's say

you have a financial goal of making

let's say a hundred thousand dollars a

year okay that's about eighty five

hundred dollars a month or about you

know twenty-one hundred fifty dollars

every week that you want to earn and

let's say you're not earning that right

now one of the things you can do to

train your brain to help you make that

amount of money is first and foremost

get clear on the exact amount you want

to earn whether it's per week per month

or per year that's step number one step

number two create a simple affirmation

that goes like this I am so happy and

grateful for the fact that I am now

earning $10,000 a month simple


and what I want you to do is I want you

to read that affirmation every single

morning five to ten times in every

single night before you go to bed five

to ten times and as you read that

affirmation I want you to close your

eyes and I want you to practice mentally

rehearse you receiving that money in the

form of a cheque or cash or in your bank

account and see the money going into

your bank account I want you to feel

what it feels like to consistently have

ten thousand dollars a month coming into

your bank and you can choose whatever

amount you want by the way and as you

close your eyes and you visualize that

money coming into your account

what I also want you to visualize is the

impact that that amount of money will

have on your life your family's life

your friends life the community that you

live in and the charities that you want

to support get totally into a mental

movie and the emotions as if you are

Hollywood actor or actress pretending

that that was really happening

so you'd read your affirmation I'm so

happy and grateful for the fact that I

am now earning $10,000 a month and as

you do that and you repeat that mentally

rehearsed visualize what that looks like

and what that does is that Prime's your

brain to see and

feel as if it is real right now

and that activates the different parts

of your brain specifically the left

prefrontal cortex which is the genius

CEO Einstein part of your brain that can

actually help you figure out how to

achieve that goal and dream so if you do

that in the morning and at night before

bed morning upon waking up nighttime

before bed you will start to prime your

brain with an affirmation with a mental

rehearsal and you will cognitively prime

your brain and if you want a bonus step

what I want you to do is take a vision

board either on your computer or a

physical board and cut out some pictures

of what lifestyle earning $10,000 a

month will allow you to live what kind

of car would you drive what kind of

places would you go on vacation and what

kind of home would you live in what kind

of charities would you support get

pictures of the outcome of earning

$10,000 a month is or a hundred thousand

dollars a year and start to see yourself

in that scenario and act as if it is

real right now and then everyday ask

yourself a question what can I do today

to make that amount of income a reality

and take one or two action steps towards

making that a reality so the physical

actions in addition to the mental

rehearsal with affirmations and mental

rehearsals visualizations is one of the

best ways to start priming your brain to

achieve the financial goals you have