Focus On The Positive Thing In LIFE - Motivational Video | Gary Vaynerchuk

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I'm gonna struggle to the day I die of

allowing yourself to look at glass

half-empty I just feel like I feel like

and now I understand its DNA and its

wiring and you know if you grow up with

a mother who's extremely negative it's a

really tough situation to break out of

it just proven I've understood you grew

up in a tough town I get it

there's a couple of issues with that

number one nobody cares that's the big

punchline like everybody's got stuff the

problem is nobody cares and once you

understand that nobody cares and you're

complaining to empty air do you start

going in a little bit of a different

direction and yeah I mean I try to I

like putting out positivity I like that

I love that my trainer Mike who spent

the last two years with me is going

through like some weird depression thing

right now cuz he's not around me 24/7

and he's like I missed the positivity

like that's a good thing and I and I

want other people to have that and I

want other people you know what guys I

want to say something right now getting

a little bit on a bigger plane what's

happening right now is the small

minority of people that are mad and

angry and hateful and dark are much

louder than the big percentage of us

that are happy and excited and feel

great and because the way technology

works they are much louder than they've

ever been before and so I feel like as

somebody who's got full of bright light

and happiness that I need to start

getting louder about that as well

because that's the only way we're gonna

combat it

and you know what that right there in

real time is what it's all about because

if that's the thing that's gonna get the

cloud is claps so far from this

conversation that's what we need to be

focusing on like we you know and this is

something I'm focusing some inside of

vaynermedia and this is something I'm

focusing with all my friends and this is

something that I want to bring to this

network in listener let me be really

blunt with you over the last five years

and to about 18 months ago when I came

back out with a lot of content for three

years there I was fairly quiet for me if

anybody's been following me since 2006

it's because I didn't want to be a

motivational speaker you know I didn't

like the part that made people rah-rah

because I was so proud that I can

actually build businesses and I think

the thing that a lot of people look at

when they see a motivational speaker is

there's fluff behind it a lot of times

there's bad behind it and I wanted to

disassociate myself from that world but

I feel more responsibility than ever as

somebody who is happy and wants other

people to be happy genuinely to get

louder and so it's an interesting time

in in our country's history and just in

human society and so if you leave with


I'll give you tactics on social you'll

remember school is amazing PR thing if

you leave with anything for any of us


please take on the sense of

responsibility that if you've got good

and you feel good to start sharing that

content as well because the world needs

more of it as long as the 8 to 12 core

people in my life are healthy I struggle

to really get down I just don't know how

to do it like like what am I like here's

the game I play I'm on the cover of Time

magazine and it says he did it right and

it's me holding a Jets Jersey right and

then I get a phone call and it's my

sister usually I don't know why telling

me that my mom died and I'm crushed

and I'm so in tune with my feelings that

I generally like can get into like

teared up devastation mode like my brain

is by the way I think the brain is so

underrated and we don't know a lot about

it there's some seven years ago I

decided never to get sick again and I

haven't been sick just a random fun fact

so the feeling even right now telling

you this story and not even fully doing

it I don't feel good like I feel like

nod right so why would I live my life

any other way why in the world would I

live my life allowing my business wins

and losses to really impact me anywhere

close to the health and well-being and

happiness of the people that I love the


I'm just not capable I lose business

every day I win business every day

people say I'm the best people say I'm

full of but all of it happens all

of it happens but at the end of the day

the the rewards that I'm getting and I'm

getting plenty of them the rewards that

I'm getting in life are just massively

secondary to those people and that's how

I live my life and so when you live your

life that way losing a big account or

somebody calling you out is just not

that painful you just put it into

context I usually just like you know

like take it you know like you know what

this is so interesting I think you find

it's interesting my favorite scene in

movies is always when somebody gets

punched in the mouth and they take the

punch they spit their tooth out and then

they look back at the other person I

don't know if you've seen that there's

always some version of that scene that's

who I am as a human being like

I'm built to get punched in the mouth

I'm gonna spit my friend mm I'm gonna

look right back at you and be like now



that's how I feel about life