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what is that one simple change in your

life that gave incredibly great results

realizing I'm never going to be in the

mood to do anything I would literally

live the life of a cat if left to my own

instincts and someone would feed me

getting things done is ignoring my

instincts and getting out of my mind

activate yourself , yes actively

deciding to make myself do things go for

a walk go to the gym call up a friend

has made a huge change in my life

because otherwise I would just surf read

it and play video games all day

yesterday I made plans with a co-worker

to go to the gym after work today

this morning I spent 30 minutes trying

to come up with a reason not to go

before deciding to bite the bullet and

go I'm pretty pleased with myself sleep

more used to sleep for five hours a

night couldn't concentrate exhausted my

cycle was messed up three months between

and I was sick all the time

now I get seven eight hours a night I

feel so much better I get seven eight

hours of sleep most nights and I'm still

exhausted throughout the day I don't

know what's up I was the same way woke

up tired not focused

I could sleep it in a time all day

almost fell asleep driving every day I

got a new mattress a week ago and so far

so good reading before bed instead of

watching Netflix fell asleep quicker

woke up feeling better until you read a

really really good book and end up awake

at 2:00 a.m. this is true for me about

once a month reading before bed makes me

sleepy very quickly so it takes me a

while to get through even a short book

use the two minute rule at work can also

be one or five minute rule depending on

what job you have everything that can be

done in two minutes

do it immediately I get a lot of

questions daily some can be done fast

planned the longer ones for later don't

need to keep looking at a list and

wondering where to start or how to get

it done

helps me to keep focus clear my head and

work efficiently saying no it's

incredibly liberating to add to this my

dad gave me the advice that nine stroke

ten times you don't need to give an

explanation with your nose so many times

people feel they need to give one oh no

I can't go out tonight my wife is having

friends over tomorrow so we have to

clean the house blah blah blah you make

yourself feel guilty or even feel like

you need to lie he said it was

incredibly liberating to just say no I

can't tonight but thanks or no thank you

I'm okay double quote putting a

treadmill near the basement TV so many

calories burned just doing what I'd

normally do I also found that the length

of shows affected how long I could go

before getting tidal to saw if it was a

30-minute sitcom I'd be tired at the end

one hour police drama I could go an hour

I started making very small sports bets

on baseball and football games that

could often go two three hours and it

gave me something to be invested in at

the gym all my socks are the same brand

and cover trying to match socks after a

washes for suckers I did that a few

years ago after realizing I had 11

different kinds of socks and most of

them were raggedy bought two - twelve

packs of the same style gave the old

ones to my pet rats for bedding they're

all the same style so I don't have to

sort and pair them just dump them in a

bin and grabbed - saved a few minutes

here and there but also got rid of

something that was more annoying than

I'd realized every time I'm angry at

someone for something I try to give it

20 minutes before I say or do something

usually I cooled off or the situation

has been explained if not my argument

grievances articulated way better than

it would have been this hits closer to

home would definitely try this one it

wasn't easy at first

anger is a reflex so it takes conscious

effort to control yourself but there's

not better feeling than someone upon

judging to you before you bring up what

bugged you I started forcing myself to

say yes whenever asked for something I

was extremely depressed so anytime

someone asked me for help or to go out I

would immediately say no and just stay

at home alone now I say yes within

reason and have found that helping

others gives me so much satisfaction and

has helped pull me out of my depression

I really like the movie yes man with Jim

Carrey and it made me realize I needed

to be more accepting of opportunities

rather than my habitual or social self

still a work in progress you should read

the book it's even more crazy and funny

and was written by the guy who actually

did it himself drinking more water I

started drinking more water but nobody

warned me about how much more I'd pee my

god it's like the tap you can't turn off

same here

I drink caffeine in the morning than

water all day I pee a lot my friend

started calling me an old lady just now

I understand your pain can drink coffee

all day long without going in for a pit

stop but that first glass of water

breaks the dam you're dehydrated f

deleting my Facebook and Instagram app I

did it as my new year's resolution and I

can say the past four months without it

has moderately improved my life my first

week without it I didn't know what to do

with all the time I had on my hands it

was a strange feeling since then I have

started a gun learned how to crochet and

have read numerous books I think my

self-esteem has improved as well on

Facebook and Instagram you cannot scroll

through without seeing someone showing

off how great their life is here I'll

read it I really don't see any of that

from the subs I follow

I have a DD I have a great memory but

tend to get lost in thought meaning that

I'm not good at remembering things

unprompted the change I made is using my

phone as prosthetic memory I set

reminders for weekly tasks like taking

out the garbage it reminds me at

quitting time that I need to stop by the

hardware store on the way home the

notepad full of grocery needs reminds me

on grocery day that I need them the

calendar yells at me when something

important is coming up this weekend

this may sound really basic but it

wasn't until I had a smartphone that all

of this stuff was ER

in one place and be always at hand it

means that any I remember that there is

a thing what needs doing I can set it so

I remember that thing at the time it

needs to be done it's made me a much

more dependable person started using a

lab you need a budget to track my

finances I went from up I hope this

coffee isn't about to overdraft my

checking account not really sure what's

in there and I don't get paid until

Thursday to knowing how much I have at

any given time and even saving towards

the goals like vacation as opposed to my

prior system of just paying for vacation

on the credit card and thinking I'll and

pay that off later somehow double-quote

seriously if you're kind of a

disorganized person with your finances

like I was and if you ever over after

your checking account doing a budget

like this will really help you keeping

up with the genesis was pointless I

stopped wanting things for the sake of

having stuff stopped worrying about

things I didn't really care about and

stopped pretending to be someone I am

NOT it's great because I have so much

more mental energy to care about what I

really care about and much more money

than I would if I was buying pointless

junk to impress people buying a PC

before I had a good powerful PC I felt

useless after I built mine I almost

instantly realized that how I really

enjoy video editing game development

programming and a whole slew of other


my computer has had a huge influence on

my life in a really positive way I

stopped making fun of people for just

living their life I know it sounds

stupid but it was a major turning point

in my life I was about twenty six and

one day I was riding the train home

annoyed that this person was wearing

bright yellow pants then I thought to

myself why does this bother me it

literally doesn't affect my life at all

if those pants make them feel confident

good for them why am I wasting energy

caring about this it was like a restiess

eh flipped

I just stopped criticizing people even

if it was just in my head

not to say I don't slip up but it was a

surprisingly easy change to make

honestly I feel so much better I tend to

be a more positive happy person and have

felt just this weight lifted I can't

even listen to other people do it now it

brings me down for example I used to

love Fashion Police but now I can't

stomach it investing in a good mattress

I actually sleep through the night now

because I don't wake up due to pain


I even fall asleep faster because I

don't have to spend so long trying to

get comfortable I honestly didn't even

realize how bad my old mattress was

until I got the new one learning how to

detail dry specific goals objectives

timelines ways to measure points of

success visualizing what success would

look like at its conclusion actively

believing that I would achieve success

knowing that persistence is required and

makes success possible I've achieved

every goal I have assets using this

method it works

barring some exterior catastrophe

uncannily enough most of this was

printed on a coffee cup someone gave me

getting my DNA tested and finding out

that I have a gene mutation that makes

me resistance to sleep deprivation and

that six hours of sleep is normal for me

I've spent the last 20 years trying to

trick my body into eight hours of sleep

thinking that's what I needed so much

less pressure now edited to add I feel

like an now I poked all around

23andme and could not find any reference

to this in any of my health reports so I

went through all the surveys that I took

and found one reference a high

percentage of people that matched your

answers have a mutation that makes them

resistance to sleep deprivation

something along those lines I searched

online and it sounds like it's a

mutation of the second of December Gein

which 23andme doesn't test for so not

confirmed but suspected by 23andme who

doesn't test for that so they must be

pulling about information from a

different data source I looked around

and can't find a lab lab test

specifically for that mutation but I'm

going to ask a friend of mine who is a


will update if I get more info jogging

getting up early and going for a run

leaves you feeling great all day and

then you're less likely to eat that bag

of crisps or that chocolate bar because

you look at the something with 300

calories in it and suddenly think that

would undo about 20 minutes of my run

double-quote started to make my bed

every day I heard a speech on this by

starting your day with something you'd

read think of what you can achieve after

changed my perspective completely simply

making my bed makes a huge difference in

my day getting out of my room I had to

move back home for this semester of

school and got into a bad habit of never

leaving my room except for food and

class now I'll leave my room for

everything from working on homework or

watching Netflix I feel much happier and

less trapped in my day-to-day life when

anyone asks me to hang out I say yes it

doesn't matter if I don't want to go it

doesn't matter if I want to sleep it

doesn't matter if I want to do anything

else I've found that I've really helped

some friendships grow where a lot of

other people seem to be losing friends

out of their life as things get busy if

you want friends make the effort always

say yes and always go to everything

you're invited

to cooking my own food instead of going

out to eat not only do you save money

you'd feel much more accomplished

cooking your food I don't mean to toot

my own horn but I never realized that I

could cook up a mean pan-seared salmon

or carbonara pasta I colored my hair

neon purple two days ago the confidence

boost has been amazing I'm disabled my

whole life people have looked at me and

smiled I'm the kind of person who always

thinks the best of people so I never saw

the most pitying smiles till now the

smiles have changed people arrant

looking down at my wheelchair and

smiling sadly they're looking up at my

hair and grinning widely I walk into

stores and want to pull my hood down I

smile wider and I find myself looking at

shiny things in the stores with more


I feel more able to be myself seriously

if you've always wanted crazy hair go do

it hundred and eighty bucks including

the Colorstay shampoo but 100% worth it

letting go of simple stresses that

shouldn't stress you out such as getting

bent out of shape over the news

extra personal stuff for more than a few

minutes it was like clearing the malware

out of my brain

I just think faster and smoother when I

don't overthink inconsequential things

like how I'm gonna word this comment a

great quote gave me a new insight on my

day-to-day activities let's say you have

a bank account with $86 400 in it and

someone was able to steal ten dollars

out of it

would rather spend the rest of the $86

390 just he gets the $10 back or just

lets the $10.00 go there are 86400

seconds in everyday don't let someone

who ruins 10 seconds of your day ruin

the entire day for you making a

conscious effort to try and be more

positive I'm quite cynical and I've

recently tried to be optimistic positive

rather than leaping to the worst

conclusions I do this by making a list

of potent

your solutions when I have a problem

rather than just Welling on the fact it

happened if I'm having a bad day and

people ask how I am I don't reel off all

the bad stuff so I just say I'm not

having a great day but I think it'll get

better and ask how they are instead I

pick out good things and try to learn

from stuff when it goes wrong rather

than just feeling I failed it's been

quite tough but I do feel happier and

more hopeful it's not a fix all for all

my problems but it's really helped

adjust my attitude set yourself a

personal letter of going to bed every

night being a better person than you

were when you woke up stick to it and be

serious about it look for things in your

daily life you can improve and always

try to do good for your life the people

around you and the world it's a change

as simple as asking what goals did I

accomplish today and how did I make my

life for the world a better place when

you don't have an answer you need to

make one tomorrow

stop drinking booze one week ago I was

drinking nearly 750 milliliters a day I

was sick for days but I already feel

better about myself

edit still on the wagon my friends thank

you all so much for the support I woke

up this morning and felt great like my

new life has started and I can do

anything I am going to keep this up hey

I'm glad you did that but stopping

drinking at that amount which is where I

was can be lethal you can get strokes

seizures etc from stopping drinking cold

turkey I know a guy who quit cold turkey

went out for a drive had a seizure and

plowed his car into the back of a truck

0% blood alcohol 100% dead those can not

only kill you when you're drinking it it

can kill you after you stop get medical

advice when stopping thanks for your

concern I have been consulting my doctor

through this whole process so I feel

pretty safe I have been so tempted

though as I live near so many liquor


have even had very vivid dreams every

night last week a guzzling whiskey it

was just time to stop before it kills my

career or well me getting up early like

5:00 or 5:30 and putting some time into

exercising like planks or jogging this

makes my day better and gives a fresh

start getting up at 6:30 is torturous

for me even after getting seven stroke

eight hours of sleep what are your tips

for getting up so early without wanting

to cry edit thanks for all the advice

three I never snooze my alarm and always

get up on the first ring I just can't

bear that instant oomph of exhaustion

the moment I open my eyes from the

moment I wake up I'm already fantasizing

about going back to bed and after nap

when I get home from work just to stay

awake until a normal bedtime I have orig

about seven five hours sleep per night

and I've tried all sorts but I can never

shake that torturous waking up sensation

that lasts all day sometimes my body's

ideal wake up time is around 8 a.m. but

sadly work and life don't allow for such

luxury making a habit of tracking my

calories 7 months ago I was 305 pounds

and now I'm 239 - 241 on my way to a

goal weight of 180 pounds

I've tried special diets and all the

kinds of exercise but I mostly end up

stopping about a month or two into it

now I eat what I wanted but I just eat

less of it I started at 240 and got to

my goal of 180 for a while fell back to

190 but have been there for a few years

at least I was shocked to see just how

much I was eating without realizing it I

stopped the calorie counting after a

year or so of doing it now I feel like I

have a much better idea of portion sides