How to balance your Studies with your Relationship ?? | By CA Deepika Rathi

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however you are how are you all my name

is Debbie karate and I make videos

related to see subjects i guide CA

students on youtube so definitely you

can check that out on my youtube channel

and this is my first ittv video and

today's video is a very realistic with

you a lot of students requested me for

this and the topic is how to manage your

relationship with your studies so for

sure like all our family members or

people who soever are concerned about us

they keep telling us you know don't get

into a relationship or do not start

dating someone do not get involved with

people because you know you're going to

lose focus in your life you're going to

lose track you boot be distracted and

you're going to lose the direction and

definitely you will not be focused and

you will not be able to study all that

much and you hamper your future so all

of us I think hear that from our parents

but I think to know someone better or to

be dating someone or to like someone to

have feelings for someone I think it's

something which sums on it's fun and it

cannot be controlled so I think it is

what room for us to study because to

make our future and psyche my side it's

very important to have or to taste a

good and a bad relationship to value a

good relationship in future so but then

there is a right amount of balance which

is required which is very important

because right now we are in that phase

of life where our future is the priority

where you have to be involved in studies

so much especially when you are

appearing for professional exams I've

seen where in office you work for 10

hours then you manage your classes with


and also when your exams are coming you

almost study for good 12 to 13 hours or

nd then do you don't have time to talk

to your family members and what will you

talk to the person right so for exams

like for professional exams like see if

especially when you studying for such

exams how to manage your relationships

how to be connected with that person

also so first of all and for this thing

I would say that you have to keep a

right amount of balance for that you

have to keep your priorities straight

first of all it has to be very clear in

your head that when you are studying

your priority has to be your boots and

there cannot be any second person which

can come in between or there is no

substitute to your hard work and studies

and definitely when your exams are

coming you cannot distract yourself you

cannot be you know sitting at your home

and thinking about that person or me we

miss that person or maybe you don't

think about him or her because that is

not good right and if you do that you

for sure know that you're going to flunk

all right and you have to sit for few

more attempts and that few more attempts

is going to definitely frustrate you and

take you towards depression which

happens with students because then they

feel the continuous failure obviously is

obviously it happens your brain also

after a certain point of time and what

do you do after that you start blaming

your relationship with that but is it

true did you give it did you even give

your 100% in your exams the answer is no

you were distracted you cannot actually

question or you cannot actually blame

that other person for your failures so

specially when you're studying you have

to set your priorities straight it's not

that you study for 24 into 7 and hour

day for 365 days right you can you do

not do that you study for 3-4 months

then your exams are coming and in your

office also you work for good 10 hours

right and after that you're free so to

be happy in life to be connected with

someone it is it is a good feeling and

you cannot

you cannot be do you cannot be mixing

that with your studies right you have to

be focused when you study and when you

with someone you have to completely be

with that person so you have to set your

priorities and you definitely have to be

very clear about that in your mind and

that is going to help you maintain a

healthy relationship and also on put

balance between your studies and your

relationship so that is it for today I

hope this video was helpful and yes I

hope a lot of you all were waiting for

this video and yes so yes keep working

hard for your exams and keep loving your

loved ones