How to Get Your SCHOOLWORK DONE During Quarantine—4 Tips

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well hey everyone welcome to a special

edition of handler sister my guess is

that everybody who's watching this is

probably stuck at home because the

coronavirus and the spread and the

outbreak and everything that's going on

has shut your schools down and you're at

home trying to figure out how to get all

your schoolwork done and so I thought

I'd make this brief video giving you

some tips on how to study at home while

you're in quarantine and not go insane

at the same time so today we're not

really gonna be milking any brain cows

we're just gonna be getting those brain

cows and petting their heads and telling

them good things you're a good brain cow

and you can do this everybody likes you

so doing your schoolwork at home

effectively really comes down to four

things organization location handling

distractions and keeping up your

motivation now I know there are some

people out there who struggle none with

these things they just know what they

have to do and they do it but this video

is not for those people this video is

for people who do their schoolwork for

about three minutes and then get

distracted by their phone and then do

their scored for six minutes and then

get distracted by their phone and then

do their schoolwork for one minute and

then get distracted and decide

schoolwork is stupid and who cares if I

don't graduate and end up living in a

van down by the river

I'm leaving for all of those people this

video is for you so my teaching

assignment is to teach home schoolers

and basically I get them for one day a

week in class and I give them all their

assignments and they go home and they do

the rest of their work at home so I

thought it would be a good idea to tap

one of them and give them an opportunity

to give you some advice since my home

school students have basically been

working at home for their whole life so

let me introduce you to one of my AP

World History students EC Sherman oh

okay trust me I know exactly how hard it

is to put your phone on put your minds

for you and get your homework done

during this communication you don't want

to find yourself procrastinating putting

things off till the last minute to turn

it into your online class as your new HP

FF your home education best friend

forever I'm gonna be giving you four

pieces of advice that I follow I hope

you fall into we can follow them

together so that you can get your


during this period of time that you're

working at home the first thing that's

so important and I know you've been told

before it's organization so when you get

your homework from your teacher whether

it's for the whole week whether it's

read the day or whether it's for a

45-minute class period write down on

paper what you have to get done in the

order you're gonna do it so whether it's

on a little sticky note pad a graph that

your mom made you in fourth grade to

stay focused and organized or just a

piece of paper it doesn't matter as long

as you're writing it down this is gonna

keep you on track and at the end you can

cross it all off and feel good about

yourself maybe that's just amazing okay

that's excellent now the only thing I

would add is that for me organization is

a profound stroke you have to organize

yourself in whatever way fits your own

temperament don't take somebody else's

organizational system and put it on

because those are ill-fitting clothes

they don't feel right for me I'm almost

a 40 year old man I've tried everything

in my life to stay organized because it

is a weakness of mine I've tried lists

on my phone I've tried computer programs

I've tried whiteboard but at the end of

the day what I've found works best for

me is paper and pencil I make a list I

prioritize the items and then I get

going doing each of them all right let's

hear from EC on location it's so easy

moving around from table to table or

room to room is gonna be super important

throughout the day while you're studying

and learning and doing your online

classes if you're sitting in the same

place you're gonna get bored and when

you're bored you just can't get as much

done that's how it works so move around

do your work

get those brain juices flowing you're

doing great one hundo percent agree the

only thing I would add to that is that

the location that you choose to do your

work should be as pleasing as possible

now I actually do most of my work right

here this is actually my basement it's

like a dedicated space which is an

important thing for me but I discovered

something about this environment by

accident one day you see I've got

basically two lighting options in here

first I've got these florescent

life-sucking lights and then second I've

got these studio lights which I make

videos with and one day after filming a

video I just left these lights on I

didn't turn the fluorescent lights and I

just did my work and I cannot tell you

what that did to my mind it just it felt

lovely it felt peaceful in here and that

made all the difference so all that to

say just make sure whatever location you

choose make it feel as good as possible

like that's super important

and do whatever you can to make it feel

better okay now let's hear from EC about

distraction sorry guys that was my phone

when you're working at home it's so easy

to get distracted by your phone whether

it's tick-tock snapchat angstrom

whatever it is I know from personal

experience we all get distracted by it

so if you really want to get your work

done and be efficient you need to put it

up while you're working even if that

means you work for two hours take a

30-minute break and keep working

whatever it is that's best for you if

you have enough self-control you can

leave your phone in your room or in the

kitchen if you need someone to hold you

accountable you can get your parents

involved and trust me you really won't

see that phone for a long time so my mom

has a little bucket called phones it's

really annoying but sometimes if I need

to be held accountable I'll put my phone

in the bucket and leave it in the

kitchen yes yes yes one thousand times

yes distraction is our enemy here and

the fact is we actually want to be

distracted when we're doing something

that we don't naturally want to do so

not only are we contending with our

phones we're also contending with our

will so here's what I found works for me

a man I work for you but it does work

for me and it's called the Pomodoro

method and basically you can get an app

for your phone on this but it really

comes down to this you set a timer for

25 minutes and then you set a timer for

five minutes

I just set a timer for 25 minutes and I

shut down everything that could distract

me you work for 25 minutes and then you

set a timer for a five minute break my

guess is you could probably get all your

schoolwork done for the day in three to

four of these cycles and then you're

done I've found it helpful because I

know that I can sit down for 25 minutes

distraction free but if I were to say

I'm gonna do four hours of undistracted

work I just wouldn't be able to do okay

now it's here from EC on motivation at

the end of the day it all comes down to

your mindset if you have a good positive

attitude about your homework you're

gonna do it a lot faster and you're

gonna be more focused your motivation

should be good grades in the fact that

when you're done with your homework

you're done with it and you won't have

it hanging over your head

that enough should be good motivation

good encouragement for you to just go

knock it out keep the grind up keep the

good work up have a good day yes but

even if you're not motivated at the end

of the day this stuff just isn't option

you often have to just choose against

your will but rewards are the key and

maybe some of you feel like you're above

that like you're a superior being

who doesn't need rewards to do the right

thing like I'm not a dog I don't need a

treat to which I would say yes I am and

yes I do right so I hope that helps I'd

love to hear from you what strategies

work for you leave them in the comments

below so that we can all learn from each

other really appreciate you watching if

you're not already subscribed then go

ahead and do it because after this video

is over we're gonna get right back to

milking them brain cows I'm Lear out