How To Stay FOCUSED For School ☆ Back To School Tips

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hey guys and welcome or welcome back to

my channel so in today's video I'm going

to be sharing with you guys my top 10

tips for staying focused during the

school year before we get started don't

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series now let's get started so the

first tip I have is to have a designated

study area establishing a designated

study area whether that's in your room

or in a specific study room is super

important I find this useful because

whenever I come to sit down on my desk I

am aware that it's time to start work

and studying whereas if my study space

was merely based on my bed and it's

easier for me to procrastinate and do

other things such as using it for the

actual purpose of it and as for a bed is

to sleep on additionally making sure

that you have everything you need on

your desk or at least somewhere close to

your study area is super useful and

helping you stay focused this is because

everything is within your reach

therefore it eliminates the chance of

you getting distracted in the process of

looking for something



my second tip is to make sure that your

room is clean and you know exactly where

things are as I always say a clean room

room is equivalent to a clear mind

knowing where things are located in your

room is extremely handy when it comes to

doing work or assignments instead of

spending hours looking for those couple

miles liners you missed a place during

your previous study session you can save

time and effort by regularly cleaning

your room and forming the habit of

putting things back after using it this

way if you do end up needing to look for

a certain utensil during a study session

you can locate it immediately and go

back to studying my next tip is to only

write down your top three priority tasks

with specific steps I am aware that it's

often unrealistic to have only briefings

on our to-do list as busy and

overwhelmed students however I find that

just listing the top three priority

tasks helped me feel not as overwhelmed

and more willing to get started with the

tasks when it comes to making your to-do

list I recommend not only writing down

the task itself but also designating a

period of time to do it as well as break

it down into specific subtasks for

instance I wrote down that I wanted to

film and edit this video my sub task

would include filming it editing it

making me film nail recording the

voice-over making the introduction

adding overlays and eventually exporting




my fourth tip is to get rid of all

electronic distractions this one is

quite self-explanatory and probably

nothing revolutionary I'm sure deep down

we all know that our electronic devices

are one of the biggest factors that's

hindering our focus whether you admit it

or not you can of course choose to use

self-control restriction apps such as

self-control on your Mac or forests on

your iPhone which essentially blocks

your access to certain Entertainment

websites or whatever websites you want

personally I just like to keep my

electronics away from my desk area but

ultimately I do want to achieve the

state where although my phone is around

I'm disciplined enough to not look at it

but in the meantime it just seems that I

have to actively put it away somewhere

out of sight my next tip is to listen to

music that help you stay focused

that could be white noise ASMR or just

simply nothing personally some of my

favorites are low fly music which just

put me in the mood for studying and

sometimes I do like to listen to kpop

which is honestly debatable whether it

actually helps you stay focused but

personally it works for me if I

repeatedly listen to similar songs so

that I'm already used to them and I'm

not really listening for the lyrics

however it's up to you to choose

whatever music you want just stay

genuine to yourself and don't take this

as an opportunity to explore music


my next tip is to go with the flow of

what your body tells you and what I mean

by this is identify if you are a morning

person or a night owl and personally for

me I enjoy and it's pretty natural for

me to wake up around 6 7 o'clock in the

morning so I do like to get started on

tasks early on during the day I find

this quite important because once you

identify when you're the most focused

then usually your productivity levels at

that time is much greater than all other

times combined so if you can just take

advantage of that period of time and

obviously you still have to study during

other times my seventh tip is to get

enough sleep exercise regularly a

relatively healthy diet and drink lots

of water I think we all know that

getting a sufficient amount of sleep is

important to literally everything so I'm

not going to explain the science or

whatever behind that sometimes I find

exercising every now and then it's

useful because it helps me de-stress and

I like to do that during my study breaks

same thing goes with drinking enough

water and eating a relatively healthy

diet I find that I'm more focused on

doing my work when I eat mostly healthy

for my 3 regular meals whereas if I eat

McDonald's for lunch or dinner honestly

what I just said may or may not just be

a personal preference since I feel like

some people find it the same but aside

from studying and staying focused it's

still important to eat a healthy diet




my eighth tip is to study in small

increments of time so study for a 25 to

45 minutes then take a 10-15 minute

break sometimes studying for a long

period of time such as 2 to 3 hours may

seem productive in itself however as

time goes on you also lose focus for me

while I do enjoy taking breaks if you

watch my other videos you would have

heard me say that I do like to keep

working if I am super into something

however I do always try to limit myself

to 2 hours


my ninth tip is to surround yourself

with motivation

this could mean lettering and putting up

motivational quotes and sayings on your

wall make your electronic wallpapers

something that inspires you following

inspiring individuals on Instagram such

as anyone in the study community and

most importantly surround yourself with

positive and motivating friends my tenth

and not actually the final tip I have

for you guys is to de-stress and get rid

of whatever thoughts that's stressing

you out I personally have two ways of

approaching this the first one is doing

something else that completely distracts

me from being stressed so for this one I

like to watch Netflix watch YouTube edit

YouTube videos just anything that helps

you de-stress and my second way of

approaching it is somehow getting rid of

those thoughts and the most effective

I've found is writing it down all you

really need are just pen and paper and I

write down basically what's stressing me

out how I may be able to reverse it and

then lastly I write down the things I am

thankful and grateful for


now to those of you who have watched

until the very end first of all thank

you and now I'm going to share something

that I'm sure everyone wants to hear

which is if you're really not focused in

the moment try again later

in the meantime procrastinate

productively it's at least you get some

work done and that's it for this video

thank you guys so much for watching if

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I will see you guys next time bye guys