📖 How To Read With ADHD 🤓 Part 1: Setup

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hi everyone today I want to talk to you

guys about how to read and study if you

have ADHD this is something that I

really really struggled with in my life

it's been exceptionally difficult and

frustrating to overcome because I love

knowledge I'd love to learn but as soon

as I'm faced with the book I just shut

off I think it's because over the years

I've associated with frustration just

because I'd start reading and thoughts

would start running through my head as

I'm reading and I would just give up

because I'd be reading it over and over

and nothing would go in really annoying

right there are ways and means around it

something I've discovered from years of

trial and error so I just want to share

these tips with you today guys because I

think it could really help you a lot so

the first tip I'm going to say to you is

you have to try and eliminate all

distractions okay so that means mobile

phones TVs peace and quiet now you can't

always have total peace and quiet in

fact you might be one of these people

that needs background music I'm not but

if you are go ahead and play some music

if it helps you but otherwise you can

just get yourself some earplugs and

that's what I do all the time especially

if I'm in a library and it's full of

people so that's the first thing get

those out the way so that way you have

no chance of being distracted and it's

just you in the book second tip is to

get yourself comfortable you have to be

comfortable because if you're not it's

just going to be in the back of your

mind a distraction it's going to be

there it's going to keep on taking you

away from the literature and it's going

to be nagging at you

this goes for things like hunger thirst

being sleepy have a nap if you're tired

you know you need to be fresh you need

to feel good everything needs to be the

environment needs to be good for you so

you have two options you can either set

yourself at a desk so that you have a

lot of space you have a lot of room to

put your book

and maybe a pen if you're going to study

and take notes and you can use

highlighters things like that not on the

actual book unless of course it's your

book I wouldn't recommend defacing a

book I just write the notes and

highlight it if you can attain notes I

would say instead of actually writing

notes as you go along

you're better off reading a chunk at a

time and then summarizing what you just

learned because if you just if you're

just going to write as you're going

along you're not really present you're

not really taking in the words for what

they mean you're just copying it and

transferring it so that's what I

recommend just read a paragraph and then

summarize in bullet points or you've

learned the second option is to lie on

your bed this is great for getting

comfortable because sometimes I think if

if I'm at a desk my sometimes my back it

can start to hurt and it can get

uncomfortable so I find that sometimes

getting into bed and just having the

textbook right there is a great way for

you to just relax and soak it all up so

comfort is a big part of it now this is

optional you can either do this

medicated or unmedicated personally I

would always say you're going to get

better results if you're medicated

because that's what the job of ADHD meds

right it's it's the gate the focus

better is to make your brain better at

shutting things out and hyper focusing

on one thing this is what you need to

achieve so I personally think you have a

better chance if you're medicated and

finally I'm going to give you a tip on

how to actually maintain the

concentration with the ADHD mind

thoughts are constantly coming into your

head as you are trying to read and it

can interrupt you it can be very

frustrating or you'll find is you'll

start reading a bit of text in a book

and something will just pop into your

head and you're just finding that you're

going through the motions you're not

really taking in the words you're not

really present and soaking up the

meaning of the literature right so

the way that counteract that is just to

apply this sort of meditation concept

where you keep on focusing keep bringing

yourself back keep bringing yourself

back if your mind wanders it's okay

that's just the way you are that's the

way your brain works right so if you

notice that you're doing that if you

notice that you're starting to fly away

from the land of literature into totally

unrelated things then you can just bring

yourself back keep doing that over and

over keep trying right because

eventually what's gonna happen is you're

gonna build up momentum and your brain

is going to become hyper focused it's

gonna you're gonna start to become

really immersed in the literature I

recommend that you practice this a lot

if you just do a little bit this every

day you're essentially training your

mind like a muscle so if you if you can

just practice these methods of reading

every day you're gonna get better and

better at it even if you have ADHD you

can still do it I hope you practice them

and I really hope it works for you

because I'm finding that it's working

for me okay Cheers