How to Blur the Background of Your iPhone Photos

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what's up guys XM 360 here and in

today's video I'm gonna bring you guys a

little guide on how to add background

blur also known as depth of field to

your photos on an iPhone so this is very

helpful as you guys can see in the

picture here the one on the right is

kind of like just a normal photo that

you'll take a lot of times with an

iPhone and then the one on the left is

kind of like a a higher-quality look and

it's not really higher quality it's just

that you're you're blurring out the

background and you're focusing on one

area now higher end cameras that have a

manual focus feature they can do this

and you can focus in on whatever depth

of field whatever distance you want but

with the iPhones auto focusing feature a

lot of times you'll get photos that look

like the one on the right now sometimes

the iPhone does a good job of this

especially if you have like an iPhone 6

or an iPhone 7 and the photo you're

taking is within like a couple of feet

but there's a lot of times you'll take

photos and everything kind of just looks

like it's from one distance nothing

really has that nice background blur to

it that makes the target object look

very crisp and clear so this was the

issue I was having a lot of my photos

were coming out like the one on the

right and not the one on the left so I

actually found this app for the iPhone

it's called fab focus and you can find

it on the App Store and it only costs at

the time of this video it costs about

$2.99 and I know that's a little bit on

the higher side for a photo editing app

on iPhone but let me tell you it's

definitely worth it so once you download

this app the way it's designed is you

basically just import your photos I'm

gonna use a photo here of some friends

at a football game and what you're gonna

do is you're gonna import the photo and

it will automatically detect faces and

it will it'll work with those faces and

it will make them the focal point and it

will make everything in the background

it will give it a blurry effect and as

you guys will see in a moment after it's

done it takes like it takes maybe as

much as 30 seconds to like identify

everything and decide where it wants to

put the blur but once it does you guys

will see the result and the result right

away looks very good mmm

importing photos you can also take

photos directly through the app with a

camera and once it detects everything

adds a blur to the background and it

looks good right away but you can also

go further and I would suggest going

further hit the edit button and you can

see all the areas that they've

automatically highlighted green those

are gonna be the areas of focus those

are gonna be what comes up clear and

then anything that's not highlighted

green will be the blurry background so

you can then go in and they have all

sorts of different shape tools I'm using

a circle tool right here to highlight

different areas green then it may have

missed and there's also an eraser tool

to erase any areas that shouldn't be

highlighted green and you can also

change the degree of blur in the

background now they have some really

strong ones that make it very blurry and

it's kind of easy to tell that it was

edited I would say the first three ones

from the left to the right are the best

ones those are like the very light blurs

and those are the ones that really look

authentic so in my opinion that edit

tool is really the key to this app and

how it allows you to customize what

areas you want to be blurry in what

areas you don't a lot of times you'll

have photos of maybe an object so it

won't detect a face it will take you

straight to the editing mode and you'll

highlight what areas you want it to have

the highest quality on what areas you

want to be blurry but it's just a really

simple application to use and the

features are so good I think it really

enhances photos a lot and I'm gonna show

you guys some quick examples right here

of some before and afters I've done with

some of my own photos and how I've

enhanced them and made them look a lot

better by adding some depth of field so

I know it's not crazy impressive but

with some photos you can really enhance

them and really make them look pretty

cool and look like they were taken with

a more high-end camera so if you guys

found this tutorial helpful in any way

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always guys thank you for watching from

XM 360