Focus On One Goal At A Time - Motivational Video

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Most of our viewers are incredibly ambitious, but sometimes that can be a bad thing. Having

too many goals can actually prolong your success. Because you can’t achieve everything all

at once. If your goals within the next two years are to graduate with honors, have a

part time business, find the girlfriend of your dreams and get ripped to 10 percent bodyfat

at the gym, you probably won’t achieve any of it.

If this sounds like you, I applaud your motivation. But there’s no way you could handle all

of these tasks at the same time.

You can do all of these things. But you need to focus on one goal at a time. There’s

just no amount of time that exists to work on all these things. Especially if you are

new to the objective. Whenever you take on a new skill or goal there is a learning curve.

In the beginning, progress is slow. It may even seem stagnant at times. Most of the things

you are doing are wrong and you can’t tell what needs to be done right. And that’s

fine. Everyone experiences this. But if you are working on several big goals, you’re

going to be stumbling. You need the time to work on one goal and course correct as you


The thing is, once you figure it out, you can just cruise. Once you’re experienced

going to the gym and dieting, it doesn’t take as much time as it used to. You can just

set yourself up on autopilot and work on new goals. Taking down 5 goals one at a time over

the course of years will always be faster than trying to tackle them all at once.

Look at how many people set goals and fail. What is the typical goal setting process for

an average person? New Year’s comes and they set their resolutions, but they never

setup the habits or the schedule for doing so and the desire just disappears. And often

times they set too many goals across too short a time period.

Some goals can take years to accomplish. But most people don’t want to face that. Most

people these days that their education up to a Bachelor’s degree. And across a lifetime

starting from the very beginning that takes about 20 years. How could you imagine learning

a new skill in just a few weeks?

Whenever I set out to learn something or achieve something I think to myself, is this something

I can feasibly do for several years in a row. Something that I won’t take a break on.

What would the outcome look like if I had already mastered this skill.

A couple years ago I set out to learn martial arts. I had no experience with fighting at

all, but I was in great athletic shape. But when you’re new to a sport or a discipline

and you step into a room with a bunch of people who are already experienced and could literally

kick your ass, it’s always intimidating. But you want that. You want to be humbled

and feel like you’re willing to try anything to learn. I never looked at the day to day

results. I just focused on acquiring a skillset overtime. And after all that, I was good enough

that my teacher certified me to become a teacher after years of practice. It took several years

and majority of my efforts during this time were in fitness and martial arts. I didn’t

take on a whole lot of new challenges. In retrospect the time flew by.

Focus on your biggest priorities first. Something like learning how to play a musical instrument

is excellent, but learning how to get your personal finances in order or moving forward

with your career is far more important. It might take you years to get to those secondary

goals, but you’ll be happy you saved the time to work on them.

Don’t forget, you have a whole lifetime to achieve your goals. How long do you think

it would take to achieve something new if you focused on it consistently. Maybe like

3 years. The average life expectancy in the world right now is 71 years. Do you realize

how little 3 years is? That’s just a little bit over 4% of your life. That’s nothing.

You could accomplish dozens of big tasks.

This is why you read about older successful gentlemen and women who have multiple achievements

under their belt. Sometimes they have had multiple successful careers or businesses.

They traveled. They met famous people. They wanted to do tons of things just like you.

But they were patient about it. They knocked down each goal one at a time.

The point is don’t try to rush or force goals. You’re only going to shortchange

yourself. When you’re older, you should look back on life and have a high amount of

experience. You should be a very wise person, if you planned your goals correctly.

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