How to Be Present - The Power of Now

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hey everyone in this video I'm going to

talk with you about present awareness

when I say present awareness what I mean

is being in the moment see in the moment

for what it is and not clouding it with

thoughts either about what it means

thoughts trying to understand it in

depth thoughts about the past

or thoughts about the future so while

you listen to this I want you to try and

simply feel what I'm saying try not to

think about it try not to go into any

effort to understand it and try not to

let yourself wander off and thought if

you find yourself doing so though don't

worry about it just let it happen and

then focus on feeling what I'm saying so

this might sound strange it first to

some of you because not everyone's used

to trying to feel what someone say when

someone tells us to listen rather than

listening we tend to strain our ears as

if that's somehow going to make us hear

better but when I say to listen I mean

to listen with yourself just to feel

what I'm saying so if you do that now if

you focus on just feeling what I'm

saying you'll notice something perhaps

it works and you're just listening

without thought but often you'll notice

that your thoughts start to come anyway

even though you're not trying to think

you're still thinking so why is that

that's because the mind is comprised of

two parts the part that is always there

the part that is the self beneath this

or and the part that is the thinking

active mind on top of it and that

thinking active mind that's not you

that's what you've become associated

with Oh

the years but that isn't you so I want

you to feel that don't think about it

just feel that that those thoughts that

are coming over what you're feeling

right now they're not you they're a

reflection of your true self but not you

in its entirety so while you feel that

you'll notice that the thoughts might

still be coming and this is proof and

what I've just told you those thoughts

are coming without you consciously

directing them those thoughts are a

reaction to your feelings rather than

the feelings themselves and when we

start to think about things we are

dealing only in reflection in other

words the more we think about things the

more obfuscated the actual truth becomes

because we start doing this little dance

this little mind game where we jump

around and make all these conclusions

rather than just looking at something

experiencing it as it is so how do we

become more present with a simple answer

is not to engage the thinking mind what

I mean by engaging the thinking mind

well when someone tells us that we think

too much or that we should stop thinking

it's a bit like when someone tells us

not to think of a pink elephant what's

the first thing that happens when

someone says that obviously a pink

elephant appears in your imagination and

you start thinking about one why is that

well when someone says to stop thinking

the person starts to think about how

they stop thinking they start to use the

thoughts themselves and actually think

about the act of not thinking to not

think is actually just to do nothing in


if you don't want to think of the pink

elephant you simply accept the thought

as it arises and don't interact with it

the pink elephant appears in your mind

and you say okay you leave it to that

and it disappears on its own you don't

need to do anything to make it disappear

and you don't need to worry that it

appeared in the first place see this is

one of the great traps of the thinking

mind when we try not to think we get

worried when we start to think and we

start thinking about the fact that we

started the thing and we trail off on

that so train for ages when in actual

fact all you have to do when you notice

yourself thinking just accept the

thoughts and then move on bring yourself

back to feeling center yourself and

become present now this is easier said

than done for some people because they

do this and then they automatically

start hearing those thoughts again they

start thinking again and at that point I

think well I'm never going to master

this I said let's just keep coming back

they keep coming back every time I try

to stop them they keep coming back well

that's the nature of meditation that's

the nature of becoming present the

thoughts will come back all your job is

is to bring yourself back to Center

every time that happens now at first

this might be a continuous process you

might have to focus on what you're

feeling again and again and again but as

you practice being present you'll find

this easier and easier as time goes on

and when you become present you are

really yourself in true unadulterated

form because you're no longer clouded by

the reflections of what you are or what

you feel but actually get to witness

them in their raw natural state have you

ever wondered why beginners have

beginner's luck the simple answer is

that they are not thinking yet about

what it is that they're doing if you

hand someone a dart and tell them to aim

for the dart board for the first time

they're likely to do quite well and

perhaps even get the bullseye and that's

simply because the person hasn't

considered their technique how they're

supposed to do it they aren't thinking

oh what will people think if I don't do

well they aren't really thinking about

the process much at all they pick up the

dart and they give it their best shot

and that's the thing when you're not

thinking you give things your best shot

because it's the only thing you can do

and what really causes us to struggle is

when we introduce thought into the

equation say you've been playing darts

for years and your friend challenges you

you're thinking well I have to win I

have to show him the better darts player

or perhaps you're thinking oh I've had a

couple of drinks maybe I'm not going to

be too good and you're worrying whatever

the case when you start to think about

what you're doing you start to question

yourself you start to insert doubts into

the equation and when that happens you

no longer fully equipped to deal with

the situation at hand so how does this

affect the rest of our lives

well this affects us in everything we do

say we're talking to someone or writing

an email if we write an email after a

lot of thought we'll be sitting there

analyzing it we might rewrite parts

because we're worried they might sound

the wrong way but often the best way to

actually speak to someone is just to

become aware of what they've said to

feel what they've said rather than

thinking about it and to take a moment

of pause to become present and then to

reply when we do this we can come up

with the best answer possible for the


we don't strain our mind thinking about

the best way to say it and yet we say it

the best way that we can and the same is

true for any process whether you're

making something writing something or

doing manual labor even the less you

think about the process and the more you

just feel what you're doing the more you

start to laterally flow with the process

and this is much easier than people

might think see when you think it seems

hard when you do it it's easy and what

about the times where you don't know

what you should be feeling where you're

perhaps doing nothing like perhaps

you're meditating and do not focused on

anything you want to become present you

don't want to focus on thoughts well the

simplest answer here it's just to become

present with your breathing become

present with your body itself and it's

natural processes the beat of you heart

the way your limbs raise and lower

slightly with each breath the way your

body tenses it on tenses as you go

through different feelings the way your

muscles feel the way your legs rest on

the chair focus on these things and just

feel them don't question them don't

think about them don't try to understand

them just feel them this is why in

meditation we often focus on the

breathing on the natural inhale and

exhale motion when you do this it's very

easy to become present because you're

not clouding your mind of thoughts your

focus is elsewhere your focus is on your


so to end this video I just want to

suggest that you all take five minutes

to meditate now if you have the time

it's worth doing and if you don't just

remember to stay present and whatever

you're doing thank you for watching if

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