How To Focus On Yourself After A Breakup and Boss Up ! | Must Watch 👏| ft Beaudiva Hair

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what's going on Bella gang is Shigella

financial back at it again with a brand

new exciting Girl Talk video Bella

getting best friends and this girls Hawk

video I'm gonna be tying the ladies how

to focus on yourself and boss all the

way up after a breakup take a pen get

some snacks get you some wine whatever

cuz this supposed to be another juicy

Girl Talk

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okay best friends let's get started with

tip number one how to focus on yourself

and boss up after their breakup now

number one this is very important it's

very important that you get your

confidence back I don't know about you

guys but if I'm gonna long-term

relationship even if a short time I

don't know

porn bang period if he break up with me

we automatically assume there's

something wrong with this so what

happens when we feel like something's

wrong with us our self-esteem is shot

we are just feeling low we have low

self-esteem we barely want to leave the


I don't mean I barely want to leave the

house and you know I'm saying cuz my

mind ain't right I'm not gonna wanna go

in the club and you know you know Tori

can do all that with my friends

well my mind is thinking about why the

hell did Sony break up with me you know

I'm saying especially when you feel like

the relationship was going good a

relationship after breakup can take a

toll over your mind your body your soul

so you know what

what's a quick fix I think for me this

is how I get my confidence back I spent

a lot of extra time

make up if let's say you know you're not

working but you're in school just you

know when you wake up in the morning

spending a little extra time you know

picking out your office maybe the day

the night before putting a little little

extra time on your hair on your makeup

you know why because when you go out

people see you looking pretty looking

cute boom they're gonna compliment you

and what happens when somebody

compliments you you feel better about

yourself ladies I want you to feel

better about yourself I'm not for me

I'm not some person to seek attention I

need everybody to call me a bad me

you're upset I don't need that but it

feels good when you feel really low

about yourself after a breakup you feel

insecure that someone notices you

especially if a person of the opposite

sex notices notices you you know I'm

saying you probably thinking like damn

like I'm knobby I'll never be good

enough for somebody else

or I thought it was the best I can get

you you be surprised you know I'm saying

you step outside looking good you know

I'm saying you're Nipsey Hussle

it's right there trying to bag you

trying to talk to you trying to change

your whole life

but you ain't gonna meet your Nipsey

Hussle if you are here walking looking

like Wanda from holiday heart you know

I'm saying here looking crazy with the

wig looking like you just robbed the

bank you know I'm saying spending a

little extra time put a little extra got

to be gel whatever if you run your

natural hair do the best to stop you

can't look the best you can you don't

want to ever look like what you've been

through because I take it from me I feel

even worse cuz I cause to be honest like

I didn't take my own advice before after

I break up you know I would just go

outside any type of way and I just feel

invisible because that's like I feel

like people looking at me crazy like

they're not gonna show up you know

saying and I didn't care at the same

time but that's not healthy because when

you walk around feeling invisible inside

and you look invisible to people because

nobody's coming at you and you look

crazy is how you don't think it's gonna

do something to you okay so the number

one the first step is you have to get

your confidence back by going outside

more dressing up more because guess what

your prince charming is

to find you but I don't know about you

guys I'm not gonna pay attention sir God

it's not well kept you know I'm saying I

don't care how good a guy looks if he

cuz nails is dirty his sneakers is dirty

you know got a haircut he probably could

have been the best man for me but I

can't look past how your parents look

yeah I'm saying if you don't care about

how you look how you don't care about me

and my in our relationship you know I'm

saying and my son a little shallow a

little superficial but you know I'm

sorry I'm saying I don't want my man to

be a snack the same way you guys want a

snack you know I'm saying you want to

upgrade from your ex it's the same thing

for men they want to they want to be

proud to show that girl off okay honey

gonna show you off if you look at crazy

you don't say like even my friends if

they look crazy I'm like since get

yourself together I know you're gonna do

it with something so but we're not going

out like that

like you're away cos liftin says no like

we're not doing that we're taking our

we're taking care of our bodies our mind

our soul it's 2019 so number one make

sure you get your confidence back ladies

all right Bella gang let's move on to

number two how to focus on yourself

after a breakup and boys up number two

this is very important just as that just

as important as I'm going number two is

stay focused on you by keeping yourself

extremely busy find a hobby get extra

hours at work this will keep your mind

off of your breakup no no I don't know

about you guys but when I first freshly

get out of a breakup all I could think

about is this this guy and especially

when they do you dirty for some reason I

don't know comment below if you guys can

relate for some reason like when you go

to a breakup and the guard break up with

sure you know who's no good for some

reason our mind knows that it was best

to break up it was best to like leave

each other alone because who's not

treating you right but for some reason

those be the same type of dudes we just

cannot get over we're lurking on a page

you know I'm saying we're thinking about

them 24/7 it's so annoying to me but I

can't help but like I'm a cancer comment

below if you the same way where you

don't think well after a breakup you

just can't get the person out your mind

so what you do Bella game is very

important since keep yourself very


okay I'm go out with your friends more

even if you don't watch your friends

even if you want to stay home you don't

feel like being bothered with nobody

that's fine because I'm like that too

when my mood is not right I don't want

to be a debbie downer to the people

around me so I stay home and because I'm

a rapper so I love to write I write my

own stuff so I like to write write

poetry or maybe am I going Netflix and

you know watch chick flicks watch like

comedy anything that's gonna get your

mind off of Derick you need to do it

because if not you're gonna find

yourself getting back with Derick and

getting back into that toxic

relationship that broke you stopped

going back to the people that broke you

I know I said this and another girl talk

it's very important stop once you stop

going back to people that broke you

broke you you know why because you're

not allowing your prince charming to

come and swoop you up you're not

allowing God to give you that upgrade

that you deserve okay and when you first

go through a breakup all you ever want

to do is really get back together but if

it's like the second third fourth time

Gavin tried and it's not working that's

God telling you ding ding ding he's not

the one for you you know sing just

remember always remember this and your

relationship this is how you know if

you're in a good relationship when it's

you it's forced when it's God it flows

so if your relationship is not flowing

okay and it's you guys trying to keep it

together that's not the relationship for

you there's a lot of married couples

that I see on Facebook peoples always

asking them how do you guys stay

together for so long I came to be with

somebody for a month and it was like you

got to be each other's best friends you

got to be each other's peace you know

I'm saying there's a there's a scripture

in the Bible and it was like you know if

a man loves you correctly if you take

his name and replace it with love in

Corinthians I forgot the verse but if

you doesn't wanna die verse I'm talking

about comment below but it was like love

is kind love is patient love is this

love is that so you take love and you

put your man in you know you swap out

the love word for your man if your man

is patient your man is loving your man

is kind then yes I always think that you

shouldn't give up on a relationship

like that but if you kid if you if you

reading Corinthians and that person I'm

talking about I wish I knew exactly the

first and you realize that he's not

patient he's not kind he's not anything

like that versed then since it is time

to let go so guess what congratulations

if you're watching this you trying to

level up on him you're trying to boss up

how are you going to boss up if you keep

going back like I said to the things

that broke so the things that broke you

and you know I'm saying listen to your

intuition we all know when we in a good

relationship we in a toxic relationship

we know this okay

and that's why I sit here and I write

this because I think about you guys and

I think about when you tell me that it's

so hard for you to boss up because you

just feel so broken so number one like I

said you got to get your confidence back

putting a little extra time in your

parents so you could get compliments

post on post some new flicks on

Instagram because you feel good about

yourself it's not got you try and look

for attention but it's definitely

confidence booster when people are

seeing your new glow up all right and

number two like I said stay focus

yourself keep yourself busy stop

thinking about him because I don't I'm

is the devil's playground when you have

nothing that and we have nothing

actually doing in your house and all you

can think about Derick guess what

daddy's gonna be calling your phone and

he's gonna call you say babe I think you

should do me give me another chance I'm

gonna see you next we know it he's got

your house you sleeping with him and the

feelings come back and then you feel

dumb because two weeks later he's back

to as always is it worth it no okay so

number three let's move on to number

three but again number three is use your

breakup as motivation to get your edge

together you always see yourself to be

the woman you couldn't be in your

relationship now I remember I said this

also in another video and this is very

important that it has to reiterate this

and bring this back to you guys

attention it is very important that you

boss up this is the boss apart of this

girl talk if he if your man if your man

told you that you can never be an author

you can never you know own your own shop

you only beautiful on this is the time

to educate yourself to get you get your

mojo back that you lost near relate

this is the time where you're gonna

feel the most empowered okay and if you

don't feel empowered that's probably

because number one you're not motivated

enough to want to change stop feeling

sorry for yourself a lot of the times

this is the time that we supposed to be

bossing up but risks alking and where we

were Saturday time I Rick crying and we

came to focus on work because it's like

damn I can't believe this happens to me

don't look at it like that this is a

time where you write down all your goals

or your goals near ambitious write it

down and knock them out one by one and

post all of your success on Instagram

you because nine times out of ten Derek

will be watching your page you know I'm

saying so let's say he always wants me a

real estate agent post that oh I just

sold my first home I feel so good to be

a realtor that it I just know that the

way the same way we learned Geisler -

he's gonna go on your page and be like

damn son I really missed her like she

just she just glowed up on me he's gonna

want you even more but that doesn't mean

I should go back to him

but guess what he could patch this up on

the back cuz you're gonna feel good

inside you're gonna feel empowered like

wow he made me feel so bad about myself

and now he's calling me talking about

his proud of me yeah you could be proud

of me but be proud of me from us from

afar cos you know you're not even my

type no more I don't boss up so much

you're not even my type you know I'm


so definitely number three use your

breakup as motivation number four this

is my last and final tip how to focus on

yourself and boss up okay so number four

this is very important do not date for a

while until your you are emotionally and

mentally ready dating other guys won't

heal the hurt that your ex caused you

now a lot of you do this including

myself I do this a lot um we're you know

saying any guy that comes to our life

after the break-up

we're like oh maybe he'll two or maybe

he could be the one or maybe not be so

like standoffish then you start dating

but if you know that you know you're on

your date and you find the stuff still

thinking about Derek so talking about

your ex you're not ready since

and guess what all that baggage or that

toxic energy from your last relationship

that broke you

you're gonna bring into this new

situation that you're currently in with

the guy that you're dating it's not fair

for the person that you're dating cause

it's wasting this time wining and dining

you when all this time all you can think

about is Derek wishing that it was Derek

that was wining and dining you if you

feel that way since you're not ready

today don't let your friends prepress

you and tell you guys been for months

I'm not killed my cousin he's got money

he got this he could get you fluid out

no okay you needs to focus on yourself

this is the time that you stay prayed up

this is the time that you heal okay cuz

you you're damaged and you're broken and

what happens when you fall fall down

right let's say you fall down and you

and you break your arm the doctor puts

you neck and the cast and you can't do

nothing for a few weeks

picture yourself as a broken arm right

and right now used a few months as your

cast okay so you're casting out negative

energy you're you're you're casting out

your ex by blocking him not looking on

its page you're doing all of that this

is the process of healing so that when

you when you feel ready when it's time

then you can break your cast and you can

move your arms up and down because

you're healed but if you still feeling

like it's a burden on your back it's a

burden on your chest since you over see

yourself so fall back focus on you

matters always gonna be around okay and

that was my biggest issue in high school

I didn't care I wanted I was always

dating I've never been single and this

is the first time in my life that a lot

of you guys accent girl oh you never

they ship you dock some good advice no

I'm not in a relationship

you know why Bella gain because I never

allowed myself to heal every time I've

talked to someone or I'm with a guy you

break my heart or whatever I just

immediately talks another guy you know

why because you know it's always guys

around that wondercore to die say oh

I've been wanting to date you and guess

what you date them and they another

waste of time this is this is very is

very you owe it to yourself to be

celibate so close your legs and not give

it up because when you

you when you add and you know intimacy

is her situation it can also like it can

also cloud things that's why it's been

eight months I'm still celibate still

it's still feeling good and thriving now

I know my mind is clear I know exactly

the man I want and I know right now that

I don't even tolerate anybody that

reminds me of my other exes because

anybody that remind you of your ex nine

times out of ten they're gonna be

putting through the same crap your ex

did use this time I use this whole eight

months to connect with God to connect

with you guys I've been putting out more

videos focus on me it's a really good

feeling okay and I want you guys to

experience that same feelings so don't

you miss the peer pressure I don't care

if sorry about that but again I just had

a phone call but I don't care he's the

most sexiest thing walking that's a trap

the devil knows what to do to lure you

into just another bad situation ship you

gotta know the difference between

somebody was sent from you from God or

the devil was playing with your heart

and your feelings and he is playing on

your vulnerability don't you know a lot

of guys also noticed when you're in a

vulnerable state so they might try to

wine and dine you when you over all to

get your cookie okay and you're gonna

get hurt on top of the hurt that you're

trying to recover from it just makes no

sense it's a really bad cycle that I

want you to break okay and that's that

pretty much completes my girl talk how

to focus on yourself after a breakup I

hope this video was useful this next

clip is going to be me showing you guys

how I turned my 613 yellow blonde into

this ash blonde color so I hope you guys

liked that tutorial and you over you

overall like this video comment below

what next what Girl Talk topic I should

do my channel next I love you guys so


until next time okay Bella gang let's

get started so the first thing you want

to do is I decided to tone this hair and

make it like a ash blonde color by using

my shimmer lights shampoo if you get

that your local beauty supply store this

on on camera it looks already like a ash

brown color but it's a really high


so this purple shampoo strips a high

yellow color and gives it a nice gray

tone to it that I absolutely love so if

you don't want to go to the hassle of

coloring your hair like a light gray or

whatever you could just do this step

it's so easy then you're gonna dip the

whole wig and say your shampoo warm

water mix and then you're just gonna

pretty much smooth the hair through with

your fingers

I use my Denman brush since it's hanging

a little bit but I advise that you you'd

be a little bit more gentle I did

experience some shedding I think it's

because I put a little bit so much

shampoo but overall I love how the color

turned out as you can see it's like more

of a white blond then a high yellow 6:13

blonde so what you want to do is I

already started by parting my hair I'm

gonna I parted my hair on the side

because I'm gonna wear my hair in the

side part and then I went in with my

diamond brush and my blow-dryer that I

both got from the beauty supply store

and I'm pretty much just blow-drying the

hair I like this technique better

because it gets to here boom bone

straight and that's what I'm trying to

do with this style I want a side part

bone straight type of look take your

time also another mistake I did

on why the wig was wet I went in and I

blow-dry the hair right after it still

came out nice but once again I

experienced shedding cuz you're really

not supposed to handle wigs when they're

wet because it sheds and you know you

can ship the hair and make it a little

bit more thin so I recommend before you

blow-dry the hair ladies that you

actually wash the hair and leave it to

air dry overnight so it can be fully

dried then you go in with your

blow-dryer so as you can see I'm still

blow-drying the hair I like this way

because the parting space oh my god it's

like you get like a good 6 to 7 inches

of parting space in the front

we unit is very snug on my head not too

tight not too uncomfortable

it fits my head just right this hair is

brought to you by beauty by hair like I

said in the beginning this wig came in a

24 inches blonds I'm not sure of the

price I should have checked for you guys

but I'm pretty sure it's very

inexpensive because a lot of the

companies I work for their wig units are

probably like no more than like a

hundred dollars or like 130 but this rig

unit shouldn't be that much just check

this site I will link it in the

description box below

the only bad side to this wig unit was I

noticed that and then really stay

straight for too long and I feel like

that's because once again I didn't allow

the hair to fully dry before I styled it

so it when I went outside it was a

little puffy so make sure that you don't

brush the process make sure that they

here is fully dry before you style so

what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna use three

clips to clip the size and the back and

I'm gonna go in with my baby bliss flat

iron that I got from the beauty supply

store and as you can see when I applied

the the straightening iron to the hair

it gives me a bone straight finish that

I love I was just blown away how pretty

and trait that disregard and you want to

use medium to small sections this way

you'll get a nice bone straight look

usually I rush to my wigs because I

don't have patience but I said you know

what let me just experiment and you know

work in smaller sections and when I

worked in medium small sections I got a

bone straight result that looked really

really good and now you're gonna see me

straighten one more piece of the hair

and then I'm gonna finish the back and

then I'm gonna get back to straightening

the front and show you guys the final


but it's super easy

also bella gating another useful tip

it's gonna allow you to have bone

straight here when training is you

really really want to take your time so

when you're straightening even your own

hair especially me because I'm natural

you want to take a small section and you

wanna slowly glide through the hair with

the straightener so if you pay attention

to how I'm training the hair I don't

rush it I take my time it might look a

little rushed because this video is sped

up but I literally take my time from the

beginning from the root to the tip so I

could get that straight bone straight

finish and I love and now I pretty much

finished straightening the whole head

this is the last section and I

previously plucked the hair as well so

are you gonna see me do is just

straighten it and I also had this iron

on four hundred and fifteen degrees I

mean my straightener goes up to 450 but

with blonde hair

I noticed that blonde hair does not take

well to high heat so keep that in mind

when you're training

don't burn your hair because I've I've

earned plenty of my blonde hair in the

past for some reason it just doesn't

take two excessive heat like that and

what do you guys think about this toning

like I really love the shimmer light

shampoo is such a lifesaver because I

love how the hair color came out so many

people actually if I colored this hair

no just literally the shampoo that I use

that stripped the high yellow and toned

it down I love it love love love I was

actually considering coloring my natural

hair this color but and I'm I got time

for that breakage I'll just stick to the

wig as you can see I use small to medium

sections throughout the hair

look how pretty guys pretty smooth and

straight once again this hair is brought

to you by beauty ver hair hair

information will be linked in the

description box below if you guys

enjoyed this video and you guys want me

to do more twenty ones where I do girl

talks and hair tutorials definitely let

me know and also let me know the next

Girl Talk topic you think I should do

thank you for sticking around to watch

this tutorial I love you guys so much

stay prayed up but I can't let you guys

go without you seeing the final result

so I'm just gonna continue to take some

sections part the hair and shrink I was

thinking about doing like a crimp hair

tutorial let me know if you guys would

like to see that as well and as you guys

can see hopefully you guys can see what

I'm talking about the parting space is

oh my gosh you could it's so so much

parting space guys which makes the hair

look so much more natural on the head I

hate receiving wigs and it's like an

inch of parting space so I really really

love it yep and that's pretty much the

final look nice bones

Sophie straight here thank you guys for

watching love you