5 Tips for Studying Maths | How to study for Maths Exams!

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hey guys welcome back to highschool hack

so mass is a very unique subject and

studying for it would be completely

different to how you would study for

another subject to do well in math exams

you do have to be an absolute genius or

spend hours and hours of effort each day

you just have to understand how to study

very properly and apply it to your study

routine so here are five study haps for

mathematics exams that I learned and use

during high school


the first hack is to not copy down what

the teacher writes on the both now a lot

of people might disagree with me on this

but let me explain why

mathematics is not a subject that is all

of that rote learning which is repeating

something over and over again to help

you learn it and in this case it would

be just going through the teachers notes

again and again instead mathematics is

about how to think illogically and

applying these two problems therefore

what you need to be doing during the

time of the teachers writing on the

board is that you need to be

understanding what is going on

what formulas are using and why they're

using those formulas and the great thing

about this is that once you understand

the theory concept you won't have to go

over ever again because we've pretty

much mastered it and then you can

straightaway apply this in the exam

which is going to save you so much time

during revision now on to tip 2 and that

is to do homework and practice questions

until you grasp the concepts for example

if I had just learned about factorizing

then I would do a few problems from the

textbook or from exercise sheets on

these on the topic or factorizing and

then after I feel like I've gotten the

hang of it then I'll stop doing the

questions because I've gotten up to the

point where if I was in the exam I know

I'll be able to do a similar question

and work that out

so the purpose of this is to save you

from doing too much what you don't want

to be doing the same question over and

over again because that's really

repetitive and it's just a waste of time

for the exam

tip 3 is probably the most important tip

that I'll give you guys and that is to

do past papers this is because the

actual exam will be very similar to that

of previous years in terms of what's

being tested and also what kind of

questions they might ask so it's a great

way to improve really quickly before the

exam and what I found is that if I did

three to five past papers before each

maths exam I would pretty much be able

to do at least 90% of the question

in the actual set because they were just

so similar like they might change a few

numbers here and there might change a

few steps but ultimately it's like the

same thing this is absolutely the

quickest way to improve if you're behind

so make sure you do those pass papers

before the test tip 4 is to reattempt

the questions that you didn't know how

to do at a later time going over the

problems you struggled with and learning

the solution of how to like actually

solve those problems is a great way to

quickly improve your math skills and

this will probably be extremely

beneficial for you in the actual exam if

they're really difficult problems

especially towards the end of the paper

ok the fifth and final tip is to make a

list of all your careless errors now

there are two possible ways you can lose

marks in a test the first way is if you

don't know how to actually do the

question in the first place

or if you made a careless error such as

you typed in the wrong numbers into your

calculator or you forgot the unit's

after a number make a list of what kind

of errors you made in previous exams and

then before the actual exam go over this

list and see when you menu mistakes like

for example a key area I might need a

focus on is to make sure I type in

numbers correctly into my calculator and

then I'll make sure an actual test to

like focus on that problem and try to

make sure keep a note in my head to like

not make that same mistake again so

there you have it guys these are the

five key tips that I use and what you

can follow to efficiently study for your

maths exams if you really enjoy this for

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