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hello my friends it's danny and today

we're going to chat about motivation

how do you get motivated how do you stay

motivated when you're trying to lose


it's a great question and it's one i'm

excited to dive

into so here's the thing we have to

remember that motivation it's a feeling

right and no feeling

just magically happens to us feelings

don't just drop out of the sky

all of the feelings that we experience

are generated by what we think

our thoughts create our feelings so if

you are trying to generate the feeling

of motivation

you first have to start by investigating

what are you thinking

so when you want to lose weight when

you're trying to do something different

right whenever we need to take on any

type of change

we have to create some type of plan for


some type of intention somewhere to


our attention in a way that is different

from what we've been doing in the past

and for a lot of people creating a plan

can be really motivating at the


and the reason that plan is motivating

is because we're believing in it and

we're excited about it

and we believe it's going to help us get

our results so we feel motivated

and most people can generate motivation


a couple of days but what starts to

happen is that after

two three four days when we're not

seeing the results that we want to see

side note weight loss doesn't work that

way weight loss takes time it's not fast

and it's not linear right but a lot of

times when we set a weight loss goal and

we don't start to see

a changes right away we start to lose


and the reason that we're losing

motivation is because we're no longer

excited about and or believing

in the plan that we've set up for

ourselves sometimes it's just enough

when that plan starts to get really hard

that we're like

forget this right this doesn't work

anyway and that absolutely

creates the opposite effect of

motivation so point one you really have

to remember

that motivation is a feeling and the way

we are thinking is either going to

motivate us

or unmotivate us now to take it one step

further something that i

personally have found to be very true

around motivation and weight loss is

nothing really creates motivation and


like results right once you really start

to see the results

of the work that you've put in you start

to get motivated and the reason you

start to get really motivated

is because you're believing really hard

in what you're doing right because

you're like

this is working oh my gosh this is so

exciting i'm going to keep doing this

maybe i'll tweak it like this

maybe i'll tweak it like that right

those thoughts that excitement and that

belief in yourself builds more


and then as that motivation is

rooted with more energy and excitement

more momentum builds

so i think what we have to remember for

ourselves is that at the beginning

it's very normal for anything new

anything different that we're doing

to feel uncomfortable to feel

challenging because

you have to remember your brain our

brains love easy and efficient

they don't want to use a lot of energy

they love

doing what they did yesterday and so

whenever we're creating a new habit

it requires more energy and more

attention more awareness more


on our part and that is uncomfortable

it's harder it's harder than not doing

it for sure

right not only that when you come into a


where you want something that you

normally would do and now you're trying


do something different that also is

uncomfortable right

anytime you're trying to change a habit

it can feel uncomfortable

at the beginning and so i think this is

why it's important that if you really

want to build motivation

to create some type of game plan for

yourself some type of intention

and then making a commitment to work

towards that goal that game plan that


knowing that it will feel bumpy at the

beginning i almost want to

invite you not to expect motivation at

the beginning

don't require motivation as a means

to get you into action be willing to


action when you're not motivated because

honestly if we all sit around waiting to

be motivated

it's very unlikely that we're going to

make a lot of progress because again

it's hard to maintain that motivation

when we're doing something new and

different with just the power of our


and real motivation starts to generate

from results

important to note that again the

motivation is not actually coming from

the result

is coming from what we think about the

result so if you can

generate that belief system without the


i mean that's the real magic but either

way you can get there either road

the way you're thinking or by just

creating a plan committing

and then getting motivated by your

results those are your two pathways

to creating more motivation for yourself

so i hope that was a little bit

insightful i'm so curious to know what

your personal

thoughts questions and or experiences

are with motivation

and with your weight loss goals and or


i would love if you would come down to

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mid-september thank you so much for

watching i'm danny spees and i will see


back here next time with some more food

for thought