How To Stay Focused on Long Term Goals - Jocko Willink

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jackal focus in a battle is

easy how do you keep focus in a long war

i.e long-term goals

well that

that that can definitely be true it can

be pretty easy to focus on the battle

that's right in front of your face

and when you're doing that sometimes you


lose track of the the long-term goal

but i want to have that

that long-term goal so

embedded in my mind that i never lose

sight of it

ever and those little tasks and projects


short-term goals that you tackle they

need to lead toward

that strategic victory

winning the long war

and we get very caught up in

instant gratification we want results


we want the shortcut to the winner's


and sometimes you know when we don't get


short-term glory that we want we

lose track of those long-term goals

and you you look up in in six weeks

or in six months or in six years

and you've made no progress

none you never moved

you might even be further from your goal

than you were

why why

did you let that happen

it's because you lost sight of that

long-term goal

and at some point after you lose sight

of that goal

and years have gone by you think to


maybe i can't

maybe i can't do it

and so you give up and you let it


and you settle

you settle for mediocrity you settle for

average you settle for

oh well

but no no

don't do that embed that long-term goal

in your mind

burn it into your soul

think about it and write about it and

talk about it and hang it up on your


but most important do something about it

do something about it every day every


do something that moves you toward that


that keeps the goal alive and in sight


in focus

however however small

or insignificant that step might seem

take it

do it do that little piece

make it happen

because that goal

isn't going to achieve itself

it's all on