All iPhones: How to Fix Auto Focus or Blurry Problem--- Several Solutions!!

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hey how's it by doing today so today I'm

going to show you how you can fix the

autofocus problem or basically a

focusing problem on your iPhone okay it

doesn't matter what iPhone you have and

it doesn't matter if it's a frontside

camera or the backside camera if it's

short distance or long distance okay so

let's do this first let me go and open

up the camera here and and I'm going to

give you several steps with several

different options what you can do okay

so the first thing is this I mean

obviously you know if you're trying to

focus you just want to tap on it to

focus okay what else you can do too is

you can long press press and hold and

the square will blink twice like that

and then it's basically on AF lock which

is auto focus lock and then take it off

you just simply tap somewhere on your

display now if your phone is still not

focusing the next thing that you want to

do is basically turn your phone over and

get yourself like a cloth and go ahead

and wipe it like this because it could

be smudge marks on there you can have a

dirt on there as well okay wipe that off

like that and then go ahead and see if

your focus is focusing now if it's not

what you can do is you can breathe in a

little bit and then get your cloth and

then go ahead and wipe on the lens and

then give that a try now if that doesn't

work then the next thing you can do is

this okay and this this step right here

is going to help like 50 percent of you

guys out there basically what you want

to do is you want to tap around your

lens okay just go ahead and keep tapping

around your lens and what you can

actually do is you can go ahead and

leave your camera on like this and just

keep tapping and then looking over

seeing that if it's called if it's a

folk if it's back in focus okay if it's

not go ahead and keep giving it more

taps just like that okay sometimes you

want to you know you basically want to

keep going a little bit harder if it's

still not working and take note I'm not

responsible if anything happens to your

phone okay keep tapping out go back

there and then see if it's if it's

working and this is going to help a lot

of you guys now if that tapping is not

working guys the next thing that you can

try is this basically hit it hit the

phone turn it around where the camera is

on this side here

banging it against your palm like this

okay then go ahead go back to your phone

and see if the autofocus is on okay it

is not nothing you can do to is like if

you get like a towel or something and

put it on your table and what you want

to do is just give it like some taps

just like this like on the corner and

then check if that doesn't work and

believe me guys like I've had phones

where I fixed it where I had to do this

as well okay what you can do now is just

if it's still not working get your palm

out and put your phone you want to do is

first thing first thing you wanna try is

hitting the back of it okay so you want

to give it a few whacks then put it on

and see if the focus is back on if not

give it a couple more whacks

try it again it is not working what you

want to do now is go ahead and turn it

over and hit it on this on the screen

side facing a palm of your hands okay

just like that and then go ahead and see

if it works it doesn't go and get

another tap a couple smacks like that

and then see if that's in focus and

you'll be surprised how many times even

this last part that I did I had a phone

today it was iPhone 6 that I got up and

running where I tried every smacking way

and flicking and then I found right this

way and it finally came on okay now give

that a few tries if your phone is still

not autofocusing then what you can do is

pretty much a last step you can go ahead

and try to reset all of your settings so

you can do that by going to your

settings going down to general and then

scroll all the way down where it says

reset and then you can tap on reset all

settings then once you tap on that put

in your passcode on here now this is not

going to delete photos or videos or

anything okay so this this will reset

all settings no data or media will be

deleted so you'll still have all your

photos of your um your videos and then

once you do this if this doesn't work

then what you can do is a factory reset

okay because another possibility that

reason why you may be having these

issues is a app that is basically

installed incorrectly there's a

corrupted app that's causing issues with

your camera so you may want to try to

factory reset as

so if any of these options work for you

if you can just comment below which one

work for you and hopefully it does

alright thanks for watching guys bye