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hey guys it's Izzie and welcome back to

my channel so every day when I get home

from school I just want to drop

everything but then you think well I got

homework to do and I have lots of

distractions around my room so if you're

like me how many of you ten tips on how

to focus on your home tip number one is

to change into some comfy clothes you do

not want to be wearing something

scratchy and uncomfortable while you're

doing your work because you're just

going to feel miserable so get rid of

that scratchy tag shirt and go throw on

your sweatshirt your sweatpants whatever

tip number two is to find a good


so you want to find a place that's quiet

has good lighting and has fresh air like

I always open my window when I get back

home brings in the fresh air tip number

three is to clear your workspace 1 make

sure that it's clean and it's clear and

there's nothing that will distract you

on there so along with tip number 3 tip

number 4 is to hide your electronics

your phone is a huge distraction I know

for me it is a huge distraction I always

say I'm just gonna take a 5 minute break

and use my phone but then I end up being

on my phone for like 2 hours so make

sure to put your electronics in a drawer

or give it to one of your family members

to just kind of hold on to it until

you're done with your work tip number

five is to make sure that you have a

snack and water Within Reach

so grabbing a snack and water before you

start your work will help you so you

don't have to go get up and get it later

tip number six is to write all of your

assignments in a planner so during

school you want to write all the

assignments in your planner or you know

if you're really good at memorizing

things and when you get home write down

all the things that you need to do on a

piece of paper and going with that tip

number 7 is ranking each of your

assignments do the work that's due the

next day first and then do your work

that are longer assignment tip number

eight is my favorite tip and that is

taking a 5 to 20 minute break but you do

want to take a break to let your mind

kinda just relax for a little bit the

best way to study is to study for an

hour and take a 5 to 20 minute break so

for your break just set an alarm on your

phone you can take that time to eat

half trick water beauty book or watching

YouTube video something like that just

make sure that when the timer goes off

that you get back to work

tip number nine is to have a study buddy

or a friend to come over or you go over

to their house or just go to library and

hang out and do your work having a study

buddy or a friend who will encourage you

to do your work or I mean usually you

just kind of mess around but you try I

find that studying with a friend for our

tests really does help guys can kind of

quiz each other and you'll motivate each

other to do well on the test

last and final tip tip number 10 is to

cross off each assignment after you've

done them it's really satisfying to just

cross that off and be like I'm done with


turn it in like I don't need to see that

assignment again this way it will keep

you organized annoying what you've done

and what you haven't done you so those

are my 10 tips on how to focus on

homework I hope you enjoy it and let me

know if this was helpful by giving a

thumbs up comment down below if you're

going to try any of these or if many of

these do help you also make sure to

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thanks for watching and I'll see you

guys in the next video bye