3 Ways to Immediately Improve Your Attention to Detail

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hi crostini with attention to detail I

want to give you three things today that

you can do to improve your attention to

detail over the coming week

the reason I've chosen these three

things is because you can do them

without any training materials without

buying anything you can do these things

for free and you can do them today and

tomorrow and they're easy so the first

one is get more sleep simple as that

it's scientifically proven that a lack

of sleep reduces cognitive abilities and

increase the number of errors people

make in their tasks so get more sleep

even if it's only thirty minutes of

sleep per night get more sleep an hour

is better but you should be sleeping six

seven eight hours if you're only

sleeping five hours a night that's not

enough sleep so get more sleep you will

notice an immediate impact and you'll

also feel better

number two is take five minute breaks

roughly every hour throughout the day

the idea here is to increase your

awareness of your surroundings to to

wake up your body a little bit get some

blood flowing and make sure everything

is working well so get up take a walk

get a drink of water walk around a

little bit do some stretching it feels

good and then go back to what you were

doing just just five minutes about once

every hour increase your awareness

stretch a little bit do something

physical and number three is learn how

you affect the system you work with them

that is learn how the tasks that you do

throughout the day affect the people you

work with and the customers you work for

and when you make an error how that

might impact their day and when you do

something amazing how that might impact

their day and doing this might be as

simple as taking a minute and really

analyzing the task that you do and

thinking about okay after I'm done with

this and I've passed it on to someone

else what happens then and if there's an

error what did they have to deal with to

make sure that turns out well and if it

goes to a customer what would the impact

be on the customer so it could be that

you just think about this on your own it

could be and be careful with this don't

waste anyone's time and approach it from

a very light-hearted point of view but

you could go to your boss or a co-worker

and just say you know I want to do a

better job I want to make sure that I

understand how I impact other people in

the system and maybe even how I can

improve customer service and just have a

light-hearted but candid conversation

about what you do and how errors and how

exceptional work affects other people in

that system so that's those are three

things you can do now today tomorrow the

next day that will immediately improve

your attention to detail

you don't need additional training for

those you don't need a course you don't

get a seminar you don't need a webinar

you can do those things tomorrow and the

next day and see an immediate

improvement in your attention to detail

so get more sleep

five minute breaks understand how the

work you do affects others