How To Clean Your Room FAST! In 30 minutes | Cleaning Hacks

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hi everyone its money and have you ever

been in the situation where one of your

friends says hey I'm coming over in 30

minutes and your room looks kind of like


I feel like we've all been in this

situation whether you're really tiny all

the time and you just had a bad day or

whether you're just pretty messy in

general we've been there so in today's

video I wanted to give you guys a quick

schedule with some tips and life hacks

how to tidy your room in 30 minutes but

please bear in mind that these are not

permanent organizational methods some of

these tips kind of involve hiding the


but hiding it well I'm a very organized

person and sometimes it really pains me

to do these things but on occasion it

has to be done so these tips are really

for when you're in a rush and you want

to tidy up quickly so I hope they're

really helpful for you guys just so you

know I did this video I did the clips

for it in about 45 minutes and I did the

tidying in about 25 minutes the other 20

minutes was like setting up the camera

focusing recording all of that kind of

stuff so I think you can do this in

under 30 minutes if you liked this video

don't forget to give it a thumbs up it

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without further adieu because you're

probably in a rush - lets get these tips

and life hacks out the way so let's

start with some preparations now most

tidying videos will not rely on being

quick so they'll say put on a playlist

put some music on don't do this when you

have very little time you have to

prioritize and not get distracted so

turn everything off and turn your phone

on silent the best place to start is

your desk and other surfaces by clearing

away at the gross food and the old

plates and cups and all of your crisp

packets and things like that because

that's what's gonna really smell and

make your room gross I was sick the

night before so I got rid of all of this

medication and put it back in the

bathroom because it doesn't belong in my

bedroom these are really quick fixes now

for all my products I mean craft

supplies I decided to use this life hack

by using these folder holders I don't

know what they're called but you know

these paper holders when I put two of

them that way around so you can't see

anything and then I just put all of my

products in there craft supplies in one

beauty products in the other and it

actually conceals them really well I put

the high ones up at the back and the low

things at the front and you can't see

anything and it was so quick and easy

and later on I will go and put them in

their rightful places and now on to the

hard part which is the clothes you're

not gonna have enough time to fold

everything and put it back in this place

when it looks like this so what I do is

sniff for the dirty stuff and put those

in my laundry pile and then make another

pile of clean things all of the clean

things I fold as much they can kind of

roughly fold because I like to fold them

properly before I put them away and put

them in a giant carry a bag or box that

I can take away and put somewhere else I

try and put this in a different corner

of the house where no one can see it but

this is a good method for getting rid of

your clothes quickly and then later on

you can put them away properly and you

gotta fill up that laundry basket with

those dirty clothes too so now on to the

junk this is all the miscellaneous crap

you have laying around your room so

first things first close all of your

drawers because this makes a room look

really messy then I'm going around

collecting any pieces of junk small

things I put to one side but the bigger

things I'm putting on my bed this is my

bed method as you will see in a minute

and let me know if you guys do this too

but I put everything in one pile on my

bed which forces me to tidy it up

because I need to get back in my bed

later anyway so I then assess it and I

look at the big things first like coats

bags and I take all my pillows off the

bed put them on the floor and then I

take things like folders anything that's

big and anything that I can put in its


really quickly is first on the list so

any kind of other clothes that I haven't

added to the pile goes and I just keep

doing this until the whole bed looks

pretty clear once you kind of get to the

end there's gonna be a lot less stuff so

there's gonna be a lot more

miscellaneous things and things that you

can't put away quickly as you can see

here my pile of these things is growing

I have nowhere to put them and I'm in a

rush so this is where my biggest darkest

secret comes in I am gonna put them in

my crap drawer and I don't like to admit

this but I have one drawer that's

dedicated to just jump that looks like

this it is embarrassing so this really

looks like and I try and clear out every

couple of weeks so anything that goes in

here doesn't stay in here for long but

it's for when I'm tidying up in a rush

and it does really help me keep my room

clean I just tuck it away like that and

then for the small items I do a very

similar thing and put them in a box

because I don't want to lose them and I

don't want them to fall to the bottom of

the drawer and finally let's get on to

making the bed because this is the most

important part once you've made your bed

is gonna make your whole room look

really tidy in a matter of seconds and

it doesn't take too long and I'm also

putting my pajamas under my pillow

because I just like doing that and then

finally these are the last bits that

will make your room really fresh and

clean obviously if you have the time

a quick comeback came over your carpets

or will be nice and it will keep your

carpets nice and clean for any visitors

you have coming over then taking out the

trash is really important because

otherwise it's gonna smell really bad

and then you can light a candle or put

some Febreze in the room to make it

smell nice for when people come over but

I prefer a candle and that is it now my

room looks a nice and tidy and clean and

this is what it looks like it's not the

best that's ever been it's not perfect

and I still have to deal with that junk

drawer but I'm really happy with it for

the time being and I managed to do that

in a really short space of time


that is everything I hope you guys like

this video and like these kind of sneaky

little life hacks so if you do any of

these things don't forget to leave a

comment down below and tell me if you do

any of them how am i sue your room is

right now are you gonna use some of

these in the future let me know and I

hope you guys have a great day don't

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thumbs up and I will see you guys next

time bye