AUDIOBOOK TIPS | A Guide to Audiobooks

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hi everyone I'm Katrina and welcome back

to another guide to audio books video

today I'm going to be going through some

tips for listening to audiobooks to make

the most of your listening experience

and to maintain focus maintaining

concentration is one of the things that

people really struggle with when

listening to audiobooks because

essentially someone is doing the hard

work and reading to you all you have to

do is sit there and listen and so it's

very easy for your mind to wonder so I'm

going to be going through some ways to

stay focused as well as some other

general tips as well the actual

narration of an audiobook plays a huge

part in your experience and your

enjoyment with an audio book if you come

across and a rater that you really don't

enjoy it's very unlikely that you're

going to also enjoy that audiobook I

would highly highly recommend sampling

and the audiobooks before you actually

buy it if you're borrowing from a

library this isn't quite as much of a

concern just because you might actually

putting your money into that audiobook

and you can easily return it if you're

not enjoying it but when it comes to

actually paying for an audiobook or

paying for a subscription service where

you do get audiobooks they're definitely

sample before you buy you'll have to

check with your subscription service on

their return policy but if you aren't

satisfied with an audiobook going

through audible you can actually return

or exchange it within one year so if you

do come across an eraser that you just

absolutely cannot stand you can return

that audiobook and you can try a

different one instead if you're

listening to a dedicated app for

audiobooks a lot of the time you can

actually jump forward or backwards by 15

to 30 second increments which is

extremely useful if your mind does

wander and you lose track of what's

happening you can just press that rewind

button until you come across something

that you remember and listen again

increasing your reading speed is also

something that I would recommend giving

a try especially if the narrator does

speak quite slowly I typically listen at

about 1.25 or 1.5 times speed not only

are you're able to finish the audio book

a little bit faster as well but I find

that I stay more engaged when the

reading speed is a little bit faster I

don't push it to where I'm struggling to

understand what is happening but just so

it's a really comfortable reading speed

Amazon whisper sync is a tool that

allows you to seamlessly switch between

reading your Kindle eBook

and listening to the audiobook from the

same spot so when you do have the chance

to read a physical book you can read on

your e-reader and then when you are out

and about you can continue from that

same spot just listening to the

audiobook a couple of things to keep in

mind with this it does cost extra so it

might not be the most ideal option for

you might be a little bit too expensive

and it is only available on select

devices you can look into it if it's

something that you are interested in but

I think the way that you go about it is

you purchase the e-book from Amazon and

then you add the audio companion reread

a book that you love when starting out

with listening to audiobooks this is a

really great way to get used to it

because you don't actually need to stay

100% focused you're already familiar

with the story and you know that you'll

enjoy it anyway listen to a book that

you're struggling to physically read I

find that listening to audiobooks is a

lot easier than reading a physical book

because like I mentioned before someone

is doing the hard work for you all you

need to do is listen to what someone is

telling you if you find that you do take

in more information or can remember

things when it's told to you rather than

simply reading at them this would

definitely be a handy way to consume

stories listen to the audiobook whilst

reading the physical book and I would

recommend giving this a try for a few

reasons firstly consuming a story in two

different ways using two different

senses might actually mean that you

retain more information than if you just

done one or the other it may be a way to

ease yourself into listening to

audiobooks and I think it will also be a

really handy way to consume a story when

there may be differences between the

physical book and the audiobook for

example in the physical book there may

be pictures or illustrations that you

obviously couldn't see while listening

or in the audiobook there may be sound

effects or music that you obviously

don't get well reading physical select

engaging books you're not really going

to maintain concentration when you're

listening to something that bores you

some examples of this could be to read

biographies by or about people that you

like or find fascinating for me

personally I find that listening to

audio books written by and narrated by a

specific comedian is really handy

because obviously it has me laughing

through it as well so it's a really

enjoyable and engaging read also books

that have a little more momentum in that

they're action-packed or fast-paced I

would definitely avoid starting by

listening to classics if that's not what

you primarily

read anyway I have listened to A Tale of

Two Cities and I couldn't tell you a

single thing that happened in it and I

listened to the entire thing and lastly

multitask while doing mindless

activities one of my favorite things

about audiobooks is the fact that you

can do other things while you're

listening to it but obviously when it

comes to multitasking if you're doing

something that requires too much thought

then you're going to lose focus on the

audiobook multitasking with audiobooks

may also take a little bit of getting

used to as well so I would recommend by

starting out with activities that

require little to no brainpower


as a couple of examples you can start

out by listening to audiobooks while

you're walking or doing exercise while

you're commuting on the bus for the

train and then you can build things up a

little bit so some other things you

could do are getting ready in the

morning while you're driving while

you're doing the washing cleaning around

the house even coloring in if you like

some more ideas of things that you can

do while listening to audiobooks then

definitely let me know I can do a whole

separate video talking about a range of

things that you can do while listening

so those are some tips and tricks for

listening to audiobooks I hope that you

found this helpful and of course if you

have any additional tips that you would

like to share with everybody else please

leave those in the comment section below

but thank you so much for watching and

don't forget that I post a video every

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when I do post a new video that's all

they have now and until next time I will

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