"FOCUS on ONE Thing at a TIME!" - #OneRule

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Focus more you have to have absolute focus getting laser focused on something

What's up believe nation

it's Evan my one word is believe and I believe in you I believe you have an

Amazing gift inside you that I want to see explode out of the world now

I started the one rule series because I watch a lot of top tens we make a lot of video content and

Some of the rules come up over and over and over and over again

And so the goal with this series is to bring together some of the rules that keep coming up consistently and share it with you

So today, we're gonna learn how to get super focused


When one looks at the cream standing on one leg

Completely focused into the waters the crane with one pointed attention is

Looking at the waters as the fishes are swimming inside the water

the crane will allow the tiny the small fish to swim around and

Not be satisfied with them

It'll allow the fishes the small fishes to go around and swim around

the crane

will focus and wait

For the big fish to come if the qurían settles with the small fish

it lose the big fish and as a crane wants the big fish it has to allow the small fish to

pass by and go around

similarly in life

When you want to focus on what is important?

We should allow the small things to pass why we shouldn't be distracted by the little things sometimes

They'll be interpersonal issues and conflicts sometimes

There'll be some health crises sometimes there might be a financial crisis so many things keep happening in life

let the small things vas-y and

Focus on what's important?

I always am hard on like like deliver platitudes on never be a quitter

platitudes like oh

Yes, we can and yes, we will

Is something gonna recently try to quit like it gave up on threw in the towel and didn't finish let me explain

So so I made this video lets you guys, I think it was okay like it wasn't

Bad bad, but as I was watching it back this morning about to upload it

I realized it like it wasn't good either

It felt rushed and like so I'm bringing up this failure this quit this quitting

I'm bringing this up to you now because I don't giving up on that video made me realize that I

Need to focus more on my YouTube videos

You know my head's been really focused on on beam and on family and all these other things happening in my life

But I still got all these crazy ideas


Instead of investing a bunch of time to realize those ideas like I used to I try to rush them and it always leaves me

with something that that's

Unsatisfactory, so I'm just bringing all this up to you now to let you know I'm gonna be giving my videos more focus and more

Attention because this is kind of the only thing that gives me a tremendous sense of fulfillment in my career kind of in my life

Beyond family and stuff and I missed that I want to get back to that my life changed

A couple years ago when I discovered something called the progress principle. It is a principle

That was written about in the Harvard Business Review

It's based on a tremendous amount of research done by a professor over there, and what she determined is that?

people that feel

Happy and successful and fulfilled by their lives and work. They all have one thing in common

They feel as though they're making progress on something that matters, so I read this little bit of research

And I started applying it to my life, and what I do as stupid as it sounds it really works

I don't focus on balancing everything I focus on just

making sure that I

Make progress on one thing a day. That's right

You heard me one

Thing a day that matters to me now if I can make progress on one thing a day that matters to me

Then I can let go

And let the rest of my day get hijacked by kids by spouse by phone calls by emails by social media by all

Kinds of things that come up and tend to hijack your day when you're a busy person

When you have a family when you're married when you got a lot going on and so by focusing on one

thing a day

I feel the sense of control in the sense of progress that

science tells us will make you happy and make you feel more confident and

Actually make you more effective at getting things done?

It also frees me up to be more present with my kids

Koby inc in this venture capital firm her a lot to take on are there are there other things

it seems like kind of each of your vehicles, maybe has a

Specific purpose are there other areas and things that you're looking at and want to pursue its pacing

Right because you know we have

There are certain things that we want to get to but we have to pace those out because we have to have absolute focus

On a few of those things right Brian stipple fun and the stories that we are creating

Right and those are two lenses right now. There are other things that are going to come

but that's

Way down the road you know we have to have a very very sharp lens because we can do so many things may

That's the hardest part when we first started it is you have so many people coming from different

Different angles different points of view and you can do this you can do that, and you know it's a lot of them are

You know very lucrative offers

but their small window my opportunities and the hardest parts been pushing those to the side and

Going through things that have a much much longer tail

Which is risky, but you know? What are you gonna do nice?

I think that's the best way to go about it your chances of success go up in direct proportion to your ability to one

Pick the right things to work on and then to focus on executing those things

It's so easy as an entrepreneur to get distracted

We love shiny objects right we love dreaming up new ideas and chasing these different projects, but if you look at a typical entrepreneur

You'll see that so many of their projects start and stop and start and stop

And you take something 10% through or 50% through or sometimes even like 80% through

But unless you're willing to take it to a hundred you're not gonna get the results

You're not gonna get the fruit of your labor because you're just planting a whole bunch of seeds

constantly, but you're never taking care of that seed you're never watering it right if you want to grow a plant you gotta plant the

Seed you got to care for the soil. You got to add nutrients you go out of water at daily

It's got to have enough sunshine

You got to look after that seed where most entrepreneurs they don't they're starting stock by starting to stop answering stopping

And you never actually get to where you want to go people talk about diversification

You meet the diversifying you diversify, and well that's really great as an investment strategy

If you don't know what you're invested into it's good to have a big portfolio of different things

So that if one thing doesn't do well something else is doing well

But it really sucks this business advice because if you're trying to do 10 different things at once they're all gonna be mediocre

They're all gonna be below average

Because you're going up against people who are doing that full-time and have their focus on it

And so it's much better as an entrepreneur to one pick the things that you want to focus on right and then to actually

Focus on it

Do that work?

Andrew Carnegie was once the richest person in the world

And he had a great quote saying how he likes to put all of his eggs in one basket

And then you watch that basket carefully

Right it's only a major risk if you're not

Watching a basket if you if you take your eye off the ball you start looking elsewhere and then something happens to your industry

Right and so being the expert being the best at what you do

Will always yield more results more value more money to you than being okay at 20 different things

Be the best at one thing

Focus this question is from Phroso mara new on YouTube when your home life is less than desirable

It's not where you want to be living, but you're trying to break out

How do you not let the chaos around you affect your vision and drive?

So this is a framing question so what you want to do, and this this Tony Robbins asked this question. I think it's absolutely


How is

The worst thing that ever happened to me the best thing that ever happened to me so in your circumstance

How is being in a chaotic home life the best thing ever now?

I'll give you one example off the top of my head, and this is exactly why I play first-person shooters

Can you learn to stay calm in the chaos?

Because my friend have the chills if you can do that

It will serve you so well in every single area of your life in a relationship in

business if you want to be an athlete if you want to play games like what ever

It is that you do one of the things that you're gonna have to become great at is

Letting all of the noise drift away into nothing and getting into laser

Focus on that thing that you're working on now when I give advice like that to people

They think well how do I practice the?

Amazing news is the best thing that has ever happened to you is that you have a built-in way to do that your home life

Is mass chaos so now you get a chance to practice. I have the chills you get a chance to practice every day

Tuning out the chaos and getting laser focused on something


Framing now. There are other ways

But that one is so powerful that I will end it there focus on that it is practice practice every day

Thank god, you're living in this chaotic environment man congratulations

See most people think success is a straight line

I'm gonna get out of high school. I'm gonna get a job and everything it's gonna be fun

That's not how it plays out folks okay?

This how it plays out guy decides he wants something and the line gets all squiggly

See right now guy decides over the summer hey, man

I'm gonna go

I'm gonna get this job this summer, and I'm gonna make some money this summer, and then he gets distracted by the first squiggly I

Don't know what he's doing he's squiggling off because he's not focused on his success. He squiggles

You ever used this term squiggle

Yeah, man, I'm doing a squiggle

You know I'm gonna go out and hang out with the guys this weekend. It's a squiggle. It's off path off purpose off potential

And so he ends up in a bunch of loops over here most people get stuck in loops

I did it when I got out of high school. I was in a lot of trouble

Didn't have any focus wasn't fulfilling my potential was distracted didn't have a coach didn't have an older brother

Didn't have a father

Lost what am I doing? Okay? Don't know where I'm going. I know I got this potential. It's sitting there inside of me

It's a little candle burning. I know it's there. I hadn't quite put it out when I was 20 years old

But it was it was low

Any have you ever been there?

What am I doing every day man? Why am I getting up every day? Why am I going to school?

I didn't even know what I was going to school. I was just going to school. I was just doing school

I didn't even want to go to school

See I'm squiggling around


If you persist and stay focus and surround yourself with other people that persist to stay focused

Who knows maybe you'll come out the other end when I get to the court so you know I have my bag

And I'm wearing my my hat in my in my hoodie

This is my office like that's my workplace, and I am like I'm laser-focus

And I've had that I mean I I think it's that mentality that whatever

I just have that tunnel vision and that's how I go and when I leave the courts

I got friends family jokes fun like when I get to my office. I close the door and that's me

That's you I really feel very fortunate to do the job that I do

I mean my obsession has always been film and so when I when I get a job particularly a job as demanding and

as great an opportunity as this one was that always becomes my obsession and

While I was shooting this it really was there's never one second from the beginning to the end of production that wasn't dedicated

directly to this I mean I switched my phone off switch the computer off and

Didn't have any technology no distractions for four months

I didn't make a single phone call I didn't send an email to anybody like including my girlfriend

I just was very very singular in my focus that she loved that's not

A very very understanding it supportive girlfriend. I must say this just of a couple of weeks ago

I was in conversation with someone who is considered some kind of an expert on

Internet affairs and social media and all this


He's been looking at our material

in the YouTube and various other platforms

And I said ve. I can give you 50 times more than what is there?

You know just people work on all the thousands of hours of audio and video

That's there in the archive 50 times more in a year's time. We can multiply it by 50 that much material is there?

He said so guru already what is there here? You're throwing it all over the place is worth a billion dollars. I

Said see what will I do with the billion dollars my interest is seven billion people I have no interest in billion dollars

What do I do with it?

My interest is people

Now I've got a really special bonus rule with Will Smith that I think you're really gonna enjoy

But before that I want to know what are you going to commit to commitment of the day?

You just watch this video. Don't just watch another video make a commitment to change something in your business your life your schedule

What did you learn from this video, and what are you going to commit to changing right now leaving the comments below?

I'm really curious to find out thank you guys so much for watching

I believe in you. I hope you continue to believe in yourself and whatever your one where it is much

Love I'll see you soon, and enjoy the bonus clip

I've always been really product oriented. You know it's like I want to win when I do something. I want to win

I wanted to be number one and I want to smash it and

I had a period I have a daughter and I was over 15 year old daughter, and she really she got me and

Shifted my focus from product to people it took a couple of years

But as soon as I gotten knocked off of product and started shifting to people the whole world

Opened up for me again and acting opened up in a whole

New way to not go into day one of a movie trying to figure out what everybody has to do so we win

Versus opening up and every person's a new

It's a whole new world meaning the character you play all the people you work with both absolutely

You know generally when I went into a product when I went into a meeting with a director

my focus was can this guy when can this girl win and

That it was a it was a you know who's a pathology that got broken

For me a couple of years ago, and then

Releasing that and just wanting to connect with people and wanting to grow and wanted to get new ideas and have new experiences

that don't

have to have

An outcome it just opened up a whole new world for me

And I fell in love and then I couldn't

Imagine what else I could do an acting that could add so much to my life other than acting raise your standard

Apple at the core is core value is



Not one drop of my self-worth depends on your acceptance of me. I don't ever give up I'd have to be

Dead or completely incapacitated. Hey believe nation if you want to see my all-time favorite top ten most a success

I have a very special secret video for you

These are the individual clips that I have personally learned the most from and applied to my life

And my business check the link the description for details