How to Write a 5 Page Paper in 30 MINUTES! | 2019

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hey guys and welcome back to my channel


so if you guys are new here welcome to

my channel my name is Eleanor Josefina

and I am a model in Minnesota and I have

been modeling for over 10 years so

usually my channel is about modeling in

YouTube and how you can grow your

YouTube channel and how you can become a

model and like beauty and lifestyle

stuff but what some of you guys don't

know about me is I'm also a grad student

yes I am a grad student and I am getting

my MBA currently and I have been needing

to write a crap ton of papers throughout

this last semester and throughout the

entire course of my time in grad school

so I have really been struggling with

writing papers I never really was a good

writer but I have found a way and it is

real and it is legal but I found a way

to write my papers that takes me around

30 minutes to about an hour to write

depending on the length of the paper and

how I'm kind of like academically

intelligent it needs to sound it will

really honestly take me like again

anywhere from like half an hour to an

hour to write so yeah you guys if you

want to know how I write my paper so

quickly please keep watching so again

you guys I am a grad student I'm getting

my MBA and I write about three papers a

week I write one five page paper a week

and then two one-page papers a week and

then I also have a project on top of

that so it takes a lot of my time and on

top of that I have to work so I needed a

way to kind of write down all of my

thoughts and write my papers down really

really quickly and I found that I would

just take forever just typing it out and

then I'd read through the paragraph and

then I have to go back and I correct

that paragraph and then I'd write the

second paragraph and the entire process

seriously took me like seriously

probably like 5 to 7 hours to do just to

write it and then to revise it and then

to proofread it I just took forever in a

way I can't keep doing this I have two

other papers to write so I came up with

this way of writing my paper in less

than an hour and it took me about an

hour the first time I did it and now

that I continue to do it every single

week it takes me literally like half an

hour to write my papers so you guys the

secret is to

I write my papers so quickly is that I

speak my papers I don't type my papers I

don't write my papers I like speak them

verbally and it's kind of when you use

like this speaker mode to write a text

message you kind of like speak it and

that's just basically the method that I

use so I got this idea because I

explained to a classmate of mine like it

took me forever to write all of my

papers and I just didn't have any time

for it and she said that our husband who

has I think like dyslexia or something

in school he used a program called

draygon draygon is a software that you

buy and you download it onto your

computer and then basically it's you

open Google Docs and again you speak

your paper on to the Google Docs so I

was like okay that sounds great like

dragon that sounds cool I looked at fine

dragon and it cost like 150 to like 300

dollars depending if you get like the

basic level or the really advanced level

and I was like okay like I'm a grad

student I have no money so I thought

about hey that's such a great idea maybe

I should do that and I should write it

in the notes app on my iPhone and then I

was like that's not gonna work it's just

gonna take forever because you have to

format it and it's just gonna take

freaking forever and also with notes I

just knew that one formatting would be a

problem into that I could never see like

how many pages I had written I was like

this is just too hard like I'll never

know like where am i halfway done with

my paper like am i a fourth way done

with my paper so then the idea came to

me that I needed like a word document on

my iPhone and I wanted to like speak my

paper onto that document and so I was

like oh my god you can download Google

Docs onto your phone you know so that's

what I did I literally downloaded Google

Docs onto my phone and I was able to

kind of like speak my paper and you know

I write my paper

on my phone so the first thing I will do

to start like this entire process is

first make an outline first make an

outline of like the intro the body of my

paper and then the conclusion of my

paper I will always do that and I will

always do research of what textbooks and

what books and what websites that I also

want to integrate into my paper oh I


always have those first so I will always

have all my references included in my

outline and I will make a kind of it's

not very detailed but I will make a

outline of my papers so I know what

point is next the second thing I will

then do is I will go on to Google Docs

on my computer and I will open up a new

Google Docs and I will title it and I

will also do all like the formatting and

editing so all my papers have to be in

APA format point 12-point fonts they

have to be an Arial and they also need

to be double-spaced so again the the

next thing I'll do after I've created an

outline is I will go in to Google Docs

and I will make a new document and I

will format it and title it the way it

needs to look so then I will go to the

Google Doc on my iPhone now and I will

click into it and then I will click Edit

and this is where I start speaking and

like writing my paper and it makes it a

lot easier because it just goes a lot

faster you can speak a lot faster than

you can type and I can get all of my

ideas and everything I want to say on

the piece of paper and then I go back

and edit it so it's a little different

from the software dragon because you

have to pay for it and they help you

edit it along the way Google Docs won't

do that for you but again it's another

it's a free way to write your papers and

write them quickly so I have found this

method to be very very useful okay you

guys I'm just gonna show you with my

computer and my iPhone here with me and

I'm just gonna speak what I want to say

on my iPhone and you'll see it pop up on

my computer it is Monday it is the

beginning of the week and I wish it was

totally Friday so that I could hang out

with my friends period I want to skip

school today but I can't comma instead I

need to stay in and write my very very

very very long paper period so yeah guys

basically that is it and the entire

process of like me creating my outline

and speaking or writing the paper and

editing it it'll take me probably like

an hour and a half but to literally just

write the entire like 4 to 5 pages

really will

only take me like half an hour now and

beginning you used to take me about an

hour but now that I kind of get the

method down and they understand a little

bit more of how to use Google Docs

it just becomes faster and faster for me

so yeah again the entire process for me

to write a five page paper now again

takes anywhere from like an hour to an

hour and a half so anyway you guys that

is my secret of how I honestly write my

paper so quickly in grad school I have

found it to be a fantastic and quick and

easy method and it's also free all you

have to do is download the app Google

Docs app onto your phone and just format

it and just write it on Google Docs one

thing about Google Docs as you saw

earlier is that you will have to say

comma and period if you want a period in

the in the paragraph so yeah so there

are some things you'll have to like play

with and play around with but it's so

much easier to speak something than it

is to type something and it is truly

your words you're the one who's writing

it you're the one who's dictating it so

I would honestly recommend this to

anybody if you have like a you know

dyslexia or not it doesn't matter like I

think it's just a really easy and quick

way to get your schoolwork done and it's

really really helpful it's really really

helped me at least so yeah you guys I

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yeah I love you guys all and I will see

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