CANON DSLR FOCUS TECHNIQUES - Auto, Manual, & More (Canon T6i)

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hello again my name is Chris today I'm

going to show you some basic focusing

techniques on the Canon t6i there's many

different Canon models but the interface

is relatively the same for each model

the only difference is the buttons are

just in different places but it

basically functions the same way on each

model of Canon cameras so basically the

first thing you need to know is that

each lens has autofocus and manual focus

so the first thing is auto focus what

this is is it creates a box

I forgot my t6o touch screen look at

that so you basically put the box over

anything you want in focus hold the

shutter button in halfway and it will

focus in you'll know it when it's when

the box turns green or it will make a

beep I think I have my beep turned off

but you know that's so cool this is

touchscreen put your box over whatever

you want focus hold your shutter button

down halfway and there you go that's

pretty much how you focus in autofocus a

lot of people like more control and they

use manual focus and what you do is you

use your focus ring on whatever lens you

have I'll make it sort of out of focus

so you can sort of see how this works

you can use these zoom buttons right

here there's zoom in and zoom out too

let's say I want to focus in a little UK

koozie up here let's focus in on that so

we're going to zoom in on it maybe two

times and focus in right on it don't go

too far because it will get blurry you

don't you know be too focused out or

it'll be blurry as well you want to be

right perfectly focused in on it

eventually you'll be able to zoom back

out to your live view some cameras have

zebra marks within the menu settings the

t6i doesn't you can install magic

lantern on some Canon cameras and that

will give you an option for zebra marks

and basically what those are

highlighted edges for whatever in-frame

is in focus and that can be very useful

as well sometimes instead of using these

zoom buttons here people will just sort

of and I've done this in the past is

actually zoom in on a on an object I've

got my DVDs there sorry there's nothing

too interesting here to look at by the

way but sometimes people will zoom in

set focus and zoom out on the lens and

that can work but sometimes some lenses

are a little loose and when you zoom

back out it will sort of mess with the

focus a little bit so the best way to

avoid that would to be to just use these

zoom in and out features so focus and

return back to live view another way to

get a more accurate focus is to use a

external monitor like this one here and

that basically makes your LCD screen

bigger a lot of times you're looking at

you know this this LCD screen is like

one and a half inches by what three

inches you know relatively and sometimes

when you're looking at it something

looks and focused but when you put it on

your computer and you blow it up you

realize that you know parts of it or not

and that can be kind of a bummer so you

can use a larger LCD external monitor to

to gauge your focus a little better as

it's blown up just a little more than

the LCD so that's a sort of a basic

overview of focusing techniques

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fun guys later