How To Stay Focused While Reading A Book | 7 BEST READING TIPS

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are you dealing with low concentration while reading a book and do you sew out

from time to time then I have 7 tips for you that will help you increase your

focus while reading and preventing you for sewing out as often because let's be

honest it happens to the best of us but we can try minimize how often it happens

and try keep distractions away when we need to get some reading done tip number

1 find the right environment before you do anything wrap your book and find a

place to read I know your first thought might be your bed or a place that's

comfortable for listen the last place you want to sell down to read a book is

in your bed or in a nice chair where your buddy is associating these places

with relaxing and snoozing instead you want to find a place that is new and

isn't too comfortable some places I like to use it's just at the kitchen table if

it's quiet or at the library or outside if the weather allows it the key note

here is to find a place where it's not associating with sleeping or relaxing

tip number 2 eliminating distractions if you are like the majority of people to

find yourself easily distracted because of the digital age then you need to

figure out which distractions can be eliminated there will always be

distractions that is out of your control but we will be focusing on the

distractions that are in your control first off and this should be a

no-brainer put your phone on silence and put it away if you have the urge to

check your email or Facebook while reading then turn the computer off as

well if you're in a place where all the people might be bothering you or disturb

you then you may want to find another place to read tip number three listen to

music while reading have you ever tried listening to music while reading it's a

great way to help you concentrate on a task especially reading though it has to

be noted that it depends what music you're listening to make sure you're

listening to music that is instrumental only which means without lyrics I

usually listen to classical music on a playlist on Spotify when I want to

concentrate on reading or making these videos for example

tip number four taking notes to stay engage so as you read underline or

highlight important information make a circle around character names anytime

they come up write down questions on a notepad etc you can either write on a

notepad or write directly on the book is really up to you you can also use those

little sticky notes and put those in the key point here is to adopting the habit

of taking notes while reading a book because it's a great way to stay engaged

focused and on the plus side you will increase your retention of the book tip

number five read what you're interested in I know this sounds like a no-brainer

because it is but yet let's see so many people choose books because others say

they are great doesn't matter what other people say you should read what you want

to read well of course we're all going to be faced with reading material we

don't enjoy the trick here is to pretend you love it

visualize you're reading that book and how awesome it's gonna be to read it

fake it to you make it pretty much because the thing is the book isn't

gonna change so we have to look inwards and that means your attitude has to

change instead the book is already written but your attitude towards it

isn't so do what you have to do to manipulate your mind into thinking you

love the book tip number six exercise there are tons of studies that shows the

benefits of doing exercise increased focus even going for a 10-minute walk in

the woods or doing some push-ups before you sit down to read it has to do with

the brain chemicals that we release during exercise tip number seven if you

have read for an hour or more then you should definitely consider taking a

break in between it can even be a quick one-minute if you want that taking time

to collect your thoughts it's very beneficial you can use the break to take

notes if you want or just simply look away from the page but once you start

reading again you'll feel refreshed because it feels like you just started

reading again if you try reading in a 10 to 15-minute intervals with a quick

break in between you a higher level focus and concentration

then if you just try to reading for an hour straight with no breaks hey thank

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