Oculus Go Tips And Tricks

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welcome to the Oasis my name is Mike and

today I'm gonna be talking about ten

tips and tricks for your oculus go now I

think the oculus go is a fantastic

headset but there's a few things I wish

I knew straight from the beginning but

hopefully in this video I got you guys

and girls covered and I can show you my

top 10 tips and tricks for the oculus go

and I'll put timestamps in the

description down below so you can jump

straight to the one that's relevant to

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enthusiasts so without further ado let's

dive in number one change the background

in oculus home now this one had me

stumped for ages until I accidentally

discovered what you needed to do to

change it to change your background in

oculus home you need to navigate to

library and then to tutorial on the far

left this will then guide you through

the initial steps on how to use the

buttons on your controller but at the

end of the tutorial then you'll be able

to choose another background so then you

can have a cool one like this city

landscape that I've got on line number

two compatible Xbox one controllers so

this one has certainly caused some

confusion within the oculus Go community

not all Xbox one controllers are made

equal the original Xbox one and the Xbox

one elite controller aren't compatible

with the oculus go as the controller

needs to be bluetooth to pair with it

you need one of the newer Xbox one s

controllers and in this diagram I show

you the difference between the two so

you know which one you need to buy

alternatively you can check out the link

that I put in the description down below

number three pairing a controller to the

oculus go

so first up you need a compatible

Bluetooth controller and then you need

to launch the oculus application on your

iPhone or Android device go to settings

and make sure you're in range of your

oculus Go headset and then click on the

headset once it's connected you'll then

see control

press on that and then you'll see an

option to pair new controller once

you've done that press on pair game pads

and then put your controller into

pairing mode if you're using an Xbox one

s controller just press the pairing

button on the back until the light

blinks rapidly and then just wait for it

to be seen by your Android or iPhone

device and then press on pair and that

is as simple as that once you've got the

controller paired then you just need to

press the Xbox controller in future and

it'll automatically connect to the

oculus Go number for transferring files

between your PC and your oculus go so

the first thing you want to do is

connect your oculus go to your PC using

a micro USB cable once that's done this

is the part that really stumps people

you need to put the headset on whilst

that's connected to the PC and then

press allow in the headset and then that

will allow you to transfer files to your

oculus go you'll see it in the directory

come up saying VR headset and then you

can navigate through the files and add

video files for example or even copy

videos that you've recorded on the

headset itself back onto your PC number

5 personalizing the pictures in your

oculus room so if you want to make your

ocular srem a bit more personal so when

you invite people over it's got some

actual pictures of you or things that

are dear to you on the walls then all

you need to do is make sure that these

pictures are added to your own personal

Facebook profile and that they're for

the public to see once that's done you

can just go into oculus rooms press

customize click on the pictures and then

select one of the pictures from your

library to display on the walls as you

can see here I've decorated my own

oculus room with some logos and some

pictures from the channel number 6 how

to redeem game codes for your oculus go

every now and then I give keys away for

oculus Go games to my subscribers and

discord members so it's important to

know that when I do this how to redeem

these game codes for yourself so these

are a couple of game codes and this is

what you need to do so make sure you're

quick and smegging these ones what you

need to do is go to your browser go to

oculus calm login with your oculus

profile and then go down to Rhydian code

paste the code into there and press

redeem and then that game will be added

to your oculus library

number seven prevent the Occulus go from

powering on and wasting your precious

battery life so if you're oculus go is

turning itself on randomly that's more

than likely to do with your proximity

sensor detecting your strap at the back

of your oculus go so to stop this from

happening and wasting your battery life

just simply press and hold the power

button on the oculus go until the white

power LED completely turns off then your

oculus go is completely off and won't

turn back on again until you press and

hold the power button again to turn it

back on again number eight

set a password for your oculus go if you

live in a household where there's lots

of people milling around and you don't

want them using your headset then you

can lock it down with a pattern lock to

do this you just connect to your class

go using the iPhone or Android

application and then once it's connected

go down to more settings in the menu and

then you'll see unlock pan then you can

just choose an unlock pattern of your

choice to ensure that no one gets into

your headset while you're away number

nine removing the facial interface so if

your facial interface is getting a bit

grubby or someone's used it and it's got

a bit sweaty or hot and you just want to

give it a quick wash well you can just

simply remove it the interface itself is

held in by the frames of the lenses so

you can simply pop out the interface

around the lenses and remove it then you

can give it a quick wash make sure it's

completely dry and then put it back on


hopefully one day soon we'll have some

replacements from VR cover to give us

some options as to what we can use but

for now this is what we have to do

finally number 10 browsing and watching

movies lying down in the oculus go so if

you want to browse the Internet whilst

lying down using the oculus go you

simply navigate to browser in the menu

and then look up and hold the oculus

home button this will reorient take the

view unfortunately this doesn't carry

over to applications once you've

launched them it will tend to snap back

to the straight on view so unfortunately

we can't play games lying down yet our

options are to use the browser also

watch movies through Netflix if you're

using the Netflix application all you do

is once the application has completely

booted up then you'll see on the

fireplace in the top left corner void

theater once in the void theater you can

reorient eight the view so you can lie

down and stretch the screen as big or

as small as you want it to be okay guys

and girls so there we have it that's my

top ten tips and tricks for the oculus

go and I hope this video helped you guys

and girls out if you've got any tips or

tricks that you want to show yourself

please put them in the comments down

below I'd love to see them and if

there's any good ones then maybe they'll

feature it in an upcoming video leave a

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future content and as always I'll see

you on the next one