Nikon D3300 Focus Basics

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all right what is going on guys welcome

back to my channel today we're gonna be

talking about the nikon d3300 this guy

right here and how to focus with it this

is gonna be similar for all Nikon

entry-level DSLR cameras the D 3400

anything along those lines it's gonna be

very similar to the D 3300 so stay tuned

first off let me say this is a great

entry-level DSLR this is the first

camera that I ever owned when I bought

this I bought the kit lens the 1855 and

I shot with it for a really really long

time and I got some really great shots

with it so I highly recommend this setup

if you're looking to get into

photography you really can't go wrong

with the D 3300 and the kit lens so I

currently have a video out right now on

the D 3300 on how to adjust the aperture

the ISO and the shutter speed so if you

want to check that out I'll put it right

up here on if not this videos gonna

teach you how to focus properly with

this camera

alright for today's tutorial I am using

manual settings so I am on the M here on

my little dial focusing might be

different for some of the other settings

for some of the automatic ones like

landscape mode different stuff like that

but for today we're just gonna use the

manual mode so this switch right here

will switch it to autofocus and the

camera is gonna do the focusing for us

but we need to make sure we focus on the

right area now there's two main ways to

focus you can focus through the

viewfinder or you can focus in the Live

View mode first we'll start off in Live

View mode that's gonna bring up your

image and there's gonna be a red box in

the middle this box is where your camera

is gonna focus so if you want to focus

right in the middle you leave the box

directly in the middle let's say you

have an object to the right that you

would like to focus on you can actually

move this box using the pad over here to

the right if I want to move it up I

simply press up so on and so forth

alright so once you get the Box on the

area you want to focus on you're gonna

hold down the shutter release button

about halfway at that point you'll hear

the motor focus and try to find the

object that's trying to focus on and

once it tracks it it'll turn green and

it'll actually give you a little beep it

sounds kind of

this alright so that's how you know the

objects in focus and you can squeeze

down the shutter release button and take

your photo while you're in Live View you

can just switch this to manual mode if

you want to focus manually and you can

slide your ring to kind of determine

where you want to focus pretty easy

that's how you focus in Live View all

right now let's swap out a live view

mode and let's go to the actual eyepiece

make sure your camera is on automatic

focus and put your eye through the

eyepiece alright when you hold down the

shutter release halfway you're gonna see

a red dot alright that red dot is

actually where your cameras focusing so

if you want to focus a little bit to the

right use that same pad and move the red

dot to the right or to the left

depending on where you want to focus you

can move it up or down all over once

it's on the area you want to focus on

you just hold the shutter release down

halfway and you'll hear that motor

focusing and you'll hear the beep and

that means it's properly focused

if you don't hear that beep it means

it's not properly focused and your photo

might come out a little bit blurry it

might mean your object is too close so

you might want to take a couple of steps

back and then try to refocus

alright shooting through the viewfinder

you can also use manual focus what you

just flip the switch back over and you

can use the focus ring pretty easily

alright one more thing I'm going to

mention here if you're using the

viewfinder you want to make sure you set

up your diameter

all right your diameter basically

calibrates your viewfinder to match your

eyesight so if your eyes are a little

bit off you kind of have bad vision you

can actually adjust this and it'll

calibrate it to your eye sight so I

recommend using the automatic focus and

focusing on something and then once it's

properly focused and you hear the little

beep then you can adjust this either

sliding it up or down until it looks

perfectly sharp to your eyesight that's

about it those are some of the basic

focusing techniques of the Nikon d3300

this will apply it to Nikon's other

entry-level DSLRs so if you have like a

D 3400 something along those lines the

same principles will apply alright if

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