Is God Telling You to Focus More on Him? 3 Signs God Is Telling You to Seek Him More

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here are three signs that God is calling

you to focus more on him number one if

you feel distant from God but you don't

want to feel that way and you have a

longing in your heart to be closer to

him than you feel right now

well that's a sign that God is calling

you to seek Him more so not everyone who

feels distant from God actually wants to

be close to God so not everybody loves

God in the world

however scripture says that when we have

a longing to seek God God's actually the

one who put that longing on our heart

without God first drawing us to him we

wouldn't then be able to respond to his

call to us so let's take a look at what

Jesus said in John chapter 6 so when you

go to John chapter 6 and you read verse

44 it says no one can come to me unless

the father who sent me draws him so if

you do feel distant from God this is a

sign God is calling you to seek him more

for as Jeremiah 29 verse 13 also states

you will seek me and find me when you

seek me with all of your heart number 2

if you're anxious about earthly things

this is a sign God is calling you to

focus more on him

people really misunderstand what the

Bible actually says regarding worrying

so the Bible doesn't say not to plan the

Bible doesn't say not to be practical

however the Bible does say that we

shouldn't worry about the earthly things

that we all need in this life so let's

take a look at what Jesus said in

Matthew 6 verse 8 it says do not be like

them your father knows what you need

before you ask him

anxiety therefore is a sign that we are

focusing too much on our needs and not

enough on the God who already knows our

needs this is why in Matthew 6

verse 33 Jesus famously says but seek

first his kingdom and his righteousness

and all of these things will be given to

you as well so if our focus isn't on our

Heavenly Father ultimately we're going

to be overcome with earthly fears so

anxiety in life is a sign that God is

actually calling you to focus more on

him and number three if you have an

unmet longing in your heart this is a

sign God is calling you to seek Him more

so the Bible is real clear that earthly

blessings aren't bad God's the one who

really puts earthly blessings in our

life and gives us all these amazing

things to enjoy on earth but as we all

know good things can tempt us away from

God and tempt us to try to find our

ultimate joy in something other than

what our hearts were ultimately created

for which is God himself I love the

balance that 1st Timothy chapter 6 verse

17 says command those who are rich in

this present world not to be arrogant

nor to put their hope and wealth which

is so uncertain but to put their hope in

God who richly provides us with

everything for our enjoyment notice at

the end that it said God provides

everything for our enjoyment

so when earthly blessings are handled

correctly they don't cause us to turn

from God and they don't always tempt us

into temptation but as we all know all

the longings that we have for earthly

things in this present lifetime aren't

always met so what do you do with those

unmet longings well God wants us to use

those unmet longings in our hearts to be

reminders for what our hearts ultimately

need see we don't need every blessing on

earth that we have a desire for what we

ultimately need is our main longing to

be fulfilled in God so anytime you have

an unmet

we can use that as a reminder for what

we were ultimately created for and

that's what God often does with those

longings in our hearts he uses those as

a way to call us to seek Him more so

that not only can we pray for the

earthly blessings that would be great to

have but ultimately so we can seek God

with all of our heart and then get them

the biggest longing of our heart

actually fulfilled which is the most

important thing Psalms 37 verse 4 says

delight yourself in the Lord and He will

give you the desires of your heart I

don't believe this means that if we love

God he will bless us with all the

earthly stuff we want rather when we

take delight in the Lord the greatest

desire of our heart will be met because

delighting in the Lord is our greatest

desire it is our greatest need so if you

have an unmet longing for something good

on earth like a relationship or a new

job or some sort of material possession

remember that this longing really isn't

bad that's really not the problem but

you have to use that longing to remind

you of what your heart was ultimately

created for which again is a fulfilled

heart in God for a Psalms 16 to says I

said to the Lord you are my lord apart

from you I have no good thing don't

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