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hey guys it's Kiki and today I'm gonna

be showing you guys 12 hacks to pay

attention in a boring or distracting

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without further ado let's get on with

the video

the first hack is to sit near the front

of the class if you're allowed to sit

anywhere you want in your class or

lecture carving a seat near the front

close to the teacher will definitely

help you keep focused the second hack is

to sit away from your friends or any

distractions obviously your friends are

one of the biggest distractions so

sitting away from them is probably one

of the most effective way the third hack

is to participate in class participating

in class will help you keep engaged and

focused on the lesson and will help you

understand the content better the fourth

hack is to talk to your teacher


asking questions about any concept you

don't understand will help you stay

focused in later classes the fifth hack

is to prepare before your classes if the

reason why you can't concentrate is

because you don't understand the class

very well preparing before classes will

be extremely beneficial if you guys want

me to do a whole video on this make sure

to comment down below the sixth hack is

to take fun notes taking aesthetically

pleasing notes is super effective in

helping you stay focused in class

because you need to pay attention to

summarize all the information the 7th

hack is to focus on the present this

means try to avoid thinking about the

past or future for example what you're

going to do after school or what you did

last night the 8-pack is to motivate

yourself and create goals and rewards

for example you can set goals like focus

intently on the class and then give

yourself a reward like a bar of


ix hack is to get enough sleep okay so I

know this is really obvious but this is

super super important if you want to

focus in class so always try and get at

least eight hours of sleep the tenth

hack is to eat a snack beforehand a

hungry stomach is extremely distracting

so munching on some fruit beforehand can

be super beneficial the eleventh hack is

to exercise beforehand exercising before

the class or in the mornings will help

you stay focused in class the twelfth

hack is to have the right mindset being

positive about the class will help you

keep on task and feel more focused so I

hope you guys enjoyed I would love to

know which hack was your favorite make

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