10 Minute Guided Meditation for Focus

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Hi and welcome to Declutter The Mind for focus. Let's start by finding a chair

or comfortable spot to sit. It can be a desk chair or cushion on the floor, as long as

you're able to sit with your back straight but comfortable

With your eyes open, begin by taking a few big deep breaths

Breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth

On the next out breath, gently close your eyes

Begin to notice the physical points of contact. Start to feel your weight on the

chair or cushion you're sitting on

Notice your legs touching the floor, your back against the chair

Notice your arms and hands in your lap. Bring your attention to these physical


And now notice a specific

sensation. Maybe it's your back against the chair and just focus on that

sensation for the next few moments

And now, draw your focus in to the breath. Let's begin to train our focus by

placing it on the simplest area, your breathing

Pay attention to each breath as it passes and the sensations of breathing

We're not forcing the breath here, just placing our focus on our natural


Maybe you notice this more in your chest or stomach

Maybe it's your mouth or nose, wherever you feel it most or find it easier to

place your focus, leave your attention there

And you'll notice as we begin to do this, your mind will begin to wander. Part of

training our focus here is to notice whenever the mind has become distracted

and gently bring the focus back to the breath

And now start to count the breaths as they pass. The breath in one,

the breath out two,

until you reach 10. Once you reach a count of 10, start over and count the

breaths again

If you've noticed the mind has wandered, gently return to the breath. Don't judge

it since judging is thinking as well, just notice you've been distracted and

start to count over

Continue to focus your attention on the breath

Let's begin to notice the stages of a complete breath, from the breath in

to the very short pause that follows, to the breath out and the

very short pause before taking in another breath

Notice any stray thoughts but don't dwell on them, simply let the thoughts

pass and gently bring the focus back to the breath

And now for the final minute here, just release all focus and alow your mind to

do what it wants

And now gently return the focus back to the body, back to the physical points of


And now gently open your eyes and notice how you feel

You've just completed the meditation session.This practice will help make you

more mindful of when you become distracted during work, school or when

you require yourself to be more focused. Use this guided meditation regularly

to train the mind to be better at noticing distractions and bring its

focus back to the present task. If you've enjoyed this, be sure to visit for more and also leave a like and comment, it

supports the channel. Thanks for listening and I'll see you the next