How to master the Camera App on iPhone 11 & iPhone 11 Pro!

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let's dig into the new iPhone 11 and 11

pro camera app she can get the most out

of Apple's best cameras yet so it's

pretty common knowledge now that the new

iPhone 11 and 11 pro have amazing

cameras there is a lot to love between

new wide-angle lenses and a bunch of new

software features to back that up Apple

made a bunch of changes within the

native iOS camera app on the iPhone 11

and 11 Pro some features are pretty


while others fly a little bit under the

radar so we're gonna jump into the new

camera app and teach you everything you

need to know to be a complete master

starting off we're gonna check out the

new night mode night mode is enabled

automatically whatever the scene gets

dark night mode kicks in you can see the

icon in the upper left hand corner of

the photo screen and it'll automatically

choose an exposure that it thinks it's

best it's going to choose that exposure

based off how much you're moving how

much light there is and how much

movement is in the scene now you can

also change that exposure yourself if

you want to more manually control it

make it longer or shorter just to get

that perfect photo another new feature

on the iPhone 11 camera app is quick

take so you tap the shutter button to

take normal photos when you tap and hold

you'll immediately jump into a video

while you're taking that video you can

swipe right to lock down that shutter

and continue recording or you can tap

hold and swipe to the left and go into

burst mode that means when you're in the

standard photo ability you can do three

things right away take a photo take a

video lock that video into place or

swipe left and capture several burst

photos plus the animations here are

absolutely vintage Apple they look

amazing they're so clever they look

great quick take is definitely the way

to make sure you never miss a moment now

if we want a portrait mode support

remote is pretty much the same on the

iPhone 11 as it was on the iPhone 10 S

line except there's a big difference now

thinks that wide-angle lens

Apple now allows you to zoom out and do

One X portrait mode instead of the two X

you are always locked with before if you

can see 2 X on the right and the new One

X mode on the left this basically allows

you to get a lot more in this

or hit closer to your subject just tap

on that little 1 X in the lower

left-hand corner to switch - 11 also

gives you more aspect ratios to choose

between 4:3 is your standard photo ratio

square was on the iPhones before in 16:9

he is kind of new now you can choose

between any of these and say you shoot

something in 16:9 and later change your

mind and want to crop it back down to

4:3 you can do so without any loss in


moving on to photos capture outside the

frame this is a really neat feature

first you need to make sure you toggle

it on hit the settings go down to camera

and enable the toggle for photos capture

outside the frame what this does is it

captures two photos together one using

the lens you're using and one using the

lens zoomed out just a bit it'll capture

those two photos and overlay them

together so you see we're taking a photo

here of our air pods and we don't have

that horizon exactly right we're a

little off kilter but when we go ahead

and snap that photo we're gonna need to

fix that horizon and crop it in a little

bit to do so but when you do that you

lose image quality because you're

zooming in but thanks to photos captured

outside the frame it's no longer a

problem tap on edit and go over to the

crop tool when you see we stir to adjust

the crop you can see that there's a

photo actually larger than our photo

that we're editing that's the photo

that's been captured outside the frame

allows us to wiggle around a little bit

adjust that horizon without any loss in

photo quality don't use that extra image

it's automatically deleted after 30 days

lastly Apple slightly changed how you

can change between the different scopes

of zoom like 0.5 1 2 X all the way up to

that 10 X digital zoom on the 11pro

they're now three buttons that you can

choose between to tap immediately

between that point 5 1 & 2 by default

just jumping between those lenses or you

can swipe between using your finger to

rotate and alternate between all those

views when you're done simply swipe down

to close the wheel so that's it that's

everything you need to know to master

the new iPhone 11 camera app hey

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