Improve Your Concentration! Sport Mental Skills

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hello guys what's going on in this video

I want to chat with you about improving

your concentration and avoiding

distraction so being able to focus and

being able to concentrate effectively

it's absolutely key in high performance

sport there's so many different types of

distractions that you've got to be able

to chew now in order to concentrate well

and compete well I'm talking about

hostile crowds fatigue internal doubts

external opinions and pressures so if

you want to improve your ability to

concentrate and focus and avoid those

kinds of distractions then it's worth

understanding how the mental process

actually works so you can use some

targeted techniques to improve good

concentration is just the end result of

controlling your attention when you

perform so just like you can't read a

book and watch TV at the same time it's

really difficult to execute your

technique well or monitor your position

or link up with your teammates if you're

also paying attention to unrelated or

unimportant things as humans we only

have a finite amount of attention

there's only so much data we can process

at once so anytime that you're paying

attention to something unrelated or an

important like doubt for example you're

wasting this precious resource and also

creating a kind of mental interference

that actual useful information has to

fight its way through when this happens

you don't process as quickly your

decision-making becomes impaired and the

end result is you performing below your

maximum level a lot of the time this

comes down to wasting your attention on

distracting thoughts or doubts

rather than focusing on what's happening

in the real world and sometimes it comes

down to wasting attention on the wrong

things out in the environment out in the

real world rather than the things that

you should be paying attention to and

should be focused on look low in the

green hat on the left was keeping his

eye on Phelps but I didn't have the

strength to close the gap

so with all that said if you want to

improve your concentration there are a

couple of good techniques that you can

use to do this now that you know what's

going on first off you can start and be

really vigilant so if you get a breather

or a break in play when you perform in

consider your current level of

concentration are you getting distracted

by stuff or are you pretty well focused

second if you feel that you are getting

distracted or if you just want to

maintain a high level of focus then you

can use some instructional self-talk

this is basically talking to yourself in

your head or out loud and telling

yourself what to do what you should be

focused on it should be really specific

and individual to you and your sport and

the key aspects of your performance

third think about using some reminders

before you go out and perform or join

breaks in play if you get those in your

sport this could be like a page of notes

or a photograph something with meaning

to you that's gonna motivate you to

avoid those distractions this can be

particularly effective if you know that

there is that certain thing that gets to

you or wind you up or distracts you for

example you could have a reminder to

take your match one point at a time or

in 10-minute chunks rather than worrying

about who's on top at certain moment or

who's gonna win improving concentration

is all about managing your attention so

just be mindful of where you spend yours

when you're out there performing make

sure it's on the right things talk to

yourself tell yourself what to focus on

use that instructional self-talk and use

those reminders to push yourself to

avoid the distractions that you know is

sometimes little fun the best way to get

these techniques working for you is to

use them in training as much as you can

and then put them into actual

competitive events okay hit subscribe if

you want to see more videos from me and

I'll catch you guys in the next one