HOW TO ACTIVATE YOUR HAND CHAKRA - Receive (Feel + Sense) Crystal Energy EASILY.

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hi everyone Caroline here and today I

want to show you how to activate your

hand chakra so you can feel or sense

crystal energy because there are so many

people who have told me that they can't

really feel or sense crystal energy or

even energy in general so this tip about

how to activate your heart chakra is

something that is usually taught during

most energy healing trainings so I

believe that it is something that anyone

who has been struggling to feel energy

or anyone who is wondering whether their

hand chakras are blocked or whether the

hand chakras are activated can use as a

test to confirm whether they feel energy

or not and it's so easy to do okay so to

activate your hand chakra the first

thing that you want to do is you want to

increase the responsiveness of your hand

you want to make sure that your heart

chakra is sensitive so you want to make

sure that your palms are open and

flexible you don't want them rigid open

and flexible and then start with your

left palm and then with your right thumb

press the center of your left palm in a

clockwise direction like this then

quickly move to the right palm with your

left thumb press the center of your

right palm in a clockwise direction and

once you've done that press the tip of

each finger of the respective hand

against the tip of the thumb and that's

it you've activated your hand chakra and

all you have to do now is to test and I

want to suggest that you try testing out

your activated hand chakra on any of the

other chakras in your body because

they're strong energy vortexes and you

can usually easily test and feel energy

from them just by the use of your hands

so just move the palm of your hand

slowly towards your third eye without

touching the physical body this movie

gently back and forth and just notice

what you feel do you feel heat or do you

feel cold for most people

is usually a sensation of heat do you

notice heat and then sometimes you would

even notice a tingling sensation in your

fingertips what are you noticing to just

pay attention what are you sensing for

yourself if you notice something

temperature changes heat or cold or some

warmth or a tingling sensation or a

vibration or something your hand chakra

is definitely activated so then after

noticing this now it's time for you to

practice with your crystals so you would

do the same thing so you'd probably just

place the crystal on the palm of your

hand or whatever the crystal is but what

you would do is that you just place your

hand slightly over it move it back and

forth and this notice if you can feel

anything this is usually what I do or if

I place the crystal on the palm of my

hand automatically I would start sensing

vibrations like that but that's just me

but for you notice if you now feel

anything different after they hand

activation exercise and if you don't

just trust that the activation has

occurred and that energy is moving

sometimes it requires practice practice

practice and that's what we want to do

we want to practice we want to apply

until we get an experience and even when

we don't get a tangible physical

experience as long as things are moving

the way we want them to move for us as

long as energy is moving the way we want

it to move for us and we are

experiencing those results in our lives

we don't have to understand how

everything works because it just does so

anyway let me know in the comment

section below how you best feel or sense

crystal energy and if you need any help

with how to work with your spiritual

tools hit me up at Caroline at crystal

stop calm and in the meantime stay tuned

in to your crystals and to energy and

let's do this for us until next time I

love you guys