Natalie Shows You How To Control Your Phone's Camera Like A DSLR | Manual Mode On Your Phone

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hey guys what's up I'm Natalie Allen a

photographer and writer here for a

moment and today we're gonna be talking

about how to shoot a manual on your

mobile device so this video is gonna be

showing you how you can take your

photography game at the next step

further because shooting in manual just

allows you to be more flexible and

creative with your photography what

we're gonna be talking about in this

video are more independently controlled

manual settings shutter speed ISO auto

focus and white balance so instead of

just sitting here and telling me about

it let's go out and shoot and I'm going

to be using the moment app to show you

how we can independently use all of

these settings alright so here in the

middle of Seattle and right now we're

going to be talking about shutter speed

shutter speeds just essentially how slow

or how fast the shutter is open to take

the shot the faster the shutter speed

the more dark and contains the images

the slower the shutter speed allows more

light to come into the photo and allows

more flexibility for there to be more

motion blur within the photo

for example sports photographers are

going to be shooting at a higher shutter

speed because they want a contained

sharp image stopping the action but for

on-the-go lifestyle images which is

essentially what I mostly like to shoot

I like to keep a shutter speed of 160th

or higher because they don't want any

unnecessary motion blur within my shot

in the native app you can't control

things like shutter speed that's why I

like to use the moment app so I'm able

to get more flexibility with my photos

so right now we're gonna go and shoot a

waterfall to capture the motion of the

water with eight slower shutter speed so

essentially when I put the filter on it

blurs the water much better than without

the filter and that's because my shutter

speed with the filter with that one fits

the image without the filter with like

one out of 500 so essentially shutter

speed is crucial to upping your mobile

photography game if you were to use one

of these ND filters on the native app

it's going to automatically adjust and

increase your ISO allowing more noise

bubble in so being able to manually

control each and every setting like ISO

and shutter speed together is so crucial

so the next thing is raw I know it

sounds pretty intimidating but it's

super simple to get a hang of contrary

to JPEG raw is uncompressed which means

it allows more detail and dynamic range

for lighting and contrast in the

photograph it gives you a ton more

capabilities and flexibility with

post-processing which is a huge plus

especially if you're shooting on your

phone because anything helps I shoot raw

100% of the time on my DSLR so there's

no reason not to on my phone as well so

I'll show you a comparison shot of JPEG

and RAW look for the differences in

sharpness and brightness in the

photograph because you'll probably be

able to go


so now we're gonna move over here and

talk about white balance and this is a

great spot because we not only have

shade but daylight and warm colored

walls because sometimes when you're

shooting on the native app or just any

smartphone in general sometimes it

chooses the wrong white balance for you

so being able to manually control that's

pretty cool sorry now I'm going to take

a little portrait shot of Niles in front

of this red wall here in the shade I

personally like a little more warmer

images so I'm going to make it warm but

still complement his skin tones and the

color of the red wall being able to

manually control the consistency of

colors and tones and your photos before

you edit them is pretty important as

always you want to just take a good shot

and not always rely on editing so white

balance really held it there so next is

dual lens in your phone's native app you

can't really choose what lens you want

to use for your photo whether it be

wider tele but in external third-party

apps like the moment app you can there's

a 1x and there's a 2x the 1x is a wider

lens and the 2x is the tele lens so this

comes especially in handy when you're

using moment lenses because you can

pretty much hard select exactly what

lens you want to shoot with the ride or

the tele 1x for the wide 2x for the tele


so now we're talking about focus and

focus is really easy

and honestly I pretty much shoot

automatic all the time autofocus but for

the few times that you want to be

manually selecting your focal point it

can come in handy pretty quick so I'm

gonna be focusing on Niles here first

focusing on the coffee and then focusing

on his face and in the moment app it's

pretty awesome because you have a slider

and it makes it all that much more easy


the next setting is ISO it's really

simple and it's essentially the cameras

sensors sensitivity to light at the

total mouthful but essentially the lower

the ISO the lower the noise the higher

the ISO the more grainy and blurry it is

and just gross obviously in darker

settings and sometimes even indoors you

will need to inevitably increase the ISO

just don't get too crazy with the

ability to manually control your ISO is

going to just make your images look that

much better


all right so that pretty much wraps it

up I hope these tips were really helpful

and gets you shooting on your phone more

in manual settings see you next time

okay that's so bad