How to Focus Binoculars

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hi I'm Dan Huot managing editor for

birdwatchers Digest embroideries used

binoculars but unless they've taken the

time to focus them properly they might

not be making the most of their optical

equipment in this video we'll show you

how to focus binoculars properly so that

you can see every detail on every bird

binoculars birders use have to focusing

wheels but the location of these wheels

varies among brands and models one wheel

located between the two barrels adjusts

the focus for both eyes this is called

the central focusing wheel and you need

to adjust it when you go from looking at

something very far away to something

closer or vice versa

it's a wheel you'll use often and so it

will be at your fingertips when you hold

the binocular up to your eyes the other

wheel called the diopter can also be

located between the two barrels or it

can surround one eyepiece usually the

right few people have identical vision

in both eyes

so the diopter accommodates that you'll

need to use the diopter when you use

your binoculars for the first time and

each time after someone else uses it and

focuses it properly for their eyes the

first step in making sure your binocular

works optimally for your eyes is to find

a stationary object some mid distance

away from you from 50 to 100 yards


close your right eye or cover the

objective lens that's the far end of

that binocular barrel looking only

through the left barrel turn the central

focus wheel to the right or left as

necessary to make the target as crystal

clear as possible during this setup

process it's important that you take the

time to achieve precise focus now close

your left eye or cover the far end of

the barrel you just adjusted and look

through the right barrel which has not

been focused you can expect to see the

target is blurry

don't touch the central focus knob or

you'll disturb the precise focus of the

left barrel for the right barrel use the

diopter only to bring the target into

focus turning the wheel right or left as

necessary keep your left eye closed or

the left lens covered and again strive

for precise focus when the right side is

crystal clear as the left was open both

eyes and look through both barrels your

target should be equally clear and in

focus for both eyes from now on the

central focus wheel alone will keep the

objects equally clear for both eyes even

as you turn it to adjust for objects

near and far for more birding tips visit

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