Blurry Binoculars? How To Set Diopter Focus

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hi guys Cody from go hunt optics wanted

to talk to you today about a really

important subject that probably doesn't

get enough coverage we get several

questions you know a week about focusing

your binoculars it's a pretty simple

process but you do have to do things in

correct order and the biggest thing is

is that you need to know the parts first

off this is your center focus second off

this is your diopter setting you'll see

a plus and a minus here and this ring

actually comes up and you can turn it

left to right and then lock it okay so

just remember those two things they're

the easiest way to do this is is that

you're gonna put the binoculars up to

your eyes so like I'm gonna look and

with my left eye open my right eye

closed I'm gonna use the center focus

I'm gonna make sure that that's focused

if that's focused then I'm gonna open

both eyes and if it's not focused then

I'm gonna come in and adjust the diopter

setting okay so when I adjust the

diopter setting I'm gonna open it up on

unlock it I'm gonna repeat this process

but the difference is is I'm going to

close my left eye I'm going to reach in

here and adjust until it comes to a fine

focus right there's perfect I'm gonna

open both eyes look again and use my

Center focus boom right there perfect so

that that should set me up I'm gonna go

ahead and lock the diopter setting in

place once you've done that you can

still move your Center focus and you may

have to adjust that throughout the day

you know make it moved or bumped or most

of them are set pretty good this one's

sturdy enough that it'll stay put pretty

well one thing to remember that when

you're focusing your binoculars if you

are an eyeglass wearer it is really

important that you if you're if you have

obviously glasses that are corrective

this diopter needs to be set with its

little indicator right on the zero and

that's where it needs to be left and

then you know you repeat the process

that I just talked about you know I

always like to do them off of a tripod

because the tripod is more still

then my hands can be and I think it

really helps you when you're focusing

things to do it off a tripod especially

to understand your diopter setting and

so forth if for some reason you just

can't get them focused you know you know

maybe they've taken a spill or maybe

they fell off the tripod or maybe you

you know on a stock and they you know

you knock them on the ground or

something and any number of those things

can happen but it's pretty common that

you come up that your binoculars you

adjust them and you focus I mean you

just can't get them right I would tell

you that there's a real chance that

they're out of collimation and when

something is out of collimation it what

it basically is saying is is that these

two tubes are not in congruence with

each other and they need to be sent to

the factory and be factory collimated

and adjust it and you know any of the

companies that we represent and do and

cell phone oculars for all will

absolutely take care of an out of

collimated binocular but i would tell

you that the reason we're putting the

video out is so that you can learn these

things now and do them before the season

because you want to send in you know any

repairs or such like that now as opposed

to doing it right in the middle of a

season and if it happens this season

you're gonna have to send it in anyway

but long story short that's your optics

tip you know for the day if you have any

questions about this please reach out to

us on the youtube page you can subscribe

to that or you can go to email us at

optics at go hunt comm where you can

give me a call at seven oh two eight

four seven eight seven four seven

extension two