How to Focus with ADHD [Natural Treatment & My ADD Cured? | Adult Attention Deficit Disorder]

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Chapter seven focus and health a few

years ago when I was diagnosed with

attention deficit disorder and was given

the focus pills by my doctors in order

to help me with my lack of being able to

pay attention hey what's going on memory

master champion Lewis danger right here

with AE mind and in my better memory now

book actually goes to the story as to

how actually got started in this field

of memory improvement and one of the

biggest triggers for me was the fact

that I was diagnosed with a VD or

attention deficit disorder and

essentially this just means that my mind

was not able to focus on one thing at a

time it was always scattered and

thinking about either the pretty girl

that I forgot to talk to that day or who

was gonna win on the real world

challenges later on that night for that

episode or something more important such

as when I was going to eat for lunch and

dinner you see my mind will always be

bouncing around and wasn't able to get

clear on the one thing that I need to

focus on which was for example I'll be

reading a book in the class and it's one

of the main reasons why I was actually

selling class was because I would read

and about 10 to 15 minutes in I look up

and I realize like what was this even

about what was I reading who was a

character let's applaud I had no idea

because why after the first sentence my

mom was already in la-la land I don't

know if that had ever happened to you

but it used to discourage me in that and

that's what led me to not doing my

homework to not paying full attention

when my teacher was teaching and

procrastinating and it wasn't because I

wanted to do those things but it was

because I was discouraged at the fact

that all my classmates were finishing

their work and I were actually able to

pay attention and I was and so would see

them finishing up exam very quickly and

I was just feeling like any random

answer just to finish up and to catch up

with the rest of the class so it would

be random patterns on the scantron sheet

and I remember going to my doctor's

office and all they would give me were

the instead I mean based drugs the

riddle names and so on and so forth the

focus pills as they call them and that

was their only solution now I'm not

saying that the doctors are bad for

prescribing that I mean that's what

they're taught it's taught to give kids

and give even adults these pills to help

them to calm them down so they can fully

concentrate on the task at hand but

honestly that didn't really help me out

yes I saw an improvement maybe the first

two your second day I still remember my

like my first experience with adderall


the ritalin based pills that they gave

me I remember taking the pill and taking

a nap but then afterwards when I woke up

I remember standing up and looking at my

room my room was always the mask looking

at my room it was like why am I such a

pig and I remember that he just cleaned

every square inch of that room I picked

up my mattress I put it out into the

living room I just it every little

square inch of that bed frame I mean

just buddies were scared to go into that

room after I was done with there oh so

focused I was not thinking about

anything other than just cleaning my

room it was actually very similar to the

limitless movie when Bradley Cooper took

the NDT pill and as soon as he walked

into his kitchen I mean he just want to

clean everything that's exactly what I

did I remember around me for maybe one

or two days afterwards but once it wore

off that was in I mean the only thing

that I really felt was my heart racing

and trying to beat out of my chest as

essentially an affront of meanness it

has a very similar composition as mass

or speed so your heart's racing your

blood is pumping and it's kind of weird

how that works how you know your blood

is pumping more more oxygen and more

blood flow to your brain but you're more

calm and focus I don't know how exactly

the science behind that I'm not a doctor

so I'm not here to give you any medical

advice if it helps you out great all of

that I'm telling you here is my story as

to how I got over that honestly when I

thought when I took these photos it was

a temporary band-aid to this problem and

this pain that I was feeling of not

being able to focus of always forgetting

what I had to do to a point where I mean

I felt sorry for the fishes afterwards

but uh

I dumped all the pills inside my toilet

and I just flushed and I saw them just

roll all the way down saying to myself

that there must be a better way and I

was never going to go back to the

psychiatrist to tell them my ATD pills

weren't working to give me higher doses

and everything like that because

honestly I wasn't going to fix the

actual problem what really helped me out

was these three things number one

focusing on my diet focusing on the

things that I put into my body on a

regular consistent basis because you

know eating hot cheetos eating

deep-fried anything eating pizza every

day was definitely not a great food

choice when you're trying to focus at

bay attention so focusing on my house is

drinking more water or putting more

fruits and vegetables into my diet that

was a huge contributor to my ability to

focus more because when I discovered

that our body including our brains go

was mainly of the h2o substance that we

put in that healthy clear stuff that we

drink how like I need to drink more of

that and I notice that whenever I was

feeling either groggy ur are not able to

concentrate on something it was probably

because either I was dehydrated or on

the verge of being dehydrate so I

started consuming more water that helped

me out tremendously more water based


antioxidant ridges berries blueberries

strawberries flax seeds and flax seed

oil which are rich in omega-3 fatty

acids which help bring performance I

became a little monkey boy by eating

more bananas bananas are rich in

potassium which I also learned that the

brain uses a potassium in order to help

the neurons communicate with each other

more effectively the next thing that I

started to do was learn how to meditate

I mean just calming your mind being more

centered and hearing the now definitely

helps you when you need to pay attention

to say a book Diaries or a teacher that

you're trying to pay attention to in

class or maybe just a friend telling you

a story of how their day went I've used

the practice of meditation calming your

mind I've kind of like shooting your

free throws before you go out and play a

huge basketball game right

you need that practicing before you go

out and try to actually focus on what's

important like there's things that I

started to do more of and something that

I still do to this day obviously is do

more memory training I train my brain to

be able to absorb a lot of information

in a very short period of time such as

memorizing decks of cards very quickly

such as memorizing long numbers

3.14159265 I mean that's fine I could

keep going on and on but memorizing long

numbers in a very short period of time

that how we are tremendously in like

learning how to memorize names and faces

and that led me to compete in memory

competitions I'm not saying that you

have to be that extreme and go to that

level of extremity to improve your own

memory but definitely just stay in a

little bit of time maybe 15 minutes 30

minutes to really do any type of brain

enhancing activities such as memorizing

a lot of info in a very short time or

help you out to be able to focus more

because for example in many competitions

we have to sit down for up to an hour

memorizing tons of decks of cards or

hundreds if not thousands of numbers in

that period of time that to give us sort

of the three things that help me to go

from being diagnosed with a TD and

taking these focused pills to having an

actual permanent solution to the problem

that I had of not concentrating not

paying attention of always having my

mind wander off and it's just all about

practice practice practice practice

makes perfect

practicing in the right field makes

perfect so three things that I started

to do or one any better you know putting

more water and water-based foods into my

diet to was meditating on a regular

basis even doing like hot yoga because

that helped me focus for 90 minutes

eight on the movements at hand and

number three was doing my memory

training exercises on a regular basis so

I want to know from you in the comment

section down below like what are some of

the expenses that you've had with having

either been diagnosed with a BD or just

having focus issues I want to know some

of the stories that you've had and what

are you going to do from this point

forward to help alleviate that so you

don't continue to go down that path of

having to constantly take medication and

have more of a natural path stopping you

stay focused and pay attention and as a

consequence of that how can prove your

memory as well so I gave you my case my

strategy I want to know what you're

doing to help you out down below post

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check out my other focus and memory

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