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hello everyone and welcome back to my

channel and to another video today I'll

be sharing with you 10 tips for how to

stay focused while working or studying

as for all my other tips videos I cannot

guarantee that all of these tips will be

new or revolutionary to you these are

just some simple tips that have helped

me maintain my focus better and I really

hope that at least some of them can help

you guys too

so let us just get started with the tips

my first tip is to have a designated

workspace with limited distractions if

it's possible I think the best thing to

do is to have your workspace outside of

your bedroom but if you live at home

with a lot of other people that may of

course be a bit difficult at least try

to find a study space where you can feel

productive and focused without getting

distracted and you should try to have

separate places for work and relaxation

my next tip is to only keep the

essentials on your desk for example when

doing math problems you don't need five

highlighters or brush pens or several

fancy notebooks you only need a few

items to get your tasks done only

keeping a minimum of items on my desk at

all times really helps me focus on what

I have to do instead of everything

that's around me the next tip is to

write down goals and tasks for each

study session having a specific goal for

what you want to reach as well as a

step-by-step plan for how you're going

to achieve it really helps you focus on

what's important for each particular

study session splitting your work into

smaller tasks like I've done here is

also a great way of maintaining focus


cuz I find it easier to focus on one

specific question than to focus on an

entire topic at once noises are one

thing that can make me extremely

distracted while studying so my tip here

is to have some sort of background noise

that helps you block out noises from the


I prefer listening to some kind of

monotonous sound like rain sounds or a

non-talking ASMR video but a lot of

other people prefer listening to music

instead there are lots of options so the

most important thing is that you find

some sort of background noise that

allows you to focus my next tip is

pretty obvious but for most people out

there our phones are the biggest

distractions for us so in order to

maintain focus it is a good tip to turn

off Wi-Fi and use an app like forest to

avoid going on your phone while you

should be working

I wouldn't recommend having your phone

on your desk at all unless it's

important for your work so try putting

your phone somewhere out of reach from

your desk

it's easy to lose focus when you work

for too long at a time so my next tip is

to work for short intervals I know a lot

of people prefer the Pomodoro method

which is 25 minutes of work and then a

five-minute break but personally I

prefer to work for 45 minutes and then

take a 10 or 15-minute break and you

should try to get away from your desk

during your break just so that your mind

and get some rest now that we are on the

topic of breaks you should try to get

some fresh air during your breaks try

opening window and to actually go

outside for a short walk for at least

one of your breaks a day going outside

it really helps to clear up your mind so

that you're feeling refreshed and ready

to focus again once you start working my

next tip is to set time limits I find

that I focus better when I know how much

time I have set for each task or topic

that I'm working on having a plan set

for your day helps you to focus on one

thing at a time and having a set time

for when you're gonna stop working at

least makes me more motivated to focus

during the times that I've designated

for worker studies finally here are two

tips to help you cope with distracting

thoughts while you are trying to focus

the first tip is to practice mindfulness

there are a lot of great apps and

websites to help you get started and

I've really been liking the app

headspace I've only tried out the free

features but even the first basics pack

really helps you to deal with unwanted

thoughts without focusing on them so I

would definitely suggest trying out

different resources for mindfulness just

to help you become more aware of your

thoughts so that you don't let them

distract you my final tip is for those

times when you're trying your best to

focus on a task but unwanted and

distracting thoughts just keep showing

up and preventing you from focusing what

I find helpful is to simply write down

any thoughts that stress me in any way

so that I can deal with them later it

doesn't make the stressful things go

away but by writing your thoughts down

you don't have to constantly think about

remembering them so that you can finish

your task before having to deal with

them so that is it for these tips on how

to stay fool

guests I really hope that some of these

tips can help you and that you enjoyed

the video so thank you so much for

watching and I will see you soon with

another video