How to Focus - Learn How You Can Focus Without Getting Distracted

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hi i'm ron white two time USA memory

champion without the ability to focus i

would have never become a national

memory champion these are my tips and

strategies on how to stay focused

now first of all why do you need to

focus why can't you just continue to oh

hey look over here let me click over

here let me click on this link and then

when you go to that link it takes you to

a page and you click over there and then

you're doing this and you're focusing on

this and you're watching TV and you're

doing that and sometimes that frenzy

gets a little bit exciting even if on a

mild scale and it gives our brain gives

us rewards those dopamine releases of oh

you're getting reward for being involved

in this in this frenzy it's almost like

a casino with all the lights popping

popping around it's a fun atmosphere but

here's the problem with lack of focus it

eventually develops into brain fatigue

and when your brain gets tired focusing

the next time becomes even harder so it

is very important to develop the skill

of being able to focus because if you

don't over time your brain is going to

get fatigued and it will become harder

and harder and harder to stay focused my

first piece of advice to you is define

your mission define your goals whatever

your goal is for that day if it's to

read something and find out information

on it set your goal hey I want to learn

about Abraham Lincoln today well when

you're reading about Abraham Lincoln and

something pops up on the screen

don't go click on it unless it pertains

to Abraham Lincoln set a clearly defined

goal and stay focused on that goal know

your mission and you know what when you

know your mission it's easier to say no

start saying no to things people will

come to me all the time with Ron you

have to do a podcast run you have to get

on periscope Ron you have to do this but

you know what I know my mission my

mission is clearly defined and building

with you guys my youtube audience and

videos like that and because I know my

mission when I see all these other

things that aren't wrong to do but they

don't fit my mission right now I'm easy

for me to say no to them get in the

habit of saying no it is it's harder to

do for some people they're always yes

how does that yeah I'll do that yeah

I'll do that and that lack of focus is


their energy it's draining their time

and it's keeping them from their goals

my second piece of advice is ignore the

clutter whenever I was training for the

USA memory championships my coach TC

Cummings had me memorizing a deck of

cards in chaotic situations I would go

to a country-western bar with music

playing over here people drink a note

over here dancing over there and I would

sit there memorizing a deck of cards at

the country music bar that focuses your

brain you can use that same strategy on

anything before you open up a book what

do I want to learn from this book ask

yourself questions to focus your brain

okay guys so those are my tips on how to

stay focused if you want more games that

you can play on how to stay focused go

to the link right here click the link

down below and it'll give you some games

that you can play to help work on your

memory and your focus all right guys

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