How to Stay Focused and GET THINGS DONE

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when you're trying to work on something

when you're trying to focus do you ever

get distracted for me I usually don't

have too much problem when I'm working

on something I like doing but when I

work on something that's slightly

unpleasant or something that makes me

nervous or something it's much easier to

get distracted maybe you feel the same

way and if you do these videos for you

here's how to stay focused and get

things done first of all you need to

learn how to use the distraction sheet

here's how it works

before you start working on your stuff

take out a piece of paper and put it on

your desk once you start doing your work

you might get distracted

whatever your destruction is just put it

down on the paper so if you feel like

checking Facebook say just write down

Facebook on it

without going to Facebook right away

this could be what you're feeling too so

if you feel tired

just put down tired and when you're done

with your task or when you want to take

a break just come back to this list so

you can take care of these things if you

still need to the nice thing about this

is that when you come back to this list

you often find that you don't need to do

some of these things so you can just

cross them off and this is definitely

one of the best tools that I've ever

used for staying focused on any task

that I need to work on now let me ask

you can you focus on a single task for

two hours straight without any

interruption I think it's hard for most

people unless you're doing something you

like doing a lot studies have found that

people can typically focus for sometime

between 20 minutes and 50 minutes so

instead of trying to focus on your task

for two hours at a time I would

recommend working in 30 minute locks so

take out a timer this could be the one

on your phone and set it to thirty

minutes it could be twenty minutes one

hour or any length of time really but

use what works for you if you get

distracted by something just put it on

the distraction sheet so you can come

back to it later when the timer goes off

if you absolutely need to do something

say if you really need to call your mom

right now or if you just need to go to

the bathroom just stop the timer do that

thing you need to do and come back to

the task and start the timer again

and with this method at dinner each day

if you keep track of everything you'll

be able to tell exactly how much time

you spent on each task when I started

using this method I was shocked at how

little time I was spending on actual

work so every day your objective should

be to increase the amount of time you

spend on actual work just to keep it

simple let's just say you have a single

project that you want to finish say you

want to write a book then start your day

by working on it for 30 minutes with a

timer and the distraction sheet when

you're done record this session to your

notebook laptop or phone noting what

time you start it and what you got done

in this 30-minute session after that

take a little break and work on it for

30 minutes again and just repeat this

process over and over again and I

guarantee you you'll be surprised at how

much work you'll be able to get done

every single day consistently and that's

how to stay focused and get things done