Setup a EPSON projector on white screen, How to align and setup projector. Projector setup & setting

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today I will show you how to set a

project in a widescreen now I am setting

up a projector screen I just put up my

screen here then I am finding the center

point of the projector i align that and

I will put my projector there now I just

put my projector in the center point now

you can see here now I will show you how

to set up this now I just put my

projector on the straight line now I

will connect the power cable now you can

see I just connect the power cable and

the electricity is destroying through

the projector when I want to power on

this just click on this because this -

this is an Epson projector it will take

a while to heating up the lens

now you must give a source for

projecting to the projector you can see

here there is alpha USP Bravo USB then

audio video then s field your video then

computer and HDMI for connecting to a

computer we must use this VGA port you

can see here this is VGA port and this

is HDMI port now I am just using this

VGA port I'm just connecting my VGA

cable to the laptop now I just power on

my projector and I am just showing you

this in the screen now you can see here

but it's it is not that not in a perfect

condition you can see here my screen is

just tilted on the right I will show you

how to make that properly for a for

adjusting this properties you must go to

the menu and now you can see her there

is a menu there and go to settings and

then I'm just reducing the soon

okay now this buffer it is aligned I

must tell in this one now I am just

clicking on a skip button and there is a

property known as Keystone there are two

type of key stones one is horizontal

public vertical Keystone second one is Q

corner I am just opening the clip corn Q

corner okay now you can see here the

left tilting I'm just clicking on that

and I'm just increasing the tilt now you

can see here just going up up okay now

the said is I think perfect and this

side is also need some tilt okay

now you can see here our projector is in

a projector in the screen in perfection

perfect condition for increasing on the

left and right you need wide

delhi hv and this one for english again

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