How to Look Your Best On Zoom | Best WebCam Custom Settings | White Balance Exposure Tutorial

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today I'm gonna show you how to get the

best image possible on zoom while

accessing some settings on your webcam

that you didn't know about let's get

into it so to start off you got to

realize that when you're inside of zoom

zoom uses your webcam with automatic

default settings meaning that everything

is automatic such as your such as your

focus your exposure your white balance

whatever it's all being automatically

handled by zoom now zoom does an okay

job handling your image automatically

but it fails at times when it weird

things pop up such as like with

autofocus you see how like like the

autofocus is a little different and then

when I put my hand up things are kind of

like how the image darkens and lighten

look at dark then light dark and light

and at the same time when I stand up the

color of my shirt changes color right

it's kind of like warm and then it

changes again all right so while the

automatic settings work to an extent

they kind of suffer when the environment

changes so in order in order for the

Yavana in order for the automatic

settings to kind of do its best the

environment needs to be perfect and

sometimes we don't always live in a

perfect environment especially for our

webcam so we're gonna do a couple things

we're gonna get it to the manual

settings of your webcam so you can so

you can lock everything down and dial

into perfect settings for your webcam

when it comes to zoom all right so first

we're gonna download a program calls OBS

studio go ahead just go to this go to a

website we'll leave the link down below

pick your operating system go ahead

press install alright it'll go in there

and you just install it and it'll do

everything automatically a sublist will

come up just go through it set and dud

now once OBS opens up where's my OBS

there we go yes alright now once OBS

opens up you're gonna have this screen

right and you're gonna have this the

sources area here it's gonna be blank

right we're gonna go ahead and press

plus on it and then go to video capture

device right video capture device will

be your webcam so we go there it set a

video capture device you can you

type in the name of your webcam feel

like or give it another name but we'll

leave it as if video capture device I'll

press ok and then it brings us up right

now it's seeing that my other webcam in

my voiceover studio but we're gonna

select a webcam that we're using so I

will select Logitech Brio now it's not

going to show the image here in the in

the properties because it's already

being used by zoom so keep that in mind

but we still have access to the manual

settings for the camera so we'll go to

configure video alright and it's gonna

bring up this little properties thing

right here so I'll just close this out

oh yeah we'll save it all right and I'll

just minimize that okay and it'll bring

up this uh the properties like I said

before and we'll see we have different

settings brightness contrast saturation

sharpness white balance backlight gain

camera control such as our zoom focus

exposure and so on right now understand

this let's let's go back to zoom using

automatic settings alright as you can

see everything right here these

checkmarks mean that our camera is an

automatic setting mode so whichever

program gets ahold of it it's going to

apply automatic settings now first thing

first we before we we we we manipulate

these settings you want to realize that

your camera works the best when it has

the most light possible so if you're

next to the window during the day you're

at you're creating the best possible

scenario for your camera

unfortunately the Sun is not out 24/7

we're where we are and yeah if it

becomes really hard so you have to rely

on artificial lighting outside of those

times and not all those kind of work

next to a window so you don't want to

look at you see the focus changing so

you're gonna want artificial light you

can get either LEDs like this small ones

like this or small ones a little bigger

like this LEDs or even some lights that

have diffusers right so I should give

you a softer light I'll leave links down

below if you're looking for LEDs but me

partly I'm using a ring light at the top

or I get to make a brighter and lighter

see it's dark and then light

all right so so that's what I'm working

with all right so just make sure you

have a good proper light source now

we're looking at default settings right

now and you can see how the image looks

good but everything's kind of like it's

kind of bright you can see like the

highlights it's just kind of like over

bright so first thing we're going to do

is we're gonna uncheck all of our

automatic settings you can already see

the color changing right well take these

off and image gets darker now we want to

take our focus all the way to zero

because we want our folk we want

everything in focus at all times right

okay now let's move to our exposure you

can see how right now it's on I have it

on negative five if I go down it goes

lower now keep this in mind when you go

higher the image will get brighter but

you see how the the image starts making

this weird you know stuttery thing

because like the the shutter and the

cameras open way too long and it is

you're getting these what your your I

guess they're blurry motions whatever

you the motion blur is fard far too

pronounced because the shutter is open

too long so let's go all the way to

we'll leave it at five right this is a

good point remember we use the light

source to give light right and we'll

take the low light compensation off all

right now we'll go back to our settings

here and let's go to the gain let's

let's add some artificial light into the

scene so we'll go here and right here

this looks about good about forty six

that looks about it looks about natural

before the automatic settings was taking

it all the way over here right so like a

hundred and something where yeah the

image is bright but it looks it looks

way too bright so let's go all the way

back to maybe we'll go back to like

forty nine all right we'll go to 550 now

white balance all right white balance

this is what your image is either too

warm or too cold but this is what gives

you the natural colors that you're

looking for with your camera so what you

want to do is with your slider here you

go this goes to the left it brings a

cold to the right it brings it warm now

what you want to do is you want to find

something within your environment that

you know is white if you want you can

use like you know like if the light the

front of the light is kind of white you

can use that if you want but if you

don't have a light around you something

in your environment that's white so you

can see down here we have this this

panel here that's white we have this

white box back here and the shelf back

here is white

I'm gonna use the box right here as my

white source so when using the white

balance you want to you want to you want

to shift the slider until the box back

there is white until it looks white

you know it's white in real life but you

want it to look right on the screen so

I'll play with the slider until it looks

why so now it's a little too warm there

I'm gonna go back until yes that looks

white that looks naturally white to me

because I know it's right back there all

right so we'll leave that there and as

right now our settings are automatic

there now manual all right so this looks

very natural and great for for zoom

again no issues with the with the zoom I

can stand up my shirt still blue colors

don't change nothing shifting the

exposures not shifting or anything like

that if you want to dial into it even

more you can play with your saturation

right normally by default your

saturation will probably be at like 119

but if you want to add a little extra

color into your image you can play with

the saturation and just go up to like

maybe like 122 and it'll it'll add a

little extra color to your skin you want

to go to a high because then if you look

like you just got burnt at the beach or

like a sunbathing booth so we'll just go

back I'll leave it at 22 right and then

for the the sharpness this is what

brings a detail out of your picture so

if I go too much you can see all the

detail of my skin doesn't look too good

but if it go just a little backwards

maybe below that maybe like 17 it

softens our skin so it can take the

imperfections out of our skin so you

look nice and beautiful and pretty for

your zoom meanings all right and yeah

and there you go now let's take a look

at the difference what does it look like

white balance automatic settings

completely different somehow the image

just turn kind of greenish right it's

weird natural ish that doesn't look


zoom is trying but it's not doing a very

good job of it there we go

natural colors Ryan is same thing with

our exposure to crazy just right and one

last thing that you want to keep in mind

is that when you're doing this this

doesn't save your settings from here out

into the end whenever you close zoom out

and you have to restart all over again

it automatically puts it into autumn


so if you're just doing like a quick and

dirty zoom call then fine leave it on

auto right but if you're doing something

important where you want to look your

best and definitely bring this out so

you can tweak those settings so you can

look your best and that is it guys what

are the key takeaways good light source

right download OBS studio to adjust the

settings make sure that your focus is to

zero your exposure is set to a level

where you're not getting the this the

jittery motion blur right where it's

nice and smooth and also of course use

find an object that is white to set your

white balance and you're good to go

alright guys hope you found this helpful

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this guys until next time guys have fun

doing your zoom videos learn do and

share I'll see you the next one

bye guys