The Star Party - How to Focus Your Telescope: Tips and Tricks

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once you've acquired the object you want

to view into the eyepiece you're gonna

want to adjust the focus to get the best

image possible this is done by slowly

rotating the focus knob you're going to

rotate it until the object becomes

focused and then go just a little bit

beyond sharp focus and reverse the

direction once you've achieved a sharp

focus you may want to tighten the focus

lock knob just to make sure that the

focus doesn't slip before refocusing on

a new object or when changing eyepieces

make sure to loosen the focus lock knob

once you've tried focusing a few times

you'll get the hang of it it's really

easy to do and you'll be seeing sharp

images in no time

okay focusing on a maksakov is slightly

different than a reflector or refractor

on a Cassegrain the focus is a small

knob on the back and what you're

actually doing here instead of moving

the eyepiece back and forth against the

telescope well this is actually moving

the primary mirror inside forwards and

backwards along a rail inside so it's a

very simple system back and forth the

advantage is you get a very long throw

of focus so this can readily accept any

different kind of camera or eyepiece or

filter combination you never want to put

on the telescope