How to focus a Microscope

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hi everybody today we are here to focus

on how to focus a microscope so we have

the lovely microscope which to carry it

properly you need to carry it by both

the arm and the base make sure you have

your hands on both and then go ahead and

set it down plug it in and there is a

switch on the side turn on for the light

so once the light is on there are

several pieces you need to do before you

even start the slide first you need to

lower the stage so the stage goes up or

down based on these knobs we have our

coarse adjustment knob and the fine

adjustment knob the fine adjustment knob

is so small and has slight changes that

it's honestly even hard to tell that the

stage is moving so it's best to start by

using the coarse adjustment knob and

lower it as far as it will go once you

have it as far down as it can you want

to look under and there are little holes

in the thing that's called the diaphragm

so you want to click the diaphragm over

and make sure that you have the most

light possible shining up through the

stage then it's time to place your slide

on the stage so you'll see there are

these little clips the clips a lot of

people just grab them by the bottom and

put the slide under it but here's

something snazzy the back of the clip if

you push on it oh look it goes up and

you can move it around so you place the

slide on the stage and clip it down with

the stage clips you also want to rotate

your lenses these are the objective

lenses around so that the shortest lens

is clicked into place and you can hear

so once the short lens is clicked into


you can Center your slides so that you

have the highest likelihood of actually

seeing anything now the nice part is

since you lowered the stage all the way

you can lower it with your fine

adjustment knob too if you want now

there's only one direction to go so how

do you focus the slide

well you look through the eyepiece and

you use the coarse adjustment knob first

and you slowly bring the stage up and

when you think it's almost perfectly

clear you move to the fine adjustment

knob and also move that up until you

have a perfect picture the reason to put

everything at the bottom first is then

there's only one direction to move and

you know that you're going to see it's

somewhere along the way but be patient

and move slowly and eventually the

picture will come into view if you can't

find anything

chances are it's looking through a part

of the slide that doesn't have your

specimen on it so move the slide around

chances are you'll find it but once you

move it around you got to bring the

stage back to the bottom what if you

want to see it bigger once you've seen

it and centered it where you want to be

move the stage all the way back down

then switch to a different objective

lens and start again you're looking

through you're bringing the stage up

using the coarse adjustment knob and if

you can't see it too well

try the fine adjustment knob and bring

that up until Vlad ah you can see what

you want to see

I wish you the best of luck go ahead and