How to control the focus points on a NIKON & CANON DSLR.

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now if you were using a DSLR camera like

this Canon or this Nikon camera and you

are shooting in Auto you're going to

find that sometimes your pictures look

blurry and out of focus hi I'm Paul from

photo genius and in this video I'm going

to show you how you can fix the focus

and nail it every time

now for this video I'm going to be using

Nikon and Canon DSLR camera and I

started by doing a little experiment

with this Nick on D 3400 now here is our

office dog let me introduce you to

Charlie Charlie was chilling out on the

office floor there's a couple of toy

balls in front of him and what I did is

I dropped the camera down to a very low

angle and I took three consecutive shots

in fully automatic mode now you'll see

in the first picture the ball closest to

the camera is in focus the second ball

and Charlie blurry the second picture

the second ball the yellow one is now in

focus the other ball and Charlie again

out of focus and finally in the third

picture charlie

at last in focus the upper two balls out

of focus now what's happening here is

this if I'm in full auto and all I'm

doing is pushing the shutter button on

the top of the camera the camera is

there making decisions on my behalf in

the first picture the camera decided

that the ball closest to the camera was

the subject in the second picture the

second ball was the subject and in the

third picture the camera decided that

the dog Charlie may be the subject so it

took three goes to get a nice sharp

photo of Charlie and that's not how it

should be so this is another reason why

it's a good idea to get out of the auto

mode and learn how to use your camera

manually so we're going to begin by

getting the camera out of the auto mode

and into one of the manual modes because

that gives us more control over the

camera there's a few different manual

modes to choose from but I'm going to

spin the wheel on the top of the camera

around to the letter M which is full

manual now this allows me to control

some of the key functions of the camera

and what we're going to do here is we're

going to set it up so that I can control

the focus points that way I can tell the

camera where and what I want to focus on

if the subjects in the middle of the

frame I can use the middle focus point

but if the subject is to the side of the

frame I can use one of the focus points

to the left or to the right or maybe

even the focus point at the top or the

bottom of the frame depending on what my

composition is and where my subject

falls within that composition

setting this up on this Nikon is super

easy I'll show you on the Canon camera

in just a moment now to begin with we

are going to press the I button on the

back of the camera then we're going to

select from the options auto focus area

mode there are two options on the D 4400

there may be more on your camera but

what I'm going to select here is single

point autofocus I press the ok to select

and that's it it is done I can now move

the focus points around now to see this

put the camera up to your eye using the

little control wheel on the back of the

camera press up down left and right and

you'll see the focus point moving within

the frame all you've got to do is move

it to where your subject is when you

press focus your camera will now focus

specifically using that focus point

super-easy I'm now going to show you how

to use the same function on the Canon

camera here we have a Canon t6 if you're

in America here in Australia and most of


it's the EOS 1300 D and again this

camera is in fully automatic mode which

means I don't get to control much if

anything at all and I want to change

that so I'm going to start by putting

the camera in the manual mode turn the

wheel round to the letter M very easy

and now to control the focus points I

push the button here on the rear of the

camera now what is displayed at the

moment is the term auto selection which

means that the camera is going to

automatically take control of the focus

points now I want to do this myself and

this is super easy on the Canon cameras

again you push this button and you then

turn the wheel or the dial on the top of

the camera turning the wheel allows me

to select the focus points manually I

just turn the wheel and I stop when I

have selected the focus point I want to

use so here I'm going to select the one

over to the left of the frame I then

press the shutter button lightly and

that focus point is the one that is

active now the rest are turned off so

when I look through the viewfinder on

this camera and I press the shutter

button halfway down I will see the left

focus point is the only one that's

working I can see the little red light

in the viewfinder if my subject is now

in the

the frame I pushed the button on the

back of the camera again turn the dial

until the middle focus point is selected

now again if I repeat I'm now seeing the

flashing middle marker flashing which

indicates that I'm only focusing in the

middle of the frame so just as easy if

not easier on the Canon cameras to tell

the camera specifically where your

subject is now just to recap this video

like most of my videos is about giving

you control over your camera so you

could take better photos if you just

stay in Auto you have no same what's

going on with the camera at all once you

press the button the camera does all the

work for you a bit of time spent in

manual and learning some of the basics

will improve your photography and today

was about learning how to specifically

tell the camera where your subject is

and on what you want it to focus on by

taking control of the focus points and

once you know how to do it it's super

easy so I hope you've enjoyed this video

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